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Commercial space design exhibition event held!

Commercial space design exhibition event-BAMBOO EXPO 21-held!
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Press release: May 13, 2024
Commercial space design exhibition event-BAMBOO EXPO 21-held! *Bamboo Media Co., Ltd. (Akasaka, Tokyo), which develops media and event businesses related to “spatial design” both domestically and internationally, is holding an exhibition event – BAMBOO EXPO. 21- will be held. *
-BAMBOO EXPO 21- will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsucho Hall for two days, May 15th (Wednesday) and 16th (Thursday).
EXPO- is an exhibition event that brings together various materials and services such as furniture, plumbing, lighting, sound, art, and signage, with a focus on interior and exterior materials and building materials used in commercial space design.
Approximately 40 companies and organizations will present and exhibit their latest products and materials for interior designers,
architects, owners, developers, and others. We are also paying attention to building materials and materials that are associated with words such as sustainable, SDGs, and eco, which have been a hot topic in recent years. Key figures in the industry will be on stage – TALK In addition to SESSION-, don’t miss the -Special EVENT–Special Exhibition-. In addition to the customary all-you-can-drink highball (starting from 18:00), you can also enjoy a sample of Chigiri-ten from “Shiki Kamaboko Honten”, which has a history of about 170 years in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Please come and experience the latest trends in spatial design firsthand at -BAMBOO EXPO-.
We look forward to seeing you on May 15th (Wednesday) and May 16th (Thursday). (free entrance)

[BAMBOO EXPO 21] Event overview
○Date and time: Wednesday, May 15, 2024, Thursday, May 16, 2024 11:00-20:00 ○Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsucho Building 2F Exhibition Hall/1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
○Exhibiting companies: Approximately 40 companies
○ Expected visitors: interior designers, architects, developers, food and beverage/product sales executives, hotel personnel, department store/SC personnel, retailers, etc.
○Sponsor: BAMBOO MEDIA Co.Ltd.
○Admission: Free (pre-registration/ ) ○Official website:


This time, we will once again invite speakers from Tashi Saisei to tell stories that can only be heard here, and stories that you can listen to now!
*Reservations are not required to view sessions. However, the number of seats is limited, so please arrive early.

* ■Wednesday, May 15th*
* -16:00~17:00-*
* We want to convey the charm of Okawa, Japan’s proud woodworking region! * The area centered around Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture is a furniture production area with a history of approximately 480 years, and is Japan’s largest woodworking industry cluster, with all kinds of woodworking-related companies such as furniture, fittings, lumber, decorative plywood, hardware, cutlery, etc. It’s the ground. Yudai Tachikawa, director of traditional techniques who was deeply involved in Okawa as director of regional revitalization projects from 2018 to 2020, Ryoichi Kurashige, mayor of Okawa, who also serves as chairman of the Okawa Interior Promotion Center, and craftsmen who continue to challenge the possibilities of woodworking. Eiji Maeda will be on stage to represent us and talk about the appeal of woodworking, the efforts of “Okawa, a universal woodworking production center,” and the future that Okawa is aiming for.
*Speaker*: Mr. Hirohiro Tachikawa (T.C.K.W representative) x Mr. Ryoichi Kurashige (Mayor of Okawa and
Chairman of Okawa Interior Promotion Center) x Eiji Maeda
(Representative of Maeda Joinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Yudai Tachikawa
Representative of t.c.k.w Co., Ltd. Traditional technology director. Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1965. Launched the custom-made traditional craft project “ubushina” and established a style of creating cutting-edge interiors using traditional Japanese techniques. He has created one-of-a-kind items such as furniture, lighting fixtures, and art objects to suit the space. Over the years, he has worked closely with craftsmen from all over Japan to create things, and in 2016, he won the Mitsui Golden Takumi Award, which is given to individuals who make innovative efforts in the world of traditional crafts.
Continuing that track record, we will move from haute couture to ready-to-wear in 2023. Released “AMUAMI”, a product brand that brings together the best of Japanese techniques. We deliver the work of Japanese craftsmen to the world while working in harmony with local communities and the environment. He is also deeply involved with Okawa City, serving as director of the regional revitalization project from 2018 to 2020.
Main works: “Tokyo Sky Tree”, “Palace Hotel Tokyo”, “Isetan Shinjuku store” and many others.

