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Home » Motivation Switch Group Free research in English and a small study abroad experience with fulfilling content! Summer school starts accepting applications from May 13th (Monday)

Motivation Switch Group Free research in English and a small study abroad experience with fulfilling content! Summer school starts accepting applications from May 13th (Monday)

Mokiwa Switch Group Co., Ltd.
Free research in English and a short study abroad experience with fulfilling content! Summer school starts accepting applications from May 13th (Monday)
Motivation Switch Group’s English-language after-school childcare service “Kids Duo(R)”
The theme for 2024 is “SDGs”, and a special program to think about global issues has appeared
Held for a limited time from July 16, 2024 (Tuesday) to August 31, 2024 (Saturday) in over 210* classrooms nationwide (*as of the end of February 2023)
A fun summer-themed program for toddlers (3 to 6 years old) and elementary school students (1st to 6th grade)

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Kids Duo lets you learn English while having fun in an English environment Kids Duo(R) is an after-school childcare service in English run by Mokiwa Switch Group Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Naoji Takahashi), which operates a comprehensive education service business, for infants (3 to 6 years old). A summer school for elementary school students (1st to 6th grade) will be held for a limited time during the summer vacation period from Tuesday, July 16th to Saturday, August 31st, 2024. *School will be closed from August 12th (Monday) to August 18th (Sunday), 2024.Kids Duo’s summer school is for students who want to improve their English skills during summer vacation or are looking for a place to leave their children during summer vacation. In response to the voice of parents who say they want to have a special experience that can only be experienced during the holidays, in addition to the regular afternoon course, we offer a morning course where you can leave your child with us from 9:30 to 13:30. . Bilingual Japanese staff will support your child, so even children who are new to English can participate with confidence. The 2024 Summer School will have the theme of “SDGs” and aim to develop human resources who can change the future by thinking about what we can do now for the future and global issues. Kids Duo’s summer school is a chance for you to have a short study abroad experience where you can spend up to 10 hours a day in an all-English environment while staying in Japan. This is a popular summer vacation limited program that you can apply for for a total of 5 days or more by freely combining the days of the week and morning and afternoon courses. When considering enrolling after-school children, participating in a summer course will allow you to thoroughly check whether your child will be able to adapt to an English environment and what kind of program will be offered. [Kids Duo Summer School Overview]
[Image 2:×554.jpg] A variety of programs that allow you to improve your English skills while having fun depending on the season. We provide content that can be used for independent research, such as crafts, science (ice experiments), and this year, bingo related to SDGs.
■Event period: First half: July 16, 2024 (Tuesday) to August 10, 2024 (Saturday) Second half: August 19, 2024 (Monday) to August 31, 2024 (Saturday) *The implementation period may differ depending on the school. *Please contact each school regarding Saturday and Sunday events *The deadline will be closed once the capacity is reached ■Lesson time/number of lessons: Please apply for a total of 5 days or more by freely combining days of the week and courses.・Elementary school course: Morning course (9:30-13:30) / Afternoon course (13:30-19:30) ・Toddler course: Morning course (9:30-13:30) / 4-hour afternoon course (14:30-18:30) / 2-hour afternoon course (15:00-17:00) *Holding dates may vary depending on the region and school. Please check with your nearest school for details. ■How to apply: Currently accepting applications through the application site or by phone. Application site: Phone number: 0800-100-6935 from 11:00. 19:00 (excluding Sundays and public holidays) As early English education for young children is attracting attention these days, Kids Duo provides all-English after-school care for children from 3 years old to 6th grade, with native staff and bilingual Japanese staff. , we offer a curriculum that allows children to have fun learning English through a variety of activities in an English environment, with preschool classes lasting 2-3 hours a day and elementary school students up to 6 hours a day. In addition, we foster social, cooperative, and communication skills in non-grade classes. Regular classes are held twice a week for 2 hours or more, and if you use extended storage, you can keep your child until 8:30 pm. In addition to regular classes, Kids Duo offers a wide variety of programs such as seasonal limited-time courses and events such as summer school.
Kids Duo(R) Kids Duo(R) has expanded into an English after-school daycare/preschool for children aged 3 to 6th grade, where children are cared for after school in an English-immersed environment. We operate over 210 schools nationwide, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. At Kids Duo, we accept children for at least two hours a week, and we offer many programs in English that stimulate their intellectual curiosity, such as music, crafts, games, and outside play, without using any Japanese. We provide an environment where you can learn English naturally. In addition, by spending time in a “non-grade group” that straddles age and grade levels, children not only improve their English skills, but also gain exposure to vertical society from an early age and acquire social and communication skills. Our classrooms are staffed by both native and bilingual Japanese staff, and by incorporating the best aspects of both foreign and Japanese culture, we aim to develop students with a true international sensibility. In addition, we will use a shuttle bus to take your child from the elementary school to the classroom, from the classroom to your home, and provide extended storage until 8:30 pm. Official website URL: Motivation Switch Group Co., Ltd. Motivation Switch Group operates the individual tutoring school “School IE(R)” and the early childhood classroom “Child Eyes” for intellectual development (intellectual education) and exam
preparation. (R),” English/English conversation school for children “WinBe(R),” English-language after-school child care “Kids Duo(R),” sports class for infants and elementary school students “Ninja Nine(R)” ”, bilingual preschool “KDI: Kids Duo International(R)”, “i Kids Star(R)”, and “Programming Education HALLO(R)”. As a
comprehensive education services company, we currently operate over 2,200 classrooms in Japan and overseas, supporting the learning of over 130,000 children. In 2020, we also launched a new learning service called “Thinking Lab.” Motivation Switch Group supports the dreams and lives of children around the world by finding the “gems” that each person has and bringing out their infinite potential. Official website URL:
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