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Shidax Nakaizu Winery Hills Co., Ltd. Nakaizu Winery Hills “Thanks Father’s Day Fair 2024” held

Shidax Nakaizu Winery Hills Co., Ltd.
[Nakaizu Winery Hills] “Thanks Father’s Day Fair 2024” will be held ~ “Thank you for Father’s Day” by “giving form to your feelings” ~ ……
Nakaizu Winery Hills (Location: Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, General Manager: Takao Matsushita) will be celebrating Father’s Day from May 13th (Monday) to June 16th (Sunday), 2024 to express our gratitude to fathers. ”, we will prepare gifts and accommodation plans to express our “thank you”. Please give form to your feelings for your father and have a wonderful Father’s Day.
[Image 1:×1181.jpg] Nakaizu Winery Hills Chateau T.S exterior image
Details of each content provided are as follows. [“Father’s Day” Lunch Special Hamburger]
[Image 2:×1789.jpg] “Father’s Day” special hamburger image
Steakhouse “Maverick” will be offering a limited quantity of “Father’s Day Special Hamburgers” made with plenty of “Sendai Beef”, which is known for its soft texture, mellow flavor, and rich meat juice. Among nearly 300 Wagyu beef brands across Japan, “Sendai Beef” has only the highest meat quality grade, grade 5. Using 200g of this rare ingredient, we have created a special hamburger that is satisfying to eat. Enjoy our wines and soft drinks on our open terrace seating. ◆Menu: ・Hamburger 100% Sendai beef patty 200g (pickles, cheese, tomato, early red, ruffled lettuce) ・French fries ・Onion rings・1 soft drink ◆Provided at: Steakhouse “Maverick” (Nakaizu Winery) Chateau T.S) ◆ Offer period: Saturday and Sunday from May 18th (Sat) to June 16th (Sun), 2024 ◆ Offer time: 11:00-16:00 (L.O. 15:00) ◆ Fee: 1,880 Yen (tax included) ◆Reservations/Inquiries: TEL: 0558-83-5111 (Reception hours 10:00-17:00) *Menu contents are subject to change. Please note. [“Father’s Day” Gift Set] Nakaizu Winery Chateau TS and online shop will offer gift sets suitable for “Father’s Day” at special prices. You can choose from gift sets that include wine and sake, brandy and cake, or wine and raw ham jerky. It’s perfect as a special gift for Father’s Day or as a surprise gift for your father, so please give it a try. In-store only “Father’s Day” gift This is a limited-edition gift that includes wine from our winery and sake “Arabashiri” made by Bandai Jozo, the only sake brewery on the Izu Peninsula.
[Image 3:×1261.jpg] “Father’s Day” gift image
◆Set contents: Izu Sauvignon Blanc 2023 x Arabashiri ◆Sales location: Nakaizu Winery Chateau TS 2F Shop ◆Sales period: May 13, 2024 (Monday) – June 16, 2024 (Sunday) 10:00-17 :00◆Special price: 4,400 yen (tax included)◆Inquiry: TEL: 0558-83-5111 (Reception hours 10:00-17:00) Online shop only “Father’s Day” gift Brandy made by a winery characterized by a thick and gorgeous aroma derived from grapes and a light bouquet created by barrel aging, a set of brandy cake, or a rich barrel-aged wine Wine with a distinctive aroma and raw ham jerky This is a limited quantity gift with 3 types to choose from. ◆Set contents/price: A. Izu Kagero BARREL 3,600 yen (tax and shipping fee included) B. Izu Kagero BARREL × Brandy cake 5,900 yen (tax and shipping fee included) C. Muscat Bailey A 2020 × Raw ham jerky 4,000 yen (Tax and shipping charges included) ◆ Sales period: May 13, 2024 (Monday) to June 16, 2024 (Sunday) ◆ Online shop URL
[Image 4:×678.jpg] Online “Father’s Day” gift image from left A, B, C
Details of the accommodation plan are as follows. [Nakaizu EAST WINDS VILLAGE] Luxurious time for “Father’s Day” Winery Glamping Premium BBQ Plan Stay at a glamping facility surrounded by a vast vineyard spreading out in front of you and the majestic view of the sacred mountain Mt. Fuji . Dinner is a “course-style BBQ that starts with bright hors d’oeuvres.” Enjoy the unique location of a winery with a special stay on Father’s Day. We also have 7 guest rooms where you can spend time with your dog. ●Accommodation period: May 13th (Monday) to June 16th (Sunday), 2024 *Sales period: Until June 13th (Thursday) ●Customer Room: Suite Villa (approximately 109 square meters) or Standard Villa (approximately 60 square meters) Square
