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Home » Dokai-ku LLC To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the opening of the Tachinomi liquor shop NOMURA SHOTEN in K uramae, a limited release of the premium craft canned chuhai “NOMURA chuhai -Hyuganatsu-” is available after a bath.

Dokai-ku LLC To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the opening of the Tachinomi liquor shop NOMURA SHOTEN in K uramae, a limited release of the premium craft canned chuhai “NOMURA chuhai -Hyuganatsu-” is available after a bath.

Dokaiku LLC
To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of its opening, Kuramae’s Tachinomi Liquor Shop NOMURA SHOTEN will be releasing a limited edition premium craft canned chuhai “NOMURA chuhai -Hyuganatsu-” after a bath. Premium craft canned chuhai “NOMURA chuhai -Hyuganatsu-” that will make your time after taking a bath even more special will be released in a limited edition of 300 bottles in time for the NOMURA SHOTEN 2nd anniversary event to be held on May 18th.
Dokai Sou LLC (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Souto Nomura), which has a vision of “expanding the diversity of food through bars and drinks,” is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the Tachinomi liquor shop NOMURA SHOTEN. Premium craft canned chuhai “NOMURA chuhai -Hyuganatsu-” will be released for a limited time on May 18, 2024.
[Image 1:×2925.jpg] Label design: Junichi Ishikawa Photography: Shigeta Kobayashi Premium craft canned chuhai thought up by top bartenders
[Image 2:×2925.jpg] This product is a series of after-bath drinks that follows the original gin “AROMATA GIN” released to commemorate the 1st
anniversary. The shochu is luxuriously made with Miyazaki’s Matsuro Sake Brewery’s proud “Shoro Colorful” and “Tamaakane Ungenshu.” By adding seasonal Hyuganatsu, we have combined the gorgeous sweet potato shochu flavor with the refreshing citrus aroma.
[About this product from the owner Nomura]
Ladies and gentlemen, NOMURA SHOTEN’s 2nd anniversary has passed in the blink of an eye. In our second year, we switched to a younger team, and thanks to many people we were able to come this far. In our third year, we hope to liven up the area while taking on new challenges, just like the team! Now, this is our 2nd anniversary product, but instead of the gin we made last year, we wanted people to drink it more casually, and we decided to make a canned chu-hi without changing the concept of drinking it after a bath. The base is a blend of two types of potato shochu from Miyazaki’s Shoro Sake Brewery, which I always use, and drinking something with citrus fruits after a bath is refreshing, so I decided to use Miyazaki’s citrus this time. Did.
Hyuganatsu is like a small grapefruit and has a slightly sweet and fruity taste, so this time I was able to use this fruit to make the perfect cup after a bath! Please try drinking it after taking a bath or exercising!
[Image 3:×2175.jpg]

“NOMURA Shohai -Hyuganatsu-” Product information
[Image 4:×2925.jpg] ・Product name/Product details “NOMURA Shochu High-Hyuganatsu-” 360ml 3% ・Sales price: 1,670 yen including tax (includes in-store uncorking fee) ・Sales start date: Saturday, May 18, 2023
“NOMURA Shouhai -Natsu Hyuga-” event information
[Image 5:×1366.jpg] An event to commemorate the release of “NOMURA Shouhai -Hyuganatsu-” will be held at Komaeyu on Sunday, June 16th.
On the day of the event, the destination of NOMURA SHOTEN’s running event “NOMURANNING” will be Komaeyu, where you can enjoy “NOMURA Shochu Hai -Hyuganatsu-” and sauna food after taking a bath after running.
“NOMURA Shochu High – Hyuganatsu – event in Komaeyu”
Location: Komaeyu (Hasegawa Building, 1-12-6 Higashiizumi, Komae City, Tokyo) Date: June 16, 2024
(Detailed event time and reservation method will be announced later on NOMURA SHOTEN Instagram.)
[Image 6:×2925.jpg] NOMURA SHOTEN
“NOMURA SHOTEN” is a Tachinomi liquor shop where you can enjoy carefully selected spirits and snacks. We propose a “new point of contact between people and alcohol” that can only be created by bartender Sorato Nomura, who has stood between people and alcohol all over the world and has created a rich time. We are more than just a store that sells alcohol, we propose the wonderfulness of carefully selected alcohol itself and various ways to drink it, and provide a rich time to spend with family, friends, or alone.
Sorato Nomura: Profile
At the age of 21, he moved to England alone and worked as a bartender at a bar in London for about seven years before returning to Japan. He won numerous awards as a bartender at Fuglen Tokyo, and in 2017 he became independent and launched the bar and drink consulting brand “ABV+”. Since then, he has worked as a brand ambassador for overseas spirits, as a bar producer at Kabutocho Hotel K5 in Nihonbashi, and as a producer of various products such as domestic spirits and bottled cocktails. After that, he launched Dokai Ku LLC and opened NOMURA SHOTEN and Quarter Room in 2022. We will proceed with various developments based on the vision of “expanding the diversity of food through bars and drinks.”
“NOMURA Shouhai -Hyuganatsu-” Project Partner
Junichi Ishikawa
Co-founder of faa, a creative studio based in Yokohama and Kyoto. in Visual Communication Design from San Francisco and New York. He handles branding and interior design for a wide variety of businesses including restaurants, retail, accommodation facilities, commercial facilities, and public facilities.
In charge of label design for “NOMURA Shohai -Hyuganatsu-“.
Shoro Sake Brewery
Founded in 1928. Kushima City, Miyazaki Prefecture. Since our founding, we have been producing shochu, “Shochu,” which is a staple in the local Kushima region, and “Motomi.”
Mainly produces potato shochu such as “Shoro Kuromagi”.
Expanding the possibilities of shochu with flexible sensibilities and ideas. “NOMURA Shohai -Hyuganatsu-” uses “Shoro Colorful” and “Genshu. Tamakane” from Shoru Sake Brewery.
Shigeta Kobayashi
After graduating from the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University in 2008, he worked at a clothing store and as an assistant at a major photography studio, before starting his career as a freelance photographer. His work focuses on the theme of “the relationship between people and things beyond the reach of human knowledge.”
In charge of visual photography for “NOMURA Shohai -Hyuganatsu-“.

Company Profile
Company name: RIKU KAI KU llc.
Representative name: Sorato Nomura
Location: 5-8-5 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Business details: Food and beverage business, alcohol sales retail, food and beverage consulting
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