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NOT A HOTEL Co., Ltd. Notice of appointment of new executive officer of NOT A HOTEL

NOT A HOTEL announces the appointment of new executive officer Strengthening the management system for further business and organizational growth with a view to overseas expansion etc. ……
NOT A HOTEL Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Shinji Hamauzu, hereinafter referred to as “NOT A HOTEL”) has appointed Masayoshi Inoue and Masahiro Yamashita as senior executive officers, and Watanuki Watanuki as executive officers, in order to strengthen its management structure. We are pleased to announce that Tetsuya Kawasaki, Kana Yashiro, Asami Tominaga, and W. David Marx have been newly appointed.
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Background to the appointment of new executive officers
NOT A HOTEL offers high-end villas based on the concept of “your home around the world” that combines the design of world-renowned architects and creators with the comfort of technologies such as IoT. .
Four years have passed since its establishment in 2020, and the cumulative contract amount to date is 20.2 billion yen, the number of owners is 568, and 8 locations have started sales and opened so far. Furthermore, the number of employees exceeds 203 (including part-time workers), and the company continues to grow both in terms of business and organization.
Currently, as we are in a transitional period of business growth and organizational expansion with an eye toward overseas expansion, there is an increasing need to work together across the boundaries of fields such as architecture, software, sales & marketing, and corporate. Masu. Against this background, we have decided to appoint new executive officers from each area to further strengthen our management structure.
Under this management structure, we will continue to take on challenges over the medium to long term in order to realize our mission of “NOT A HOTEL for everyone.”
Comments from the new executive officer
Masayoshi Inoue Senior Executive Officer Overseas Sales
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Graduated from Keio University. Engaged in creating smartphone applications for services at Yahoo Japan Corporation. Since 2018, he has been in charge of design as CXO of Mercari, Inc. In October 2020, participated in NOT A HOTEL. After serving as Executive Officer and CXO, he was appointed as Senior Executive Officer in the Overseas Sales area in May 2024.
I have stepped down from my role as CXO, which I have held since the company’s founding, and will now lead overseas strategy and sales. We will take on the challenge of making overseas customers enthusiastic about buying Japan’s NOT A HOTEL. Until now, “NOT A HOTEL” has continued to exceed common sense. We will do our best to create the next normal.
Masahiro Yamashita Senior Executive Officer Corporate Strategy
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Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Science. Worked in financial management at Mitsui & Co. in the mobility, infrastructure, and chemicals sectors. Participated in NOT A HOTEL in January 2021. Responsible for a wide range of areas from corporate to business areas. In May 2024, he was appointed as a senior executive officer in the Corporate Strategy area.
In order for “NOT A HOTEL” to change lives and become a brand that is recognized around the world, we will continue to take on challenges in various corporate areas. Although we have faced many difficult situations in the past, we will continue to work on our business so that we can give back to our customers and those who have supported us, and so that we can create business with many people in the future. Masaru Watanuki Executive Officer Architecture
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Completed graduate school at Shibaura Institute of Technology. Engaged in the design of hotels, offices, museums, libraries, stadiums, banks, laboratories, data centers, etc. at Nikken Sekkei. Joined NOT A HOTEL in June 2021 and is in charge of the entire architectural team. In May 2024, he was appointed as an executive officer in the Architecture area.
It’s been about 3 years since we launched the architecture team in 2021. The team, which used to be just two people, has now grown to more than 20 people, and we have been able to witness the opening of six locations, including Aoshima, Nasu, Fukuoka, and Kita-Karuizawa. We are very grateful to have more opportunities to receive evaluations about NOT A HOTEL architecture. In the future, we will further strengthen all areas such as in-house design, project promotion (business development/PM), and facility management in order to realize an even more exciting NOT A HOTEL and ensure speedy development. . Without forgetting the passion and goals of our founding days, we will continue to enhance the architectural experience even more than ever before and move forward toward our mission of “NOT A HOTEL for everyone.”
Kana Yashiro Executive Officer CPO
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Joined the company as a new graduate after starting a new business as an intern at Mercari. After that, he transferred to Merpay and served as PdM for the KYC and IDP teams. Participated in NOT A HOTEL in June 2021. Mainly responsible for developing internal operation tools. In May 2024, assumed the position of executive officer and CPO. -comment-
The core of the “experience” that NOT A HOTEL values ​​is not just architecture. The services and operational infrastructure that only people can provide, such as operations that interact with customers on a daily basis and customer support, are also important elements that shape the NOT A HOTEL experience. At the core of this is a software product that is completely manufactured in-house. Up until now, I have been developing management tools from scratch to control operations. In the future, we will not only refine the creation of experiences and systems that provide even more satisfaction, but also create solutions and value through technology that will make customers love NOT A HOTEL even more.