meters)●Contents and benefits: ・“Izu Sauvignon Blanc” (1 bottle per room per stay) ・Dinner (BBQ) and breakfast ・Free flow of wine, alcohol, and soft drinks in the kitchen car on the premises ( until 21:00) ・Invitation to winery guided tour (reservation required) ・Use of natural hot springs at nearby facility “Hotel Winery Hill” (pick-up and drop-off service available) ●Fee: Suite Villa 1 night 2 people 1 From 60,060 yen per person (tax included) Standard villa 2 people per night from 40,810 yen (tax included) ●Reservations:●Inquiries: TEL 0558-83-5113 (Reception hours 10:00-17:00)
[Image 5:×603.jpg] Glamping exterior image Glamping room example
[Hotel Winery Hill] Blissful “Father’s Day” accommodation plan with soothing natural hot springs and wine This is the only resort hotel directly managed by a winery in Shizuoka Prefecture that can be enjoyed by all generations, from small children to elderly guests. How about giving your precious father a wonderful gift for his stay this Father’s Day, expressing your daily gratitude? Enjoy a blissful stay with “hot springs flowing directly from the source”, delicious meals made with plenty of local ingredients, and rich wine. . ●Accommodation period: May 13th (Monday) to June 16th (Sunday), 2024 *Sales period: Until June 13th (Thursday)●Guest Room: Japanese-Western room (approx. 47 square meters) or Western-style room (twin, approx. 19 square meters)●Contents and benefits: ・“Izu Sauvignon Blanc” (1 bottle per room per stay) ・Dinner and breakfast for the number of people *Buffet style at the restaurant (Breakfast may be a Japanese meal) ). *Free flow of red and white wine during dinner ・Use of the natural hot spring “Jomon no Gojinyu” ・Invitation to winery guided tour
(reservation required) From 15,950 yen per person (tax included) Western-style room 1 night for 2 people per room From 14,850 yen per person (tax included)●Reservations:●Inquiries: TEL 0558-83-2310
[Image 6:×604.jpg] Hotel Winery Hill Exterior Image Natural Hot Spring “Jomon no Mijinyu” Image In addition, if you draw a portrait of your father on paper provided at the front desk of “Nakaizu Winery Chateau T.S” and mention it on Instagram, you will receive bath salts as a gift. Anyone can participate, so we look forward to your participation. Since its opening in 2000, Nakaizu Winery Hills has been a 10-hectare vineyard spread out at the foot of the majestic Izu Mountains, with the sacred mountain Fuji in the background. Winemaking professionals have been working on “how to make wine that is unique to Izu.” We are pursuing Please enjoy an elegant time at this integrated resort facility that includes not only a winery, but also restaurants, hotels, glamping facilities, and horseback riding facilities.
■Overview of Nakaizu Winery Hills Nakaizu Winery Hills is divided into the “Winery Area”, which has vineyards with wine factories, and the “Hotel Area”, which is equipped with a private hot spring source and sports facilities. The winery area also has a ranch where you can try horseback riding and a chapel suitable for a natural wedding. In the fall of 2022, we will open Nakaizu EAST WINDS VILLAGE, a glamping facility where you can stay with your dog. Address: Nakaizu Winery Chateau T.S 1433-27 Shimo-shiraiwa, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-2501 ・Nakaizu EAST WINDS VILLAGE 1431-21 Shimo-shiraiwa, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-2501 ・Hotel Winery Hill 410-2501 Shizuoka Prefecture 1434 Shimoshiraiwa, Izu City Access:
1. By train: Approximately 40 minutes from JR Mishima Station to Shuzenji Station on the Izu Hakone Railway. It takes about 10 minutes by taxi from Shuzenji Station to Hotel Winery Hill. About 15 minutes by taxi to Nakaizu Winery Chateau T.S and Nakaizu EAST WINDS VILLAGE. *Free shuttle bus runs from Shuzenji Station. 2. By car: Approximately 45 minutes from Tomei Expressway Numazu I.C. From National Route 136, take the Izu Chuo Expressway (toll), get off at Ohito Minami IC, pass through the Shuzenji Station entrance, and drive 3km towards Nakaizu. Turn left at Kamiwada bus stop and go to Hotel Winery Hill in about 5 minutes. About 10 minutes to Nakaizu Winery Chateau T.S. *Click here for details.
[Image 7:×335.jpg] Nakaizu Winery Chateau T.S Nakaizu EAST WINDS VILLAGE Hotel Winery Hill ■Company overview
Company name: Shidax Nakaizu Winery Hills Co., Ltd. Representative: Kinichi Shida, Chairman and CEO Established: April 23, 2015 Location: 3-6-3 Chofugaoka, Chofu City, Tokyo Business details: Hotels and restaurants Operation management, management of wedding halls, seat rentals, banquet halls, wine and fruit juice production, and       Sales, sales of alcoholic beverages
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