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Beads International Co., Ltd. B-boy RA1ON and B-girl NANOHA won the “Old School Night” competition with B-boy Shigekix

Beads International Co., Ltd.
B-boy RA1ON and B-girl NANOHA won the “Old School Night” competition with B-boy Shigekix
B-boy RA1ON (Raion Kubota) is sponsored by B’s International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusaku Nishikata), which develops street apparel brands XLARGE, X-girl, MILKFED., SILAS, etc. , B-girl NANOHA (played by Nanoha Mase) and B-boy Shigekix (played by Shigeyuki Hani) won the 3on3 battle-style tournament “Old School Night.”
[Image:×1565.jpg] (From left: B-boy RA1ON, B-boy Shigekix, B-girl NANOHA)
Old school night
Date and time: May 6, 2024 (Monday holiday)
Venue: Zepp NAMBA
2-1-39 Shikitsu Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 556-0012 B-boy RA1ON Comment
It was my first time winning at OSN, so I was very happy.
This time, it was a 3on3 event, and Shige-san (B-boy Shigekix, Shigeyuki Hani) and Nanoha (B-girl NANOHA, Nanoha Mase) took on the challenge for the first time. It was a high-level battle, but I was very happy that everyone in the venue could see the different styles of the three of us, and that we were able to come out victorious. I would like to continue to improve my level and connect to the future. B-girl NANOHA comment
This battle was with SHIGEKIX and RA1ON, and we had a lot of fun battling it out. And thanks to these two, I was able to win, and I’m filled with great joy and gratitude.
It was a very good experience for me, so I would like to use this experience to work hard towards my next goal.
Beads International has a corporate philosophy of “editing and disseminating street culture and becoming a company that continues to evolve beyond fashion boundaries and generations,” and we disseminate street culture not only in apparel but also in various fields, including sports. We aim to do so. We will further promote urban sports, which is expanding along with street culture such as music and fashion.
Kubota Raion Profile
Bboy RA1ON
Born April 3, 2008 from Osaka Prefecture
Started breaking at the age of 5. He has a look and dance that doesn’t look like a third-year junior high school student, and his humanity has earned him strong support from many dancers. At the 2022 World Championships, he placed 13th despite being the youngest participant. She is one of the few dancers who not only wins, but also looks fashionable and cool. One of the dancers whose future success is most anticipated.
2020 Breakdance Kids Japan Championship 2020 Winner
2020 Next Generations Games U15 Bboy 2020 sponsored by Shibuya Mirai Design Winner
2021 Next Generations Games U15 Bboy 2021 sponsored by Shibuya Mirai Design Winner
2021 THE JAM U 15 Hokkaido Winner
2021 JDSF Youth West Block Qualifier Winner
2022 JDFS All Japan Youth Best 4
2022 THE JAM NARUTO Winner
2022 DREAM CUP Japan Championship Junior High School Division 2022 Winner 2022 THE JAM FAINAL U15 Junior High School Division Winner
Nanoha Mase Profile
(B-girl NANOHA)
Born March 6, 2007, from Kanagawa Prefecture
Started HIP HOP at the age of 6 and switched to Breaking at the age of 12. Just two years after he started breaking, he achieved the title of Japan’s No. 1 Kids. 2021 JDSF In the Kanto Women’s Youth Division, which was said to be the devil’s block, they defeated strong opponents and won the championship, advancing to All Japan. Without stopping, they won 3rd place in the youth division of the All Japan
Championship. She is the most energetic high school student in the current B-girl scene.
2021 Breakdance Kids Japan Championship Winner
2021 JDSF Breaking Championship Kanto Youth Block Winner
2022 All Japan Breaking Championship Youth 3rd place
2022JDSF designated player
2023JDSF Breaking Kanto Koshinetsu Block Championship 2023 Winner 2024 All Japan Breaking Championship Open 3rd place
【Company Profile】
Company name: Beads International Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Yusaku Nishikata
Head office location: Higashiyama Building 7F, 1-1-2 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Brand/store information:
Year of establishment: December 1990
Number of employees: 360 (as of April 2024)
Capital: 45 million yen
Business content: Planning and sales of clothing and miscellaneous goods, sales promotion, EC business
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