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Nakano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Completes a new factory based on the concept of “SMART, SUSTAINABLE, WELLNESS”

[Nakano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.] Completes a new factory based on the concept of “SMART, SUSTAINABLE, WELLNESS”

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Press release: May 13, 2024
[Nakano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.] Completes a new factory based on the concept of “SMART, SUSTAINABLE, WELLNESS”
*Achieving a stable supply of high-quality products at a factory that is friendly to the natural environment and people, and building further trust from customers*
NAKANO Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City/Representative Director and President: Takaya Nakano) is the parent company of Nakano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City/Representative Director and President: Takaya Nakano)
Kotaro will build a new hair cosmetics and quasi-drug manufacturing factory in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, on land adjacent to its current factory, with construction scheduled for completion in April 2024.

The new factory is based on the concept of “SMART, SUSTAINABLE, WELLNESS” and emphasizes the following points.

1. Advanced technology that realizes high efficiency and high quality production  We realize automated equipment that is highly efficient and reduces the burden on employees.
* [Compliant with ISO22716 (Cosmetics GMP)*]*
A clean room has been installed in the blending and filling room to achieve zoning according to the hygiene level required for the production process.
By meeting high standards for product quality and safety through a blending process in a clean environment, we aim to create a sense of security among our customers and earn their trust.
*International standards regarding quality and safety related to cosmetics manufacturing. “Good Manufacturing Practices” are the standards for manufacturing control and quality control required of manufacturers (including those in the cosmetics industry and manufacturers and distributors). It is recognized as a management standard for a series of processes such as inspection, shipping management, and collection response.

* [Introduction of Manufacturing Execution System (MES)] *
We introduced a manufacturing execution system (MES) and managed the know-how of high-mix, variable-volume production using an IT system. By optimizing the production process, we aim to stabilize product quality.

2. Sustainability in coexistence with the natural environment A sustainable, environmentally friendly facility that coexists with the local community and contributes to society.
* [CASBEE acquisition]*

We aim to obtain an A rank (very good) with an environmental efficiency index of BEE = 1.5 in CASBEE (Comprehensive Building Environment Performance Evaluation System)*. We will build a more sustainable production process by paying particular attention to the outdoor environment within our premises and reducing the environmental impact of resources and materials.
*A method of evaluating and grading buildings based on their environmental performance. A system that comprehensively evaluates the quality of a building, including not only environmental considerations such as energy conservation and the use of materials and equipment with low environmental impact, but also indoor comfort and
consideration for the landscape.

* [Sustainable wastewater treatment technology that supports clean production] *

We have designed a unique ecosystem that uses treated water for washing water in dehydrators and reduces water usage. Using wastewater treatment technology that supports flexible production (various and variable production), we work to prevent water pollution, reduce wastewater volume, and reduce the energy required for treatment.

* [Initiatives towards coexistence with the local community]*

The exterior is inspired by Yoshizu, a natural material that has long been used around Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, and has the function of blocking strong sunlight while allowing comfortable ventilation. SKIN” is adopted.

At the entrance, which is the face of the new factory, an accent wall made of Shigaraki ware tiles welcomes people and expresses the company’s attitude of coexisting with the local community.
Additionally, bricks used on the exterior walls of the current factory were transplanted to the wall inside the entrance and incorporated into the design. We have inherited our long-standing aspiration to sincerely pursue high quality and high safety.
Using these materials, we aim to create a new factory that will be loved by the local community and become a new landmark that resonates with the environment.
Shigaraki ware tiles
Bricks used for the exterior walls of the current factory

3. A people-friendly environment where employees can feel proud We aim to create an environment where you can feel motivated to work. * [A workplace where employees can take pride in their daily work and work in good health] *
A work environment controlled by hygiene classification, including a clean room, creates a workplace where you can feel motivated.

The south side of the dining room/office is entirely glass, allowing you to see the front garden, making it a relaxing space where you can feel the changing seasons. For our employees to work beautifully, we aim to create a comfortable working environment for all employees by ensuring sufficient space for daily use amenities such as changing rooms and toilets. We hope that each employee will come up with new ideas in a space that has a sense of openness and allows them to work while feeling refreshed.
Our philosophy of pursuing the beauty of the workplace environment, which has not changed since the beginning of our operations, has raised the aesthetic sense of our employees and is consistent with our corporate message of “Beauty every day.”
This tradition has been passed down through a corporate culture that fosters the idea of ​​”together”.
dining room
Amenity space

New factory overview
Address: 63-1 Minamiyamada-cho, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture Site area approximately 16,800 square meters
Total floor area approximately 8,500 square meters
Building area approximately 6,000 square meters

About Nakano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Nakano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a company headquartered in Kyoto that manufactures and sells hair cosmetics for hairdressing
professionals and the general public, as well as ODM (contract manufacturing) business for hair cosmetics. Since our establishment in 1959, we have been delivering beauty to all our stakeholders with the passion of “creating products that are authentic, not products that pretend to be superficial.”

Representatives: Representative Director and Chairman Kotaro Nakano / Representative Director and President Takaya Nakano
Head office location: 6-20, Higashino Kita Inoue-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto City Established: September 1959 / Capital: 100 million yen / Number of employees: 269 (as of April 1, 2024)
Business Activities: Manufacture and sale of hair cosmetics and quasi-drugs such as shampoos, conditioners, treatment creams, styling products, perm solutions, hair colors, and hair growth agents. *About details about this release*

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