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Yong Seok will make everyone’s wishes come true!
Pastime & Live will be held on Friday, June 21st and Saturday, June 22nd, 2024! During this year’s Golden Week, Yongseok appeared in the Korean buddy musical “My Bucket List”, which was his sixth appearance, and captivated many people with his stable acting skills and outstanding singing ability. JUNE EVENT ―Re:QUEST―] has been decided!
This event will be held over two days and will be organized around your requests.
[Image:×2700.jpg] 6/21 (Friday) is [Pastime]. Anyway, it was a fun time for Yong Seok to play with everyone. It’s a fun performance that’s a little different from the usual and full of smiles.
And 6/22 (Sat) is [Live]. We will deliver plenty of Yeon-seok’s singing voice, which captivated audiences even in musicals. The songs to be sung will be decided by soliciting requests from everyone and even from Yongseok himself (!?).
The title [Re:QUEST] also includes the request from everyone and the meaning that we will go on an adventure together to find the best time once again.
Let’s go find the best and fun time together at Pastime and LIVE! We are looking for requests such as things you would like to do with Yongseok and songs you would like us to sing!
→Click here for requests
★Tickets will be available in advance from 5/13 (Monday) 17:00! ■Performance special site [Performance overview]
Performance date: June 21st (Friday) and 22nd (Saturday), 2024 Venue: 6/21 (Friday)…MsmileBOX Shibuya Nakamura Building B1, 2-12-8 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    6/22 (Sat)…Lapin et Aro B1, 5-44-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Doors open/Start time: 6/21 (Friday) pastime -Part 1- Doors open 15:00/Start 15:30
-Part 2- Doors open 18:30/Start 19:00
6/22 (Sat) Live – Part 1 – Doors open 13:00/Start 13:30
-Part 2- Doors open 17:00/Start 17:30
Ticket price: 6/21 (Friday) Pastime All seats reserved 6,000 yen 6/22 (Sat) Live All seats reserved 8,800 yen
*Paid for ages 4 and up, entry not allowed for ages 3 and under. Sponsored by: RISE Communication
Special site:
[Yonsuk Profile]
Born January 8, 1993
Debuted in Korea in June 2012 as a member of the K-POP boy group CROSSGENE. In 2013, they debuted in Japan and gained support from many fans.
Armed with her excellent Japanese, impressive singing skills, and high acting skills, she has not only been active as an artist, but also appeared in numerous plays and musicals.
After completing his group activities at the end of 2019, he enlisted in the military, and even during his military service, he participated in the Korean Army Musical with his singing and acting skills. He will be discharged from the military in 2022 and will be active mainly on stage as an actor in South Korea. Since then, they have been performing on stage, performing in musicals, and performing live performances in Japan with the guidance of many fans.
On September 30th of last year, she released her first solo song in Japan, “Kimi ga Suki sukiyo”, and captivated many fans with her outstanding singing ability.
Main performances include the musical “My Bucket List”, the musical play “Hamlet”, the musical play “The Little Prince”, the stage play “Lupin vs. Holmes – The Battle of the Century”, the reading play “Blue Love Theater”, and the musical “Table Tennis★ Wars 2023”, reading play stage play “Kiichi Nagayasu’s Extremely Scary Story”.

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