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Tokyo West International School establishes new high school

Tokyo West International School establishes new high school

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Press release: May 13, 2024
Tokyo West International School establishes new high school
*Tokyo West International School, located in Hachioji City, Tokyo, is an international school that opened in 2010 and has curriculums for kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school. *

Tokyo West International School operated by Kunitachi Kids
International Co., Ltd. (Location: Hachioji City, Tokyo, Chairman: Kato)
Yoshinori (hereinafter referred to as TWIS) will establish a high school starting this year in 2024, and has begun building an educational curriculum that will allow students to enter their desired universities in Japan and abroad in the shortest possible time while keeping an eye on their future careers. This scheme allows students to enjoy on-site school life, including club activities, and receive close support from teachers, including career counseling, while obtaining the necessary qualifications for a Japanese or American high school diploma in the shortest possible time.
This system was created with passion for the future of our children, based on the idea that “I wish there was a high school section like this at an international school.” Since its inception in April 2010, TWIS has always strived to develop human resources who can play an active role on the international stage while realizing their dreams. In addition to the current process from preschool to middle school, a new high school will be established to provide integrated education. Utilizing the strengths of traditional bilingual education, this program not only allows returnee students to smoothly transition into high school, but also allows foreign students to obtain a U.S. high school diploma using only English. .

* 1. What is the uniqueness of the high school that TWIS is aiming for? * Its characteristics are as follows.
1. Educational environment that attracts native English speakers and bilingual speakers
In recent years, many international courses have been established in Japanese high schools, but due to the constraints of Japan’s educational system, most subjects other than English are taught in Japanese, making it difficult for students to acquire truly usable English. There are also many. Most of the classes are taught in Japanese, which makes it difficult for native English students, and it is not uncommon for classes to consist of mostly Japanese students, except for the teachers. I must say that it is a very difficult environment to learn natural English and the culture behind it from friends. In this regard, TWIS High School anticipates that by adding an American correspondence course, the number of native
English-speaking students will increase.
2. *Selectable high school graduation qualifications*
Through collaboration with major correspondence high schools in Japan and the United States, high school students can choose either correspondence course. Alternatively, students can choose both courses and earn both Japanese and American high school diplomas.

3. *Introduction of correspondence system as a means of short-term graduation* If you choose an American correspondence course, as long as you meet the required graduation credits, you will be considered to have completed the high school course in at least one year, and you will be eligible for the Japanese common test and university entrance exams (overseas universities are also possible). is obtained. This is not possible at high schools in Japan or other international schools, and means that students will be able to skip a grade and go on to university.

4. *Career support with an eye on the entire life cycle*
We have established a career center staffed with experts who can provide advice on career paths and further education to help children become who they want to be in the future, and have created a support system that includes parents. We also plan to actively promote internship programs for companies.

5. *Customized learning guidance*
Tutors will provide individualized study plans and reports tailored to each student’s needs. When preparing for university entrance exams, in addition to studying the subjects, we will provide total support from choosing an entrance exam method to submitting an application.

6. Daily school classes and fulfilling extracurricular activities In addition to on-site classes including physical education, music, art, and garden projects, cultural activities such as club activities are held on-site, allowing students to enjoy their school life, which is a major advantage compared to correspondence high schools. . 7. *Professional language education to achieve strong English proficiency* Regarding English, which is one of TWIS’ strengths, on-site classes will strengthen students’ basic research, English composition, and reading literary works, and will also focus on media, linguistics, and creative writing.

8. *Also supports proof of English proficiency*
You can also choose special classes to improve your Eiken, TOEFL, and IELTS scores.

In this way, we provide unique programs that are difficult to establish at high schools in Japan, correspondence high schools, and other international schools, allowing all children to experience the joy of learning and realize their future dreams (careers) in the shortest possible time. We plan to provide support.

* 2. Why did you introduce the Japanese-American correspondence school system to high school? *

TWIS is currently the only IB-PYP (Primary Education) certified school in the Tama area. So why did he not choose to become an IB-DP (higher education) accredited school, which is the higher education program in the IB?
Becoming an IB-DP school requires a huge amount of money, including accreditation fees and staff training fees. The cost of renovating the facility is also exorbitant. This means that tuition fees will be nearly three times the current rate, increasing the burden on parents. Moreover, even graduates of IB-DP schools who do not receive excellent scores are forced to take university entrance exams, even though they have spent countless hours studying.

In that case, TWIS thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the IB’s ideas of self-directed inquiry learning and
cross-curricular learning, while providing classes that are more connected to each student’s future interests. While achieving the same learning effects, parents can be provided with a learning environment at a more reasonable tuition fee, and students can take advantage of more free time and develop practical careers that will help them envision their future careers. You can receive an education. There are also many other benefits, such as being able to enjoy a fulfilling high school life while trying out what you want to do, such as sports, music, and art.

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International School (TWIS) high
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* Address: 185 Umetsubo-cho, Hachioji City, Tokyo Phone: 042-691-1441 Email: Web: * **
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