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Nurturing the future forests and people of Gifu School/corporate collaboration project starts Joint special class of 3 schools

Nurturing the future forests and people of Gifu [School/corporate collaboration project starts] Joint special class of 3 schools
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Press release: May 13, 2024
Nurturing the future forests and people of Gifu [School/corporate collaboration project starts] Joint special class of 3 schools *~ A rich forest and human development project considered through woodworking ~* Itazou Factory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Mizuho City, Gifu Prefecture, Representative Director: Kaori Yoshida, Yamagataya Sangyo Group), which operates a wood processing factory in Gifu Prefecture, has three schools related to woodworking in Gifu Prefecture, “Gifu Prefectural Academy of Forestry Culture”. In collaboration with Forest Takumi Juku and Hida Shokunin Gakusha, students
We will hold a special joint class* that goes beyond the framework of the school, and from June 1st, we will start a project* in which students will take the lead in developing SDGs products.
* 【Project Outline】*
Three woodworking educational institutions in Gifu Prefecture, Gifu Prefectural Forest Culture Academy, Forest Takumi Juku, and Hida Shokunin Gakusha, will collaborate with Itazou Factory Co., Ltd. in Mizuho City to launch a product development project on June 1st. It will be held from ~July 28th.

Gifu Prefecture, which boasts some of the best forest resources and woodworking technology in the country, aims to further improve the skills of creators through this project and create new products that make use of local materials.

The development theme is “table legs”. Tables often attract attention because of their precious wood grain, but many of the legs have ordinary designs, so there is a need for companies to increase the value of their products with unique legs. For students, there are various elements of learning, such as devising beautiful designs, ensuring strength, making use of local materials, and meeting the needs of companies.

Three schools formed a mixed team, and during three one-night and two-day training camps, they came up with the design, produced it, judged it, and announced the results. Excellent works will be considered for commercialization by Itazou Factory.
Three schools in the prefecture that think about “interactions between students,” “collaboration with companies,” and “work experience for students” that go beyond the boundaries of school, and “tackling environmental issues,” “utilizing materials produced in the
prefecture,” and “becoming the next generation of engineers.” This project was made possible by matching with a company that is thinking about “nurturing”.
Please come and have an interview.
* [What is the 3-school collaboration special class]*
“Gifu Prefectural Forest Culture Academy,” “Shinrin Takumi Juku,” and “Hida Shokunin Gakusha” will form a cross-school team and take on the following project proposed by “Itazou Factory.” While taking on the challenge of product development in a classroom setting, I learned that *
We aim to create a variety of dramas for the students, make the lessons memorable, and provide an opportunity to develop human resources for the wood industry who will be responsible for the future. *

* [What is Itazou Factory] *
Itazou Factory Co., Ltd. is a precious wood furniture factory* that aims to be the best in Japan when it comes to manufacturing products using precious wood. *
We have Japan’s top-class precious wood inventory lineup and an integrated production system from raw wood to processing, painting, and construction by a team of skilled craftsmen who can discern solid wood*
is being arranged. We create unique value products and deliver custom-made furniture and building materials to properties not only in Gifu Prefecture but also across the country and overseas. We also plan and develop wood products together with companies across the country. * [Company’s thoughts] *
Itazou Factory Co., Ltd., a member of the Yamagataya Sangyo Group, is a 100-year-old lumber company, but what can it contribute to society as a lumber company that will live for the next 100 years? What positive impact can you have on the region? Considering *
We are starting this project in collaboration with schools* to foster a rich forest and people for a sustainable timber industry of the future. *
A system that allows you to give back to the forest, local people, society, and the global environment through work experience that is an actual economic activity while still taking place in class*
I would like students to think about this together with their flexible ideas. Additionally, as a company, we would like to reconsider the following issues together with our students.
– What kind of impact does the use of prefecture-produced timber have on local forests?
– What does it mean to work in woodworking and furniture making? – What kind of products are accepted by society?
– How can we get young people interested in the timber industry? * [Yamagataya Sangyo Group’s initiatives regarding SDGs] *
Through this project, we support SDGs initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable world.
– In the shrinking woodworking industry, we will strive to pass on traditional Japanese wood-related techniques and develop craftsmen. – Regarding wood,* we strive to utilize sustainable wood resources and scrap wood, and manufacture with sustainable environmental awareness*.
– In order to create sustainable forests, we will actively utilize local materials such as those produced in Gifu Prefecture.
– We actively utilize traditional materials and techniques that have been used in Japan since ancient times, such as precious woods, and contribute to the inheritance of Japanese culture. *
– We operate the Gifu Wood Net Council* to actively promote the use of wood from Gifu Prefecture* through partnerships.
* [Interview request schedule] *
▼Students scheduled to participate (all second year students, in their 20s to 50s)
Gifu Prefectural Forest Culture Academy 2 people
Forest Takumi Juku 7 people
Hida Shokunin Gakusha 2 people
→Rather than having the schools compete against each other, the three schools will form a mixed team and plan to proceed while interacting with each other.
▼Technical guidance
Gifu Prefectural Forest Culture Academy Masaru Kutsuwa (Professor), Ken Maeno (Associate Professor), Kei Watanabe (Lecturer)
Forest Takumi Juku Kenichi Ogiso (principal), Yoshinao Hirano (factory manager) Hida Shokunin Gakusha Yoshitaka Tamada (school principal), Tsutomu Uchida *Forest Culture Academy is a specialized training school in Gifu Prefecture, Forest Takumi Juku is an educational institution that is a group company of Oak Village Co., Ltd., and Hida Shokunin Gakusha is an educational institution operated by Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd. ▼Problem proposal
Itazou Factory Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kaori Yoshida
Product development of “table legs” that match beautiful table tops. Use materials produced in Gifu Prefecture.
Can also be combined with materials other than wood.
1. Budget-restricted type: The unit price should be around 30,000 yen + tax. 2. Unlimited budget – I want you to think freely without setting a budget. ▼Examination
The selection will be made by a jury consisting of educational institutions, governments, companies, etc. (Judges will be decided in the future)
* 【Company Profile】*
Company: * Itazou Factory Co., Ltd. *
Location: 88-1 Inari, Mizuho City, Gifu Prefecture
Representative: Kaori Yoshida
Established: 2018
Business content: Woodworking/wooden furniture manufacturing Itazou Factory Co., Ltd. was established on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the group’s parent company, Yamagataya Sangyo Co., Ltd. (*).Itazo Factory Co., Ltd. manufactures and installs custom-made wooden furniture and store fixtures, manufactures single-sheet board products, manufactures building materials and fittings, and OEM products. This is a woodworking and furniture factory that
manufactures etc. *
We also have a single-panel showroom* that boasts the largest floor space in Japan.
Group parent company: * Yamagataya Sangyo Co., Ltd. *
Location: 1-3 Miyamachi, Ginan-cho, Hashima-gun, Gifu Prefecture Representative: Yoshiharu Yoshida
Established: 1918
Business content: Distribution of lumber and construction materials For 100 years since our founding, Yamagataya Sangyo Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to timber. With the mission of “conveying the beauty of wood and making people’s lives more comfortable with wood” in line with the trends of the times, we produce raw wood, lumber, structural materials, interior materials, fixtures, special materials, precious woods, furniture, We provide total wood solutions, offering all things related to wood.
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