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All-in Co., Ltd. Over 100 articles Content from “Umplex,” a job information site that searches by emotio n, is released one after another

[All-in Co., Ltd.] [Over 100 articles] Content from “Umplex,” a job information site that searches by emotion, is released one after another

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Press release: May 13, 2024
[Breaking over 100 articles] The content of Umplex, a job information site that searches by emotion, is being released one after another. *Umplex is a medium where you can discover new jobs and discover yourself, just like choosing a movie or a web comic.*
All-in Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director), which handles HR brand strategy and HR strategy consulting “Umplex” is a job information site for mid-career people who search by emotion, run by Yuichi Maeda. It was released in December 2023, and the article content exceeded 100 articles in April 2024.

Meet people without being bound by preconceptions at Umplex. When it comes to changing jobs and hiring, there are often
preconceived notions such as “this industry or job is not suitable for me” or “no matter which recruitment media I go to, I won’t get any applications.” There were countless encounters that never happened.

Umplex, provided by All In, is a media created with the idea of ​​“Let’s love complexes.” While conventional job information sites search based on “conditions,” Umplex uses “emotions” as the search axis, creating encounters that are not bound by preconceived notions. Go to Umplex

* Embodying the fusion of recruitment and entertainment *
Umplex’s feature is not only the emotional search axis. We only post the highly empathetic scenario-type job offers that All-In has provided so far, as well as unique job offers full of originality. Because we are particular about the design, one of the features is that you can look at job openings with the excitement of looking at a poster at a movie theater.
As of April 2024, the number of articles has exceeded 100, and the content will continue to increase in the future.

▼Monthly rankings and carefully selected scenarios are also available on Umplex! Please take a look.
The story of how a young part-time worker repays his parents The engineer who may be the closest to cats
I was able to get my ideal job unrivaled after changing jobs in a different industry.
Engineer Werewolf ~There’s a traitor among us~

“All-in” that provides comprehensive support for consulting, branding, and customer attraction in the HR field
Since its establishment in 2016, All-In has provided recruitment support to over 300 companies. The content of our support is diverse, including strategic consulting, branding, and job advertisement production. Nowadays, it is an overwhelming seller’s market, and there is a strong need to differentiate from other companies and establish a company’s brand, so All-in is demonstrating its value by providing comprehensive support from brand strategy to job advertisements.

With “Umplex”, it is possible to deliver information to job seekers in a flat manner without any preconceptions, even in unpopular
occupations and industries. Please contact us if you are a company that would like to be featured.

Company name: All-in Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yuichi Maeda
Location: MORE-EXCELLENCE 2F, 1-3-5 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Business content: HR brand strategy, HR strategy consulting, RPO / Corporate branding / Recruit branding / General recruitment
advertising agency /
Video/movie planning and production/Operation of job information site “Umplex” that searches by emotion
【inquiry】 (Telephone number: 03-6427-2417 | Public Relations)

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