Ryoichi Kurashige
Mayor of Okawa, Fukuoka Prefecture. Born in May 1977 in Fukuoka Prefecture. Graduated from the Department of Economics, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University in 2002. In the same year, he started working for the Fukuoka Prefecture Agricultural Cooperative Association. In October 2016, he was appointed as the 10th Mayor of Okawa, and is currently in his second term. He also serves as the chairman of the Okawa Interior Promotion Center.

Hideharu Maeda
Representative director of Maeda Kengu Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Vice-chairman of Okawa Interior Promotion Center. He took over the family business as the second generation of a fittings shop in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture. While expanding the range of production to include fixtures and manufacturing fittings and furniture for stores, hotels, and residences, we have also developed our own brand of “3D Kumiko,” which are three-dimensional pieces assembled using traditional Kumiko techniques. Currently, he is also working on creating 3D objects using the latest 5-axis CNC processing machines and 3DCAD.
Main works: Okawa Cinema Hall, ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa, and many others.
* -18:00~19:00-*
*The latest hotel and restaurant designs that customers want* Now that the amount of inbound spending has reached an all-time high, surpassing pre-coronavirus levels, visitors to Japan are shifting to a travel style that emphasizes experiences rather than purchases. Under these circumstances, are there any major changes in the design and needs of facilities in the hospitality industry, which can be said to be Japan’s strength, such as hotels and restaurants? We will be inviting Naoyoshi Taniyama and Yasushi Fujimoto, two popular designers who are currently in demand for hotel and restaurant design, to talk about this trend.
*Speaker*: Mr. Naoyoshi Taniyama (Representative of NAO Taniyama & Associates) x Mr. Yasushi Fujimoto (Representative of DESIGN STUDIO CROW)

