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Home » Cyber ​​Buzz Co., Ltd. Cyber ​​Buzz receives the Bronze Award and Quest Special Award in the “Agency Category” of the “TikTok for Business Japan Awards 2024”!

Cyber ​​Buzz Co., Ltd. Cyber ​​Buzz receives the Bronze Award and Quest Special Award in the “Agency Category” of the “TikTok for Business Japan Awards 2024”!

Cyber ​​Buzz Co., Ltd.
Cyber ​​Buzz receives the Bronze Award and Quest Special Award in the “Agency Category” of “TikTok for Business Japan Awards 2024”! ……
Cyber ​​Buzz Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Akinori Takamura), which operates a social media marketing business, won the “Bronze Award” and “Agency Category” of the “TikTok for Business Japan Awards 2024”. We are pleased to inform you that we have received the Quest Special Award.
[Image 1:×2000.jpg] “TikTok for Business Award 2024” is an award to recognize the achievements of advertisers, advertising companies, and advertising agencies that actively utilize TikTok in 2023 on the advertising distribution platform “TikTok for Business.” It’s an award.
We have been proactively operating TikTok advertising from an early stage and have been working to maximize the effectiveness of TikTok advertising while accumulating a lot of know-how and technology. This time, we received the award in recognition of our contribution to the development and growth of new industries centered on advertising in the financial industry, as well as our expansion of projects for branding purposes in addition to performance advertising.
[What is the Agency Category] Awarded to advertising
companies/agencies that have actively utilized TikTok for Business throughout the year, achieved high results in sales, and created business impact through medium- to long-term initiatives both internally and externally. The top awards are the “Platinum Award,” “Gold Award,” “Silver Award,” and “Bronze Award.”
[What is the Quest Special Award?]
This award is given to advertising agencies that aim for high standards in “TikTok Quest,” an operational method that highly standardizes advertising performance.
[Image 2:×720.jpg] About Cyber ​​Buzz’s TikTok Total Planning
Our strengths are total planning on TikTok and creative production using UGC, and we use brand advertisements and our own media “to buy” to enliven everything from recognition to comparative consideration, and ultimately direct advertisements that lead to purchases. The amount of transactions is growing due to comprehensive efforts to support everything from awareness to purchase, such as disseminating information in various formats.
In the future, Cyber ​​Buzz will continue to provide total planning on TikTok, including “ad operation,” “creator utilization,” and “account operation,” and contribute to building communication between advertisers and users through TikTok. I will do it.
About TikTok measures using “Ripre”
“Ripre” is an in-house service that allows you to experience products and services and create reviews on SNS and review sites. We have already supported dozens of brands, including sampling for TikTok creators since October 2023.
Ripre official website:
Point 1. Generate a large amount of creativity
Create a large number of targeted posts in targeted locations using creators. Not only can it be used for secondary purposes in various places, but it can also be used as a search measure on TikTok! Point 2. Playback guarantee plan using multiple creatives
We aim to increase purchase motivation by creating videos from multiple angles and ensuring playback.
About the tie-up menu of our own media “to buy” official TikTok account On TikTok, where trends change quickly, our company accumulates winning patterns to create buzz and introduces the ones that the editorial department is really glad to have used. ) has opened and operates an official account on TikTok. The total number of views has exceeded 300 million (as of January 2024).
In addition, as a result of companies implementing “to buy” tie-up measures, “sales increased by 250% compared to the previous year,” “search searches increased by 7 times,” and “hundreds of comments were collected, making it possible to collect the real thoughts of many consumers. We have achieved a lot of success in promoting on TikTok, such as “Ta”.
A tie-up menu is available for “to buy”. We have the know-how to create a buzz with vertical short videos, which not only increases the number of views, but also gathers a lot of engagement from users, such as the number of likes and comments.
[Image 3:×752.png ]
Point 1. Guaranteed number of views even if it’s your first time on TikTok. Even if you’re a company that says, “I’ve never done a TikTok ad before. I’m worried about whether it’s going to be effective or not,” we’ll propose a buzz-worthy project that includes playback and distribution. This is a guaranteed menu.
Point 2. Increase word-of-mouth and contact in the comment section by politely replying to comments.
One of the characteristics of TikTok is that when users watch videos, many users open the comment section and see other users’ reactions. By actively replying to comments from the editorial department, there are many cases where the comment section of a to buy page becomes a review page. Please feel free to contact us for menu details.
Cyber ​​Buzz Co., Ltd. Company Profile
[Image 4:×238.jpg] Founded in 2006, listed on Mothers in 2019. Currently, we are developing a social media marketing business centered on influencers with the mission of “turning communication into value and changing the world.” We provide integrated solutions for areas related to SNS such as “influencer services,” “SNS account management,” and “Internet advertising sales.”
・Business content: Social media marketing business, D2C business, HR business ・Location: 18F Shibuya Infos Tower, 20-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031
・Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market Stock Code 7069
*The company names and service names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.
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