Tetsuya Kawasaki Executive Officer Sales/Marketing
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Graduated from Chuo University Faculty of Science and Engineering. After working at SEIKO and Oracle Japan, worked at Salesforce for 14 years. Worked as a manager for existing customer support in the Customer Success department. Participated in NOT A HOTEL in November 2023. In May 2024, he was appointed as an executive officer in the Sales/Marketing area.
In order to achieve NOT A HOTEL’s mission, we believe that it is important not only to create attractive products, but also to provide communication and services that satisfy our customers. Therefore, in the new fiscal year, Sales/Marketing has launched an organization called Customer Relations, which strives to improve products and services based on guest opinions and impressions. As an executive officer, I will work even harder to ensure that marketing and sales work closely together without being siled, creating a virtuous cycle in our services.
Asami Tominaga Executive Officer CHRO
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Graduated from Rikkyo University Faculty of Business Administration. Engaged in recruitment, recruitment PR, PR, and marketing at Cookpad Co., Ltd. Participated in NOTA HOTEL from March 2022. As the first HR, responsible for recruitment, labor affairs, and system planning. In May 2024, he was appointed as executive officer and CHRO.
If you ask me, “What is the appeal of NOT A HOTEL?”, I would answer, “The people who create NOT A HOTEL.” In order to continue creating experiences that go beyond common sense, colleagues from diverse backgrounds have worked together while respecting each other. Members from various industries such as IT, finance, real estate,
architecture, food and beverage, and hotels form “one team” and work in the same direction to create one service. This is the culture that NOT A HOTEL is proud of. In order to achieve our mission of “NOT A HOTEL for everyone,” it is important for the organization to grow sustainably. I myself am extremely excited about this challenge and will continue to lead the HR field.
W. David Marx Executive Officer (Professional Director) Global Communications
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Graduated from Harvard University School of Oriental Studies. Completed master’s program at Keio University Graduate School of Commerce. She spent 13 years at Google as Senior Director of Asia Pacific Public Relations. Participated in NOT A HOTEL in April 2024. Outside director of HUMAN MADE Co., Ltd. His books include “Ametora” and “STATUS AND CULTURE.”
For the past 25 years, I have been exploring “Japan as a cultural leader” and “individuals and organizations active on the world stage” in areas such as art, music, design, and fashion. NOT A HOTEL is a company that creates architecture that brings out the best of Japan’s wonderful scenery, and we believe that we are a company that is bringing major innovation to the hospitality industry in the 21st century. At a time when tourists from all over the world are beginning to recognize Japan as perhaps the world’s most desirable destination, I am very excited about the challenge of communicating and expanding NOT A HOTEL to the world.
Management structure
・NOT A HOTEL Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and CEO Shinji Hamauzu
Director and CTO Takayuki Okubo
Senior Executive Officer Overseas Sales Masayoshi Inoue
Senior Executive Officer Corporate Strategy Masahiro Yamashita Executive Officer Architecture Masaru Watanuki
Executive Officer Sales/Marketing Tetsuya Kawasaki
Executive Officer CPO Kana Yashiro
Executive Officer CHRO Asami Tominaga
Executive Officer (Professional Officer) Global Communications David Marx (W. David Marx)
Representative Director and CEO Nobutake Funayama
Representative Director CEXO Ryoji Hayashi
・NOT A HOTEL2nd Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and CEO Daimune Eto
Announcement of online company briefing session where new executive officers will also be on stage
NOT A HOTEL is currently recruiting for a variety of positions. To announce the new management members, we will hold a company
information session for all job types on Wednesday, June 26th. Please join us as we discuss future challenges in architecture, software, corporate, and operational services.
[Briefing session for all occupations] NOT A HOTEL 3.0 launch ~Challenges unraveling from overseas, Web3, experience, and
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Please see below for details including how to apply.
About NOT A HOTEL Co., Ltd.
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NOT A HOTEL offers high-end villas based on the concept of “your home around the world” that combines the design of world-class architects and creators with the comfort of technologies such as IoT. . In addition, it is characterized by networkability that allows you to use not only the house you purchased but also all NOT A HOTEL. You can own a property like a home or vacation home and purchase mutually usable properties in units of 10 nights each year.
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