Naoyoshi Taniyama
NAO Taniyama & Associates Co., Ltd.
representative. Interior designer. Born in Nagoya in 1973. After graduating from Musashino Art University’s Department of Spatial Design, he worked as the main designer at Super.
Been at Potato for 15 years. 2011NAO Taniyama &
Established Associates. He works on projects such as luxury hotels, restaurants, and residences not only in Japan but also overseas. He is not bound by a specific context such as Classicism or Modernism, but approaches it from multiple perspectives, and strives every day to create designs that universally stir people’s emotions.
Main works: “Dominique Boucher”, “Grand Hyatt Tokyo”, “Hilton Tokyo “TSUNOHAZU”, “Grand Hyatt Manila”, “Ruby Jacks” and many others. Taiji Fujimoto
representative. Interior designer. Born in Aichi Prefecture. During his youth, he gained various experiences as a field worker. After that, he started working at Super Potato in 2005. He is mainly in charge of projects for Hyatt hotels and MUJI in Japan and overseas. Since 2009, he has worked at the Tokyo office of Hirsch Bednar Associates (HBA). He mainly works on Lotte Hotel and residence projects. DESIGN in 2013
Established STUDIO CROW. Currently, he is working on many commercial spaces, mainly accommodation facilities and restaurants in Japan and overseas.
Nankai Osaka,” “Suki no Yado Yakutei,” “Hotel Perence Onoya,” “Sekizenkan,” and many others.
* ■May 16th (Thursday) *
* -16:00~17:00-*
*I really thought that restaurant was delicious*
Mitsuru Sawada recently published his book, “I really thought that restaurant was delicious.” It is not easy to define the work of Mr. Sawada, who is responsible for producing various projects centered on food, but the title of this book shows his commitment to food. We will talk about the past and future of Mr. Sawada’s work, from recruiting as a new graduate to developing restaurants and commercial buildings where he wooed famous cooks and chefs, and town development such as Yodoyabashi (Osaka). .
*Speaker*: Mitsuru Sawada (Chaos representative)
Mitsuru Sawada
Representative of Chaos Co., Ltd. City development producer. Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1960. Became independent after working as a recruiter. Works on town planning and town branding. Our main business areas include community design, town planning and town brand building, commercial facility development, store development and business format development, regional revitalization projects, living environment and housing development. This year, which marks the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding, they will also be managing the restaurant “Kyoto Winery Shijo Kawaramachi Jozo” attached to the winery. Main works: “Shin Marunouchi Building”, “KITTE Marunouchi, Osaka”, “Grand Front Osaka”, “Namba Grand Kagetsu Renewal”
“Hokkaido Ballpark S-Confield”, “Minaka Odawara”, and many others. His book is “I really thought that restaurant was delicious”. * -18:00~19:00-*
* “Staff staff” who give form to the creative director’s image * The job title of creative director is relied upon by companies to give shape to their brand image. This category includes not only logo and product design, but also interior design, architecture, and
environment creation. Kashiwa Sato, one of Japan’s leading creative directors (SAMURAI)
CEO) has many “staff members” both inside and outside the company who give form to this image. In this talk session, Yoshihiro Saito, who oversees the spatial design department at SAMURAI, and Takuyuki Enomoto of Nikken Sekkei Construction Management, who has collaborated with us on many projects as an architectural partner, will be on stage, and we will discuss the image the creative director envisions. We will talk about how to sublimate this into space and architecture. *Speaker*: Mr. Yoshihiro Saito (SAMURAI) x Mr. Takuyuki Enomoto (Nikken Sekkei Construction Management)
Yoshihiro Saito
Supervising the spatial design department. After graduating from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University in 1997, joined Intentionaries Ltd. After working at his own design office, A Study Co., Ltd., he joined SAMURAI in 2016 and is in charge of the spatial design department. He will play a part in the new space design and space branding project that SAMURAI is aiming for with ideas and flexible thinking based on a wide range of knowledge. Main work: “GLP ALFALINK Sagamihara”, “Kura Sushi Global Flagship Stores”, “Takeda Pharmaceutical Global Headquarters”, and many others. Main awards: Red Dot Design Award 2022 Best of the Best, ICONIC AWARDS 2021 BEST OF
BEST, ACC TOKYOCREATIVITY AWARDS 2019 Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award/ACC Grand Prix, Japan Spatial Design Gold Award, and many others.
Hiroyuki Enomoto
Nikken Sekkei Construction Management Co., Ltd.
Senior director. Graduated from Tama Art University and completed graduate school at Shibaura Institute of Technology. After
experiencing design at Nikken Sekkei, he is currently leading the PМ/CМ industry in the architectural field. He has won numerous domestic and international awards in a wide range of fields, including collaborative projects with creative directors and designers. Main works: “Takeda Pharmaceutical Global Headquarters”, “Shikoku Aquarium”, “Kobe Port Museum”, “Chukyo Television Broadcasting Headquarters”, “Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Main Building Rooftop Renovation”, and many others.

-Special EVENT Okawa, a versatile production center for woodworking- We would like to introduce you to the technical capabilities of the craftsmen of Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan’s largest woodworking industry center, and the efforts of “Okawa, a versatile woodworking center” that continues to challenge the possibilities of woodworking. This time, at the venue, you will be able to enjoy a sample of Chigiriten from “Shiki Kamaboko Honten”, which has a history of about 170 years in Okawa City.

-Special Exhibition Eco Materials-
“Ecomaterials” are currently the focus of attention of spatial designers and architects. In the field of manufacturing, creators are becoming increasingly conscious of “not placing any burden on the environment.” What is noteworthy about the “eco-materials” introduced here is that they have a new expression while minimizing their environmental impact. Our company’s website ”
Please take a look at the many materials introduced in “.
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