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Data/Applications Announcement of next-generation team collaboration platform “Placul”

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Announcement of next-generation team collaboration platform “Placul” ~A new cloud service that realizes DIGITAL WORK where both individuals and organizations continue to grow~
Data Application Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Takeshi Yasuhara, Abbreviation: DAL, Standard Market: 3848) will launch the team collaboration platform “Placul” as a cloud service on July 17, 2024. It will be available from now on.
“Placul” is designed to be used in organizations that have digitally shifted their workplaces, and enables remote work/hybrid work through team collaboration goals and tasks, so that teams can work in the same way whether they work in the office or telework. We solve problems and support individual autonomy.
◆Development background “DIGITAL WORK*1”, which began in response to the new coronavirus countermeasures, is a system of “autonomous management” that takes into account individual career development, rather than “organized management” designed for traditional office work. *2″ is appropriate and effective for the development of the organization. Placul ( We designed “Pracal”. This type of
“autonomous management” approach has already been successful at several growing companies in Silicon Valley, such as Google and Facebook, and has become ingrained in their corporate culture. Additionally, we cannot find any cloud services or solutions from other companies that have been designed and developed using a similar concept, and at this point there is only “Placul” (according to our research). *1: DAL defines the new DX work style as “DIGITAL WORK” *2: A flat organizational structure in which each employee works autonomously and is managed according to the characteristics of each individual.
[Image 1:×311.png ]
◆Strategic positioning of “Placul” DAL is a company that “connects businesses and society through data.” Until now, we have developed and sold data linkage solutions that connect distributed data borderlessly between companies, departments, cloud, SaaS, etc. The medium-term management plan announced today (from March 2025 to March 2027) has a business strategy of connecting companies and data in order to “realize DIGITAL WORK, where both individuals and organizations continue to grow.” Our goal was to connect people and connect knowledge. The general name for the basic technologies necessary for “connection” is “DAL PLATFORM”, and among these, “Placul” is responsible for team collaboration by connecting people, data, knowledge, etc.
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] ◆The biggest features of the team collaboration platform “Placul” Cloud-based team collaboration tools include a variety of products and services such as video conferencing, business chat, file sharing, and groupware. These are designed based on “organizational management,” which is the traditional management method of managers versus employees, whereas “Placul” links daily work and autonomous management, allowing both individuals and organizations to Its greatest feature is that it was designed with the idea of ​​continuous growth in mind. Specifically, individuals and teams can set goals during daily work tasks, and link and visualize the progress of daily work and personal growth. ◆DIGITAL WORK issues solved by “Placul” DAL is strongly promoting digital shift in the workplace as his own DX. As a result, the telework utilization rate is now 100% regardless of job duties. When promoting this in-house DX, we introduced various tools, but along with that we faced new challenges regarding team
collaboration. The three most important challenges that DAL faced in its own DIGITAL WORK were:
Fostering employee autonomy and growth in a remote environment Handling large amounts of notifications from various assistance tools Utilize know-how and ideas that are hidden on personal PCs
“Placul” has implemented the following functions to solve these three issues. A function that enables self-management by centrally managing daily work tasks and goals
A function that prevents omissions or omissions with two types of prioritized notifications
A function to accumulate and share know-how and ideas that tend to be individualized in notes for each task.
“Placul” solves problems in DIGITAL WORK, changes the quality of communication in work and tasks (tasks), and provides a place for individuals to demonstrate their knowledge and individuality, so it is a great solution for working in teams. Definitely change the way you collaborate and become more efficient.
[Silicon Valley-style OKR goal setting and management screen image]
[Image 3:×285.png ]
[Schedule/task management screen image]
[Image 4:×242.png ]
◆Functional overview of the standard version of “Placul”
Silicon Valley-style OKR goal setting and management
Set goals, objectives, success factors, and schedule for achieving new business tasks. You can reflect on your progress towards achieving your goals and the degree of achievement.
Schedule/task management
Set tasks and schedules for each project, and the members responsible for them. You can visualize your progress as a Gantt chart.
Comments for each task
Messages are used to exchange messages with team members. Message fields are assigned to each task, making the target clear and preventing waste and distraction.
Notes for each task
Each task has a note function. Ideas and know-how can be expressed in bullet points and mind maps, and can be easily shared within the team. file sharing
You can attach files to each task or comment. You can quickly share data needed for projects and business tasks with your team.
Two types of prioritized notifications
Among the messages that come your way every day, those that are addressed to you or are important are categorized in your “Inbox,” and the rest are categorized as “Observations,” allowing you to automate the prioritization of your work.
In addition to being able to intuitively understand the status of tasks within your team as a “weather forecast,” you can also see the status of “instruction” and the current status of your own tasks at a glance.
Visualize the period and status of tasks and goals. You can group and display by “person in charge” or “goal”. You can also change the contents of tasks and goals, set the status, and change the period using drag and drop operations.
global header
The always-displayed header displays important information such as “overdue goals/tasks” and “goals/tasks due to date” in real time. By clicking on the icon, a list will be displayed and you can access the relevant goal or task from the list.
micro tasks
With the note function for each task, bullet points can be turned into checklists or tasks. Tasks are called “microtasks”. Microtasks can be used to subdivide tasks or request work from other members.
Collaborator settings
You can set members involved in the task as “collaborators” on the task. You can set roles for your collaborators, and they will be notified of changes such as task status based on their role. This means that the person in charge is notified of changes in the status of the task without being aware of the person in charge of the report. My tasks view
You can centrally manage the tasks/microtasks you are responsible for. Based on GTD, tasks can be organized according to personal priorities, regardless of their deadlines. We also plan to be able to integrate with the calendar.
External service cooperation
Initially, we plan to integrate with Google Calendar for the calendar function and Google Meet for the video conferencing function. The number of linked services will gradually increase.
◆ Edition of “Placul” The standard version of “Placul” now available provides functions for team collaboration of up to 10 people. In the future, we plan to gradually provide editions for use by
division-sized organizations and the entire company.
[Image 5:×294.png ]
◆Basic information and official website of “Placul” standard version: May 31, 2024 (in preparation)
・Standard version available: July 17, 2024
90-day free trial version also available on the same day
For details and application, please visit the official website ・Standard version usage price: Monthly fee 900 yen/user Annual fee 10,260 yen/user (for annual contract)
・Exhibiting at Digital Workplace Summit Tokyo 2024: August 27-28, 2024 [About Data Application Co., Ltd. (DAL)] Since releasing products for UNIX in 1992, DAL has developed the highly reliable package software ACMS (Advanced Communication Management System) series, and have established leadership in the domestic EDI software market. Our data linkage solution, which connects distributed data borderlessly between companies, departments, clouds, SaaS, etc., is already running on the mission-critical systems of over 14,571 sites in 2,933 companies. (Number of installations: as of the end of June 2023) In the future, in order to realize DIGITAL WORK where individuals and organizations continue to grow together, we will connect companies, connect data, connect people, and connect knowledge. We will provide the basic technology “DAL PLATFORM” necessary to connect. [HP][object 9][object 10] [note] https://note
.com/dataapplications/* DAL, ACMS, ACMS Apex, AnyTran, E2X, WebFramer, RACCOON, OCRtran, Placul are trademarks or registered trademarks of Data Applications Co., Ltd. in Japan and overseas. *Company names, product names, etc. mentioned in the text are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.
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