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Home » Everyone’s Nursing Care Market Find what you want! Coupon site for nursing care providers. 150 companies list useful home appliances, nursing care software, daily consumables, office supplies, and welfare vehicles that can be used on-site.

Everyone’s Nursing Care Market Find what you want! Coupon site for nursing care providers. 150 companies list useful home appliances, nursing care software, daily consumables, office supplies, and welfare vehicles that can be used on-site.

Courier Co., Ltd.
[Everyone’s Nursing Care Market] Find what you want! Coupon site for nursing care providers. 150 companies list useful home appliances, nursing care software, daily consumables, office supplies, and welfare vehicles that can be used on-site.
Courier Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Daisaku Yasuda), which operates the nursing home search site “Minna no Kei” with the largest number of listed facilities (*), provides services to people working at nursing care facilities. We are developing a membership site platform called “Minna no Nursing Care Market.” This time, the number of listed companies that develop products for the nursing care industry has exceeded 150.
What is Minna no Nursing Care Market?
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In November of last year, “Everyone’s Nursing Care Market” was born as a B2B platform that connects companies that provide products to the nursing care industry in order to deliver more valuable information to nursing care providers nationwide and support their management activities. Until now, we have received many inquiries from nursing care providers asking, “Are there any recommended products that can be used in nursing care?” In addition to nursing care products, there are many products that can be used in nursing care settings, and by connecting the manufacturers and nursing care providers through the “Minna no Nursing Care Market,” nursing care providers can choose the best service from a wider range of options. We believe that we can contribute to improving daily work efficiency and further development of the nursing care industry.
The current “Minna no Nursing Care Market” is a site that only nursing care providers can access, with membership registration completely free. It is used by more than half of nursing care providers, and is often used by facility directors and corporate planning and human resources department personnel. The site has a wide selection of items that can be used in the healthcare market, and information is updated daily. Registered nursing care providers can not only receive the latest information about products, but also purchase products at discounts by using “Minna no Nursing Care Market limited coupons,” obtain sample products, and enjoy limited-time trials. You can try out the products at.
In addition, it is a media where you can access a wealth of
information such as nursing care industry news, special articles, and noteworthy nursing care products, and you can learn a variety of information about the nursing care industry. The number of listed companies continues to steadily increase, and we are delivering new content every day, including detailed articles on products that are eligible for ICT subsidies, in order to make them essential services for nursing care providers.
The number of companies listed on Minna no Nursing Care Market exceeds 150. The number of companies offering services and products for the nursing care industry listed on “Minna no Nursing Care Market” has exceeded 150. About half a year has passed since the service started, and as the number of members has increased, the number of listed companies is also increasing day by day. Many major companies that sell nursing care products such as nursing food, nursing care software, and robots, as well as products that can be used in nursing care facilities, such as welfare vehicles, bedding, home appliances, and daily necessities, are also listed.
Company example)
・Sony Marketing Co., Ltd.
・Morinaga Milk Clinico Co., Ltd.
・Citizen Systems Co., Ltd.
・Zojirushi Mahobin Co., Ltd.
・Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd., etc.
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Japan’s leading companies are also developing products that can be used in the nursing care industry, and “Minna no Nursing Care Market” is currently posting detailed information and reviews about each product and service. It is a service that allows people involved in nursing care to obtain the information they need, such as requesting information on products, and allows them to check the latest products and recommended products for free.
Contents in Minna no Nursing Care Market
■Manufacturer’s recommendation
We have selected and introduced recommended products from companies listed in “Minna no Nursing Care Market.” This article is a
compilation of interviews with each company and their thoughts on product development and future prospects. Knowing the background behind the manufacturer’s entry into the nursing care industry and the thoughts behind the product will help increase confidence in the company and product, and will lead to an opportunity to purchase the product. We also provide information on how to use the product and examples of its implementation so that nursing care providers can visualize what it would be like to actually purchase the product. The benefits of using it have become clearer, providing an opportunity for manufacturers to promote their products and for nursing care providers to learn more about their products.
■“Thorough comparison”
Items in the nursing care industry are introduced in summary articles by manufacturer and type. By giving points to consider when choosing a product, comparing each product, and displaying the merits of each product, people working at offices can choose products from a variety of options and purchase products that suit their wishes. I can. By comparing products by a third party (Minna no Nakagi), we have created a well-balanced article content that takes into account the
perspectives of both care providers and manufacturers. In addition, articles summarizing the impact and key points of the revised Long-Term Care Insurance System Act, as well as articles introducing the advanced initiatives of each nursing care facility, are also included.
The content provides know-how for smart facility management by learning points to check when purchasing and introducing products and learning about success stories from other nursing care facilities. ■“Management Online”
The business environment surrounding nursing care providers has changed significantly over the past few years, and they are facing a variety of challenges. We compile marketing data for nursing care business managers based on first-hand feedback and data obtained from the “Minna no Nursing Care” service. We introduce a series of articles on the current state of management and the future. It serves as a solution for the nursing care industry, where many facilities are closed, and is read by many business operators.
■Everyone’s nursing care training
A free online training video service that supports inexperienced and beginners. Each video provides easy-to-understand explanations of themes that are essential in nursing care settings. In fact, many providers have programs that allow people to watch this video as part of their training, reducing the burden of training tasks and supporting anyone to start providing care with peace of mind. ■Care plan examples/case studies
This article is for care managers, and includes a collection of example sentences that can be referenced when creating documents such as care plans, as well as a collection of case studies that allow you to learn how to identify issues and set goals from specific cases. Future prospects
At Minna no Nairai, we will continue to provide valuable information and provide a wide range of information on the nursing care industry to expand users’ options and help them make the right choices. In the “Minna no Nursing Care Market,” we are also looking to further expand the content, develop services that are easier for nursing care providers to use, and disseminate information that is useful for the management of nursing care providers.
*As a result of conducting a survey of the number of facilities listed on major nursing home search sites, Minna-no-Kai was ranked No.1. [No. 1 listed facility survey overview]
Survey implementation date: May 2, 2023
Research method: Researched by TFCO Co., Ltd.
Survey target sites: Everyone’s Nursing Care, Honne of Nursing Care, Oasis Navi, LIFULL Nursing Care, MY Nursing Care Plaza, Paid Nursing Home Information Center, Kira Care, Good Nursing Care, Search Details of survey method and survey results: For surveyed sites, compare cumulative numbers of listed facilities (excluding home-visit nursing care establishments) in each prefecture during the survey period. Regarding the number of facilities listed in each prefecture, we used the number of search results listed on the prefecture index page of the survey site after checking consistency with the actual number of listings. As a result, Minna-no-Kai became No. 1 in terms of number of listed facilities.

About Courier Co., Ltd.
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At Courier Co., Ltd., we are developing a digital platform business based on the corporate philosophy of “providing solid value to many people” based on the idea that “people can make better choices if they have proper information.” We are pursuing value creation.
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Courier Co., Ltd.
9th floor, Ebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director Daisaku Yasuda
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