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Belong Co., Ltd. Nikosuma | Ranking of used smartphone sales and purchases in April 2024

[Belong Co., Ltd.] Nikosuma | Ranking of used smartphone sales and purchases in April 2024

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Press release: May 13, 2024
Nikosuma | Ranking of used smartphone sales and purchases in April 2024 *iPhone SE (2nd generation) ranks first for 5 consecutive months | Same trend as annual ranking continues*
Belong Co., Ltd., an ITOCHU Group company (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President Inoue)
Daisuke) will announce the April 2024 used smartphone sales and purchase rankings by model for “Nikosuma”, a used smartphone sales service operated by the company.
*Android smartphones did not rank in either sales or purchases. ■Comment from Nikosuma staff
In the sales ranking for April 2024, iPhone SE (2nd generation) ranked first for five consecutive months.
iPhone SE (2nd generation) also took first place in the 2023 annual ranking. It is thought that its popularity has been further boosted by the fact that it has become a target model for the “New Life Support Fair (April 4th to April 18th, 2024)”.
In addition, compact iPhone models have risen in the rankings, including iPhone 12 mini/13
The minis rose in rank to 8th and 9th place respectively.
In terms of the number of purchases, the iPhone 8 has been ranked number one for four consecutive months.
The overall trend is the same as the 2023 annual ranking, with many iPhones equipped with a home button and iPhones that have been around four years old being traded.
Looking at the total by model, the iPhone SE (2nd generation) also outperforms the iPhone 8.
At Nikosuma, we will continue to strive to enhance our services from both sales and purchase sides so that we can flexibly meet our customers’ needs.

* ■Nikosuma Used smartphone sales ranking [April 2024]*
Ranking/model (storage capacity)/average unit sales price (compared to previous month)
1st place / iPhone SE (2nd generation) (64GB) / 23,836 yen (-1,668 yen) 2nd place / iPhone 8 (64GB) / 17,090 yen (-268 yen)
3rd place / iPhone 12 (64GB) / 54,327 yen (-1,069 yen)
4th place / iPhone 7 (32GB) / 14,395 yen (187 yen)
5th place / iPhone 12 (128GB) / 58,438 yen (-2,186 yen)
6th place / iPhone SE (2nd generation) (128GB) / 27,643 yen (96 yen) 7th place / iPhone 11 (64GB) / 40,563 yen (100 yen)
8th place / iPhone 13 mini (128GB) / 76,968 yen (1,986 yen)
9th place / iPhone 12 mini (64GB) / 39,422 yen (-2,337 yen)
10th place / iPhone SE (3rd generation) (64GB) / 52,129 yen (1,670 yen)

* ■Nikosuma Purchase Used Smartphone Purchase Ranking [April 2024]* Rank/model (storage capacity)
1st place/iPhone 8 (64GB)
2nd place/iPhone SE (2nd generation) (64GB)
3rd place/iPhone 7 (32GB)
4th place/iPhone 11 (64GB)
5th place/iPhone 11 (128GB)
6th place/iPhone SE (2nd generation) (128GB)
7th place/iPhone 12 (128GB)
8th place/iPhone XR (64GB)
9th place/iPhone 14 Plus (128GB)
10th place/iPhone 12 mini (128GB)

*Target period: April 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024
*All prices include tax
●If you would like to quote this ranking result, please use the “Nikosuma” URL ( Please use ■About the “three-star smartphone” provided by Nikosuma
At Nikosuma, we refer to devices that meet the following three conditions as “three-star smartphones.” This site only handles this [three-star smartphone]*1. We carefully select high-quality devices that will give you peace of mind even if it is your first time purchasing a used smartphone.
* 1. No restrictions (network usage restrictions ○, SIM unlocked device) * We do not handle devices with network usage restrictions imposed by the carrier due to the circumstances of the previous owner, or devices with SIM lock restrictions that can only be used with a specific carrier.

* 2. Beautiful appearance (no cracks or defects on the screen or main body for all grades) *
We carefully select only devices with no cracks or defects on the screen or body. We grade and sell items using our own standards to remove scratches and small dents that may occur during normal use.

* 3. Inspection cleared (only for devices with maximum battery capacity of 80% or more*2 and no malfunction*3) *
Using a state-of-the-art inspection system, we conduct more than 25 functional inspection tests, and only sell devices that have passed the test, and devices that have a maximum capacity of 80% or more, which degrades with repeated charging.
(*1) Excluding outlet products
(*2) iPhone devices only
(*3) There is no such thing as not being able to use the camera or Felica.

* ■About Belong*
Belong is a used smartphone e-commerce site “Nikosuma” ( ) and “Nikosuma Purchase” (
) is operated. We always believe in “honesty” and will continue to provide peace of mind with used smartphones to everyone. Through our global network and rigorous inspections, we purchase and sell high-quality devices at reasonable prices. Belong is evolving every day so that customers can live their used smartphone lives with peace of mind.
●Company names, product names, service names, etc. listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.
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