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Home » murmur Co., Ltd. The interview series “My Period”, which looks back on half of your life through menstruat ion, is now available on the murmo official website

murmur Co., Ltd. The interview series “My Period”, which looks back on half of your life through menstruat ion, is now available on the murmo official website

[murmur Co., Ltd.] The interview series “My Period”, which looks back on half of your life through menstruation, is now available on the murmo official website

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Press release: May 13, 2024
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The interview series “My Period”, which looks back on half of one’s life through menstruation, is now available on the murmo official website
*murmur Co., Ltd.
“murmo”, a sanitary products brand centered on original Japanese menstrual cups, is currently publishing an interview series “My Period” on its official website (murmo
We started at the online store). *

murmo is expanding the options for sanitary products around menstrual cups and creating a future where menstrual days can be enjoyed as usual, as well as helping people learn about their periods and bodies and not having to worry about them alone. , aims to create a society where people can feel free to talk about menstruation and their bodies.

The reason for the interview series “My Period” was based on my experience of listening to various people talk about menstruation from the development period of murmo to the present, and I learned that the situation and feeling of menstruation is diverse and there are large individual differences. I learned that each person has their own period. The sensitive and private topic of menstruation is difficult to bring up, but we hope that by sharing our individual experiences, we will be able to learn more about our own bodies and minds. We conduct interviews with a wide variety of people including age, situation, and gender, and the series will be updated monthly, so please check murmo online.
Please take a look at the store’s Journal “My Period.”

* ♦︎murmo online store: * **

event information
This time as well, we will be participating in an event in Gotsu City, Shimane Prefecture in May, and Tokyo’s Yoga Festival 2024 from June 1st, as an opportunity for you to actually experience Murmo’s menstrual cup.
Going forward, murmo will continue to work with the slogan “Make unwelcome menstruation welcome,” aiming for a future where menstrual cups are the core of our efforts to make menstruation easier for each and every one of us.
*Event exhibition overview*
“Women’s health event” in Shimane “GO▶︎GOTSU! FES” Let’s know, learn, and experience!
Expand your options with femtech care and create a comfortable everyday life.” Exhibition date and time: Sunday, May 26, 2024 11:00-14:00
(“GO▶︎GOTSU! FES” period: May 25-26, 2024)
Venue: Palette Goutsu 1518-1 Gotsu-cho, Gotsu City, Shimane Prefecture Admission fee: Free
Murmo will be opening an event store in Shimane Prefecture for the first time. In the western part of Shimane Prefecture, where Gotsu City, Shimane Prefecture is located, the only gynecology department in the general hospital is the obstetrics and gynecology department, and there are no private clinics or clinics. We received a request from Tegonet Iwami, an NPO active in Gotsu City, to tell people about the need to raise literacy and about menstrual cups. I decided. In addition to conveying what we can tell you, we believe it is important to listen deeply to the stories of the local people.
If you live in Shimane Prefecture or the surrounding areas, and if you are interested, please come and visit us. Takashima, representative of murmur, will be giving a talk.

Tokyo “Yoga Festival 2024”
Period: June 1-30, 2024 / July 1-31, 2024
Venue: (June) Oshiage Studio 4th floor, Isohata Kogyo Oshiage Factory Building, 2-14-1 Narihira, Sumida-ku
(July) Sendagi Studio Century Sendagi 202, 3-36-11 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku Admission fee: Free
A garden of the heart that can be healed by living a yogic lifestyle. If you focus on chasing butterflies, they will run away, but if you spend time beautifying your garden, butterflies will naturally come to you. This year too, the Yoga Festival will introduce wonderful yoga time and sustainable items! I hope that the habit of “living with yoga” will lead to a peaceful garden in your heart.

* “murmo” product overview *
Menstrual cups have many benefits, such as eliminating stuffiness and odors during menstruation, eliminating restrictions on activities such as taking a bath or playing sports, and being environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly as they can be washed and used repeatedly over several years. there is. However, many people were hesitant to use sanitary products even if they were interested, due to concerns such as “I don’t feel like I can put them in my vagina” and “What if I can’t take them out?” This sanitary product had a high initial hurdle.

“murmo” was developed as a menstrual cup that easily overcomes this hurdle. The “Easy Line Structure” (patent pending) that is easy to fold and put on and take off, the design is designed to brighten days when you tend to feel down, and the extensive user support that reduces anxiety makes it difficult to start using a menstrual cup. This is an original menstrual cup made in Japan that supports people’s initial courage. Product name murmo menstrual cup
Price: 5940 yen (tax included)
Size: Capacity 28ml (1 size equivalent to M size)
Color: Mauve pink (1 color)
Raw material medical silicone
Classification: General medical equipment (menstrual tampons) Medical device notification number 13B3X10360000001
Country of manufacture: Japan
Contents: murmo (menstrual cup) / special case / instruction manual 1 each

Company Profile
murmur aims to “create a future where our days are comfortable and we don’t have to endure physical and mental discomfort or
dissatisfaction,” and as a first step toward that goal, we launched the sanitary products brand “murmo,” which starts with menstrual cups. . From now on, we will deliver products and services that will transform the discomfort and patience associated with women’s lives into “comfort”.
Company name: Murmur Co., Ltd. Reading: Murmur
Head office location: 3-27-5 Oyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Hanako Takashima
Business content: Planning, development, manufacturing and sales of femtech and femcare products and services
Established: August 2022
HP:   Instagram: @ourmurmo  note:
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