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Support results FUSION promotes the scouting service “ABABA” that evaluates the “process” of job hunti ng.

[Support results] FUSION promotes the scouting service “ABABA” that evaluates the “process” of job hunting.

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Press release: May 13, 2024
[Support results] FUSION promotes the scouting service “ABABA” that evaluates the “process” of job hunting.
*A shrine-style booth will be set up in Shibuya Center Gai, and advertisements using actual “prayer mail” will be distributed* FUSION Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ryosuke Maeda, hereinafter referred to as FUSION), a digital agency that combines “digital” and “creative,” “asks new questions and creates new answers.” ABABA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Directors: Shunki Kubo, Tatsuya Nakai, We implemented communication measures using events and internet advertisements to increase awareness of ABABA’s services.
* ■About this promotion measure by FUSION*
* -Measure summary-*
Only job hunters who have made it to the final interview can register with ABABA, and can receive scouts from rival and similar companies of the company they have made it to the final interview with, which greatly cuts down on the selection process. This service is a win-win for both parties, as the selection process is evaluated by job hunters, and recruitment becomes more efficient for human resources. If you fail, even if you have the ability to make it to the final interview, you will only be rejected, but the fact that you passed the final interview shows that you are an excellent student.
At FUSION, we reconsider prayer emails as the beginning of new possibilities, and with the catchphrase “Some stories start from prayer emails,” we present the text of a typical prayer email and the subsequent job hunting reversal story. We planned and produced the event “Prayer Mail Fortune” where you can receive 22 types of fortune telling things such as “Prayer Mail Fortune”.
Additionally, the actual prayer emails submitted to ABABA at the start of the event were turned into advertisements, and digital
advertisements were distributed. We support maximizing results through both real-time events and social networking sites, and promotion of registration through digital advertising.
* 1. Overview of event measures *
* ·the purpose*
Service recognition by making it a hot topic during the final interview period * ・Contents*
For three days from Wednesday, May 1, 2024, we set up a shrine-style booth on Udagawa Crank Street in Shibuya Ward where you can draw a “Prayer Mail Lottery” with messages of support for job hunters. We have planned an event.
At this booth, visitors will be able to draw a “Prayer Mail Fortune” fortune, which is based on the “Prayer Mail”, which is an e-mail notification of rejection or rejection received from a company that has been selected during job hunting. Just like at a real shrine, a shrine maiden is on standby, and when you draw a fortune, the shrine maiden waves a lion’s lion and “prays” for success in your job hunting while handing you a “Prayer Mail Fortune.” “Prayer Mail Fortune” includes descriptions of the text of general prayer emails and subsequent job-hunting reversal stories. We have created 22 types of fortune slips, and we have designed them so that you can enjoy various reversal stories.
Also, on the first day, freelance announcer Kasumi Mori appeared as a shrine maiden. We unveiled our booth.
* ·Achievements*
The event became a hot topic in the media, being featured on TV programs and online media, and even featured on the Yahoo! News top page.
* ・Voices from participants*
– “I realized that job hunting is not a negative thing, but rather gives us an opportunity to reconsider ourselves.”
– “Until now, I had only thought of a “prayer email” as a template email for being rejected.However, through this event, I now think that it is not a waste for job hunters.”
– “While listening to various stories, I felt that I would not give up in the future even if I received a prayer email.”

ABABA representative Shuntaka Kubo and freelance announcer Kasumi Mori (scenes from the day of the PR event)
* 2. Outline of advertising communication measures *
* ·the purpose*
Increase in service users by distributing digital advertisements mainly targeting actual job hunters
* ・Contents*
We created and distributed multiple patterns of realistic
advertisements using prayer emails that were actually submitted. FUSION will continue to use the power of vision to create new questions and create new answers, with the slogan,
We essentially solve our clients’ business issues and provide support for a variety of businesses.
* -Client company profile-*
* ABABA Co., Ltd.*
Head office: 3-1-3-3F Furuedai, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture Address: Lead Sea Ebisu 2F, 3-2-13 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022 Number of employees: 42 (including interns and part-time workers) Established: October 19, 2020
Capital: 493.88 million yen (including capital reserve)
URL: ** * Scouting service for new graduates “ABABA” *
I want to turn “prayer emails” into something positive and
encouraging. ABABA’s “Prayer Yell” was born from this feeling. In the rejection notification email sent to job hunters who were not hired at the final interview, they said, “Although we were not able to hire you at our company, you are a wonderful person and we would like to recommend you to other companies.If you register with ABABA, we will help you get a job in the future. We will support your activities.” This is a scout-type service that encourages people to register with ABABA, and allows them to receive scouts from other companies as job hunters who have made it to the final interview with that company. By evaluating the selection process, we will contribute to reducing the psychological stress of job hunters suffering from “job hunting depression” while developing business activities that solve both social and business issues that can also contribute to the branding of the hiring company. doing.
* ■FUSION Co., Ltd. Overview *
Head office location: VORT AOYAMA II 10th floor, 2-1-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Company establishment: March 9, 2020
Representative Director: Ryosuke Maeda
URL: ** FUSION is a company that combines “digital” and “creative” and uses the power of vision to “ask new questions and create new answers.” We support and launch a variety of businesses by “greedingly realizing ideals” that were not possible before, without being bound by the framework of an existing advertising company.
* Ryosuke Maeda, Representative Director of FUSION Co., Ltd.* Joined CyberAgent Co., Ltd. in 2017. Young people marketing subsidiary CA Young Participated in the establishment of Lab. Joined Chocolate Co., Ltd. in 2019. Responsible for promotion of beverages and communication carriers. 2020 Create new answers centered on digital x creative. Founded FUSION Co., Ltd. with the mission of Appointed representative director. As a creative director, he accompanies many clients’ businesses.
* ■Contact information regarding this matter*
For inquiries regarding this matter or other promotional matters, please contact us at the address below.
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