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Home » Bay Cruise Co., Ltd. Barista’s proud work! Introducing “3 types of espresso mocktails” using home-roasted coffee beans

Bay Cruise Co., Ltd. Barista’s proud work! Introducing “3 types of espresso mocktails” using home-roasted coffee beans

Bay Cruise Co., Ltd.
A barista’s masterpiece! Introducing “3 types of espresso mocktails” using home-roasted coffee beans
Roasted COFFEE LABORATORY, a coffee shop run by Bay Cruise Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Director and CEO: Shigeru Sugimura), offers three types of coffee that are perfect for this summer, confidently proposed by baristas. We will be selling espresso mocktails starting May 14th (Tuesday).
[Image: &s3=11498-1785-F86D25A85234AB56C4415EF10A5 3349a-1647X1098.jpg] 3 types of coffee mocktails that our baristas are confidently proposing this summer
We use a rich, herbal espresso extracted from an original blend of coffee beans roasted in-house at Roasted COFFEE LABORATORY. It has a gorgeous fragrance and gives you a taste of roasted nuts and herbs. Product Details
Espresso Tonic:
A refreshing and light drink that combines espresso and tonic water. The rich flavor of espresso and the refreshing bitterness and foam of tonic water harmonize perfectly, and you can enjoy an even more refreshing feeling by squeezing lime if you like.
Pineapple Espresso Tonic:
By adding sweet pineapple juice and concentrated sauce to an espresso tonic, the fruity, refreshing sweetness of pineapple expands the flavor combination possibilities for espresso and tonic combinations. This is a dish that we highly recommend to anyone looking for a creative and unique taste.
Craft Espresso Lemonade:
A unique summer drink that combines Roasted COFFEE LABORATORY’s original lemonade. The deep flavor of espresso, sourness and sweetness are well-balanced, and combined with the refreshing spicy taste of lemonade, you can enjoy a new taste.
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With a focus on coffee made from fresh, home-roasted beans, original homemade sweets and meals, and local events mixed with music, art and culture, we offer a variety of events befitting Shibuya, where the street culture is rooted, as its birthplace. As a coffee shop that captures the “now,” we are constantly proposing new attractions. HP: Instagram: Online shop:
Roasted COFFEE LABORATORY Shibuya Jinnan store
Address: 1F Jinnan Flag, 1-6-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-5428-3658
Company Profile
[Bay Cruise Co., Ltd.]
Established: July 22, 1977
Representative Director and Chairman: Yu Kubota
Director and CEO: Shigeru Sugimura
Head office location: 1-23-21 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business details: Planning, manufacturing and sales of total fashion for women and men, operation of directly managed stores,
Operation of restaurants, operation of internet mail order sites, and sales of furniture
Group companies: LADUREE JAPON Co., Ltd., WILL WORKS Co., Ltd., Le Petit Mec Co., Ltd.
                                                           〇          Roasted COFFEE LABORATORY, J.S.BURGERS Jr.
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Eat your lunch box, Shabu-shabu Yamashofu, Yakiniku Yamashofu, POPOLNA,           BAYCREWS FOOD MARCH, RITUEL, THE STAND fool so good(s),

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