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Dexerials Co., Ltd. Dexerials formulates a new purpose statement

[Dexerials Co., Ltd.] Dexerials formulates a new purpose statement
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Press release: May 13, 2024
Dexerials formulates new purpose statement
*”Empower Evolution. Connect and evolve technology.”*
Dexerials Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shimotsuke City, Tochigi
Prefecture, President and CEO: Yoshihisa Shinke, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has announced the new purpose “Empower”. Evolution.
Let’s connect and advance technology. We have formulated this statement and would like to inform you of this statement. We also created a video that expresses our purpose. (URL:

Our company, which started operations in 2012*, has a management philosophy of “Integrity
We have supported the evolution of technology through product development that anticipates changes in the times and technology, always taking on the challenge of creating things that have never existed before. Currently, the company develops, manufactures, and sells functional materials such as electronic devices such as smartphones and notebook computers, electronic parts essential for automobiles, which are increasingly becoming electrically equipped, and functional materials such as bonding materials and optical materials. ), we operate our business at 12 overseas manufacturing and sales bases.

As the external environment changes rapidly and business becomes more globalized, society is demanding that companies take initiatives to grow their businesses by solving social issues. In July 2022, we launched an internal project (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”) in order to formulate a purpose as a starting point for employees to come together and contribute to further growth and the realization of a sustainable society in an uncertain business environment. ) has been started. For about two years, we discussed and finalized the significance of our existence in society and the common thoughts we should cherish and put into practice.

Based on our newly formulated purpose and statement, Dexerials aims to connect people and technology, empower society, contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by solving social issues, and achieve sustainable business growth. We aim to improve corporate value.
*Established in 1962 as Sony Chemical Corporation. After that, the company name was changed to Sony Chemical & Information Devices Corporation in 2006 and Dexerials Corporation in 2012, which is the current name.

1. About purpose and statements
Purpose is our reason for existing in society and is the basis of our corporate activities. In addition, statements are common thoughts that we value and put into practice.

Purpose (Japanese)
Purpose (English)
“Evolution.” aims to provide materials, devices, and solutions essential to the evolution of digital technology in order to realize the company’s vision for the future, and to build trust with all stakeholders by solving social issues. This defines our company’s role in creating business. “Let’s connect and advance the evolution of technology.” includes a call to our stakeholders to work together to solve social issues, and a message to our employees to take on the challenge of this evolution as their own personal endeavor.
The key visual depicts the world that our company connects with a single line, with the main message of “connecting people and technology and becoming a presence that connects the world.” In addition, by clarifying the value that our company provides to society, we aim to achieve our corporate vision of “Value Matters.” Something that never existed before. Something that will be of value to the world. ”, and also expresses the idea of ​​evolving together with society.

2. About the internal project related to purpose formulation

In July 2022, we launched the “Purpose Development Project” to revise our new corporate philosophy system. First, working members selected from within the company, led by external instructors, engaged in lively discussions that transcended generations and positions, and created a draft of the purpose. Afterwards, through an exchange of opinions, we identified our company’s strengths and the future we wanted to create, and gathered the opinions of employees at domestic and overseas locations to formulate a company-wide proposal. In 2023, we created multiple candidate slogans based on company-wide proposals. In the end, we conducted an employee vote, including those at overseas locations, and after making repeated improvements while responding to various opinions and questions, we decided on this purpose.

-Working group discussion-

Employees at domestic and overseas bases said, “I don’t have much time to take time to think about the company’s purpose for existence and the issues faced by the organization I work for, or to have a conversation with someone, so I’m glad I was given the space and opportunity to think about it.” We received many comments such as “. Furthermore, regarding the word “Empower,” which also has the meaning of “giving confidence or empowering,” many people expressed the opinion that it is a word that allows employees to carry out their activities with confidence. Employees themselves thought about the value of their company and were able to formulate a purpose that many employees could relate to.

-About Dexerials Co., Ltd.-
Dexerials Co., Ltd.’s corporate vision is “Value Matters.” Something that never existed before. Something that will be of value to the world. We are a manufacturer that provides functional materials for smartphones, automobiles, etc. We manufacture and sell electronic components such as anisotropic conductive films (ACF), optical elastic resins (SVR), anti-reflection films, surface mount fuses, industrial adhesives, double-sided and single-sided tapes, bonding materials, and optical materials. We are expanding globally.
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