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Home » Molton Brown Japan Co., Ltd. Citrus of the sun and vetiver of the earth “Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver” is a citrus woody note that celebrates summer.

Molton Brown Japan Co., Ltd. Citrus of the sun and vetiver of the earth “Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver” is a citrus woody note that celebrates summer.

[Molton Brown Japan Co., Ltd.] Citrus of the sun and vetiver of the earth “Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver” is a citrus woody note that celebrates summer.

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Press release: May 13, 2024
Citrus of the sun and vetiver of the earth. Sunlit Clementine & Vetiver, a citrus woody note that celebrates summer.
*Fragrance and body care to be released on Wednesday, May 15, 2024* British fragrance brand Molton Brown has launched a new collection called Sunlit.
Clementine & Vetiver” fragrance and body care will be released on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.
This collection has a citrus-woody scent that appeals to people of all ages and genders. The sophisticated woody notes created by a rich blend of citrus fragrances will leave you feeling calm and relaxed, as if you are living in an endless summer.

Senior perfumer Julie Masse was inspired by the natural sense of well-being that the scent of clementine evokes. Julie created an accord that combines multiple citrus notes to express the rich nature of clementine, which is unlike any other citrus.

A gentle hilly area bathed in the summer sun and lined with bright citrus trees. As you breathe in the clear morning air, the scent of bursting clementines, juicy and sunny mandarin and lime resonate brightly and refresh your mood. Warm and creamy fig leaves and fragrant hazelnuts give way to an earthy scent of vetiver and moss, leaving a subtle and elegant aftertaste.

Vetiver is blended more intensely as a signature note in the Eau de Parfum, giving the scent a smoky depth and accents like leather and suede.

“For me, clementine is like the sun that shines all year round.The fresh, tart, green and bitter notes have a complexity unlike other citrus fruits, and I love this fragrance.It’s bright and positive. It makes me feel relaxed and relaxed.”
Senior perfumer Julie Masse
* Attention to detail from cultivation to commercialization * The vetiver from Madagascar used as a fragrance has a unique smoky scent. Our fragrance creation partner, MANE, works closely with farmers to grow organic vetiver sustainably and uses the waste from the vetiver distillation process to compost and power the distillery. We are working on a project to change this.

In addition, the collection uses 50% recycled plastic for its bath & shower gel and body lotion plastic bottles. Also 100% vegetarian formula (*1)
We are committed to being cruelty-free and do not conduct animal experiments during the research stage. Furthermore, it is manufactured at a factory in Hertfordshire (*2) that has achieved carbon

Commitment to sustainability

(*1) Products that do not use any animal-derived ingredients (*2) The Elsenham factory in Hertfordshire is reducing its carbon emissions and ultimately achieving carbon neutrality through the use of carbon offsets.

* Released on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 *
Eau de parfum 100ml/Price: 22,000 yen (excluding tax: 20,000 yen) Eau de parfum 7.5ml / Price: 2,420 yen (excluding tax: 2,200 yen) Eau de toilette 100ml / Price: 15,400 yen (excluding tax: 14,000 yen) Bath & Shower Gel 300ml / Price: 3,960 yen (excluding tax: 3,600 yen) Body lotion 300ml / Price: 5,940 yen (excluding tax: 5,400 yen) * [About Molton Brown] *
Molton Brown is a brand that symbolizes British style and was born on South Molton Street in London in 1971. Our eau de parfum, eau de toilette, bath & body, hair care line, home fragrances, etc., are all made in England*. (*Excluding some products such as miscellaneous goods.)

The quality of the fragrance, which uses only selected ingredients and is concentrated using special techniques, has been recognized by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as a Royal Warrant.
Warrant) has been awarded. Pursuing and working on sustainability, We operate our own factory in Elsenham, on the outskirts of London, and strive to create beauty that is even more environmentally friendly.

Inspired by the up-and-coming city of London, where we are based, we work hand-in-hand with perfumers with diverse backgrounds to provide our customers with fragrances created by a blend of individual talents.
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