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Home » Bvlgari Japan Co., Ltd. Bvlgari Ginza Bar will host a “Cocktail Experience” on Friday, May 24th, welcoming Mr. Fumiaki Nozato from “Osaka ISTA COFFEE ELEMENTS” as a guest bartender.

Bvlgari Japan Co., Ltd. Bvlgari Ginza Bar will host a “Cocktail Experience” on Friday, May 24th, welcoming Mr. Fumiaki Nozato from “Osaka ISTA COFFEE ELEMENTS” as a guest bartender.

[Bvlgari Japan Co., Ltd.] Bulgari Ginza Bar is Nozato from “Osaka ISTA COFFEE ELEMENTS”
“Cocktail Experience” will be held on Friday, May 24th with Mr. Fumiaki as guest bartender.

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Press release: May 13, 2024
Bvlgari Ginza Bar welcomes Fumiaki Nozato from Osaka ISTA COFFEE ELEMENTS as a guest bartender to present a cocktail.
Experience” held on Friday, May 24th
Left: Mr. Fumiaki Nozato, ISTA COFFEE ELEMENTS, Osaka / Right: Masato Ishioka, Bartender, Bvlgari Ginza Bar
[Ginza, Tokyo] Bvlgari
Ginza Bar is located in Ginza, the center of Tokyo, in a sophisticated space where you can enjoy high-quality cocktails with a modern twist on classic Italian cocktails. This time, “Osaka・ISTA
COFFEE ELEMENTS” Japan’s first barista and bartender double champion (2018) Nozato, who won the World Barista Coffee Cocktail Competition/No. 1 in Japan in the Diageo World Class in 2023)
We will be hosting a one-night-only guest bartending event with Mr. Fumiaki. Coffee with a focus on original cocktails devised by Mr. Nozato
Explore the world of cocktails. And to make the evening even more special, Il Ristorante Luca Fantin’s Executive Chef
We will have dolce and savory by Luca Fantin. Mr. Nozato’s deep and rich coffee cocktails, created by Bvlgari Ginza Bar.
Experience the magic of taste created by delicate dolce and savory. This unique pairing brings Mr. Nozato’s worldview of coffee cocktails to Bvlgari.
This will be a valuable opportunity to enjoy the hospitality unique to Ginza Bar.

*Guest Bartender Mr. Fumiaki Nozato*
20 years ago, I discovered the profession of barista and started down that path. In 2010, he opened his own shop “Bar
ISTA” opened in Honmachi, Osaka. While working in the field, he has been working as a lecturer at a vocational school for the past 15 years, as well as developing and training cafe menus, judging competitions, and serving as a guest barista and bartender at events at hotels, bars, department stores, etc. He actively participates in various competitions, and in 2018 he participated in the world coffee cocktail competition “World
Winner of “Coffee Battle Signature”. In 2023, the world’s largest bartending competition “Diageo”
Became number one in Japan for the first time as a barista in “World Class”. Based on the idea of ​​“a crossover between a cafe and a bar,” the store will open in 2021 as a roastery bar “ISTA” with the concept of “tasting coffee to the fullest.”
COFFEE ELEMENTS” and is currently open as a store specializing in home-roasted coffee and coffee cocktails.

* Bvlgari Ginza Bar, Bartender Masato Ishioka *
Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. From an early age, she dreamed of becoming a bartender, but after studying at a confectionery school, she moved on to the confectionery industry. In 2015, he joined Bvlgari Tokyo/Osaka Restaurant as a chocolatier. After gaining experience at Il Chocolato, he aimed to become a bartender and joined the company Bvlgari.
Transferred to Ginza Bar, where he has a reputation for cocktail recipes that make use of his background as a chocolatier. In 2021, created by Ishioka
The “Frecciarossa” cocktail won the Campari category of the 2021 “CT SPRITS JAPAN Cocktail Challenge 2021”.

Bvlgari Ginza Bar
Vent details:
■Event information/schedule
Date: 5/24 (Friday)
How to make a reservation: (This is an external link)

■About seats, times, and courses
-Entry time:
First session: 19:00-21:00
Second time: 21:30-23:30
-Course (tax included): 10,000 yen (tax included)
Contents: 4 special cocktails by guest bartender Mr. Nohara, 2 cocktails by bartender Ishioka of Bvlgari Ginza Bar
2 cocktails of your choice and 3 special finger foods by Luca Fantin Venue: Bulgari Ginza Tower 10F
Bulgari Ginza Bar 03-6362-0510
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