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Home » Mynavi provides free on-site classes to junior high schools across the country as part of its 50th anniversary project

Mynavi provides free on-site classes to junior high schools across the country as part of its 50th anniversary project

Mynavi provides free on-site classes to junior high schools across the country as part of its 50th anniversary project
Developed career education materials for junior high school students who learn about the connection between local society and work through card games
Mynavi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and Executive Officer: Yoshiaki Tsuchiya) is collaborating with the NPO Corporate Education Research Group (Chiba Prefecture) to create an original project for career education as part of its 50th anniversary commemorative project. We will jointly develop card game teaching materials and begin providing free on-site lessons to junior high schools across the country from June 2024.
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Background and purpose of developing career education materials In career education, it is important for children to understand the connection between work and society, and to explore the meaning and purpose of work, thereby forming a view of work and occupation. However, in order to gain exposure to the values ​​of people actually working in society, collaboration with companies is necessary, and finding a partner company places a certain burden on the school. This time, Mynavi has leveraged the human resources know-how it has cultivated over the years to develop content for on-site classes where junior high school students can learn “knowledge about occupations and industries” in order to develop their “career planning skills.” Through card games, you can learn about the various occupations and industries that support local communities, and deepen your
understanding of the connection between work and society while having fun.
Our company has branch offices all over the country, and Mynavi employees, including branch managers and managers, visit local junior high schools as external instructors and give lessons free of charge. This class will be provided free of charge to junior high schools across the country that request it. We aim to provide opportunities for schools to collaborate with companies and make it easier to engage in exploratory learning aimed at career education.
*However, in the first year, there will be a limited number of regions where the program will be held, so only one school will be able to participate in each region, and if there are multiple applications, a lottery will be held. Please see the application form for details. The Mynavi Group’s purpose is “To face each individual’s potential and create a world with a visible future.” By conducting this class, we will open up the possibilities of the children who will be responsible for the future, and each individual will realize their own potential. and provides an opportunity to think about the future. Overview of visiting classes
◆Class format: On-site class format where company instructors (Mynavi employees) and children directly interact
◆Target: 2nd year junior high school students (1st and 3rd year students need consultation)
◆Class time: 2 periods (50 minutes x 2)
◆Characteristics of the class The class consists of original card games and animations jointly developed by Mynavi Co., Ltd. and the NPO Corporate Education Research Group.
The story is set in a fictional city called “Maihina City.” This city used to prosper as a mine, but due to the closure of the mine, the population is declining due to the declining birthrate and aging of the population. In order to overcome this situation, the game is set in such a way that four citizens stand up and collaborate with various industries to enrich the virtual mine.
Through card games, children can learn that there are over 17,000 occupations in the world, divided into over 100 industries, and that society is made up of various industries working together.
Through the content that only Mynavi can provide, we hope that children will learn about opportunities to think about their own careers and various forms of social participation, which will be useful for future career research.
◆Class composition
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Click here for the application form:
*Application deadline: Friday, May 17, 2024
About test classes
In preparation for full-scale implementation of the class, we conducted a test class on March 15, 2024 with the cooperation of Tomisato Minami Junior High School in Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture. According to the survey results after the test class, many respondents said that they were able to understand the purpose of this class, which was to understand the connection between work and society, and that they were able to enjoy the class through card games. I could see what was going on.
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●I learned that there are many types of occupations. I had a lot of fun in the class because I had fun playing card games and other activities.
●Recently, I was looking into occupations due to career options, so when I heard that there would be a MyNavi class, I was looking forward to it. Today, I heard that you can participate in society through work, so I’m very interested, so I’m going to look into it more. Thank you very much for this time.
●The class itself was extremely interesting, and the MyNavi lecturers were very easy to understand.
●The class was very easy to understand and helped me with my future dreams. ●I was able to learn things I didn’t know about, such as the difference between industries and occupations, and I was able to hear about various industries in the game, and there were quizzes, so I was able to have fun while learning. ●It was great to be able to hear things from Mynavi that I couldn’t research on my own.
About Mynavi Co., Ltd.
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Mynavi Co., Ltd. has a purpose of “Facing each person’s potential and creating a world where the future is visible,” and we are developing a variety of businesses that support and support people’s lives. In the human resources business field, which is our main business, we provide information services and human resources introduction services centered on employment, job changes, part-time jobs, etc. We also operate a large number of lifestyle information media, including education, weddings, news, and agriculture. We provide services that address each user as an individual, expand their potential, and help them see a new future that is not tied to their previous way of life. URL:
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