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Zendesk Announces Industry-Leading Comprehensive Customer Service Solution for the AI ​​Era

Zendesk Inc.
Zendesk Announces Industry-Leading Comprehensive Customer Service Solution for the AI ​​Era
Leading CX company helps provide superior customer service with AI Agent, Agent Copilot, and AI-powered workforce engagement management tools
Zendesk, Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Ken Tominaga, hereinafter referred to as “Zendesk”) today announced a world-class next-generation service solution for the AI ​​era. The number of inquiries businesses receive is predicted to increase fivefold over the next few years. A system that continuously learns customer service interactions and leads to quality improvements will be essential for future customer service operations. Zendesk has launched a wide range of AI capabilities focused on these challenges. Copilot, an autonomous AI agent and agent that supports support personnel, can be used in areas such as customer service, workflow automation, workforce management (WFM), and quality management (QA). is possible.
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Tom Eggemeier, CEO of Zendesk, said, “Years of experience have shown us that one of the key factors in increasing customer satisfaction is minimizing customer effort.” AI technology has the potential to make the customer experience simpler and more comfortable.In line with this idea, we seamlessly integrate AI into products so that companies can proactively provide personalized services to their customers. “This means minimal effort for our customers.”
Zendesk AI, which has a track record of early market acceptance, has already been adopted by thousands of companies, contributing to service quality management and corporate growth. With this product, you can automate up to 80% of the inquiry process and triple the amount of instant automated inquiry resolution. Also. You can reduce resolution time by 30% and increase support agent productivity by more than 10%.
Ken Tominaga, president of Zendesk Inc., the company’s Japanese subsidiary, said, “According to our latest research, 75% of Japanese companies that started providing generative AI tools to support personnel reported positive ROI. We are confident that the new technology we are announcing today will lead to even more effective use of generative AI and contribute to the growth and development of Japanese companies’ businesses. This will give them the competitive edge they need to succeed domestically and internationally, and Zendesk is committed to helping them achieve this.”
Alicia Monroe, Regional Chief Information Officer at Ingram Micro, which provides a wide range of technology support to businesses around the world, says, “Zendesk AI has helped automate task and ticket routing to help our customers Response times have been shortened, allowing employees to focus on tasks that are directly linked to revenue, such as sales activities.In addition, implementing Zendesk has improved employee productivity and improved overall business operations. “As more teams adopt Zendesk, we’ve increased overall efficiency and improved the quality of experience for our customers, vendors, and employees.”
Next-generation “AI agent” and “Agent Copilot” will turn CX into a company’s strength
The next generation of “AI agents” is more than just a productivity tool; it will bring necessary and fundamental changes to the way companies interact with their customers. Interact with customers with autonomy and achieve end-to-end problem resolution for both simple and complex inquiries. The AI ​​Agent’s sophisticated and advanced capabilities can be integrated with different types of knowledge bases and can be precisely customized to address complex use cases. The recently announced Agent Copilot helps improve the quality of support staff interactions by analyzing and learning data from past interactions to help streamline workflows and predict customer needs. Human support agents can use Agent Copilot to streamline their operations and increase customer satisfaction by responding to customers quickly and accurately. Other AI-powered features include: Personalizable purpose detection
This enables support agents to understand each customer’s needs in detail and provide more accurate answers and higher quality services. More advanced generative AI tools to help streamline and improve service quality Make it easier for administrators to create reliable knowledge bases. You can also use the search function using generation AI.
New reporting function powered by AI
Leaders can track and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and AI predictions to understand the impact on business activities and optimize operations.
AI-powered Zendesk WFM and Zendesk QA enable actions based on predicted customer needs
With the advent of AI, customer engagement is increasing in speed, frequency, and complexity. AI-based workforce management (WFM) and quality management (QA) are essential for companies to maintain and manage high-quality customer service operations. Zendesk supports enterprise workforce engagement management (WEM) by adding Zendesk WFM and Zendesk QA to its capabilities. These capabilities allow businesses to optimize staffing and support staff schedules in real-time to facilitate accurate and timely customer responses. New features include:
A workforce management forecasting tool with predictive algorithms and a mechanism for advanced control over staffing.
Supervisors can check for changes in real time and quickly optimize support staff schedules.
audio QA
Evaluate and score call conversation logs to identify cases that may require coaching or review.
QA for AI agents
Evaluate every interaction between your AI agent and your customers. Additionally, AI can identify interactions that require human intervention, such as cancellation risks, workflows that need improvement, and knowledge center articles that need updating. “We work with complex products that require ongoing training for our support staff,” said Maria de la Plaza, head of community operations at SoundCloud. By analyzing all conversations, you can better determine what information to add to your macros and update your Help Center content in a timely manner. , the quality of support within the community has improved. Zendesk’s features have also improved customer satisfaction scores due to improved support agent performance. ”. Choices and security features that build trust in AI technology Trust in AI technology is an essential element for companies when adopting AI solutions. That’s why Zendesk helps businesses securely deploy AI by providing rigorous security protections and support to help them comply with security and privacy regulations. In addition, a new feature that uses AI to automatically identify personal
information that should be deleted and suggests redaction will help businesses manage their data safely and privately. Sheryl Kingstone, Managing Analyst and Head of Experience at S&P Global Market Intelligence (451 Research), said, “Companies are investing in CX as they recognize that CX strategies differentiate them within their industries. Among them, investing in AI is a top priority, leveraging products like Zendesk to deliver personalized customer service at scale with trust and security. Yes, CX is undergoing a major transformation, with the ability to guarantee high service quality even when dealing with a high volume of inquiries, whether it’s for companies that are new to AI or those that are working on advanced and complex automation. , it will enable a level of personalization and customization that was unimaginable just a few years ago.”
For more information on Zendesk’s latest product information, check out the opening session and on-demand streaming of select sessions from our annual Zendesk Relate event. Visit our newsroom to learn more about Zendesk’s vision for AI-powered customer service.
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