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“Starting salary handover” conducted every year since our founding “Emotional bond” that improves empl oyee engagement

[“Starting salary handover” conducted every year since our founding] “Emotional bond” that improves employee engagement

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Press release: May 13, 2024
[“Starting salary handover” conducted every year since our founding] “Emotional bond” that improves employee engagement
*-Implemented on 5/20 (Monday)-Instillation of philosophy and human resource development to achieve 2nd place in the young category and Best Company for 9 consecutive years in the “Ranking of Companies with Great Places to Work”*
Achievement Co., Ltd. (location: Koto-ku, Tokyo; Chairman and President: Hitoshi Aoki), which celebrates its 37th anniversary this year, has continued to hand over a starting salary to new employees since its founding as an opportunity to instill its philosophy. Masu. This year it will be held on Monday, May 20th. The representative will directly hand over the starting salary to each of the 37 new employees.
* ■“Emotional connection” between companies and employees is the key to engagement*
The spread of the new coronavirus has led to a rapid shift to online activities in Japan. Many companies have introduced remote work, and even in fields other than work, social culture has changed to one that emphasizes efficiency, such as online medical examinations and online classes.

Under such circumstances, there are indicators that many companies are paying attention to. This is engagement, which is used in the human resources field to mean “a relationship in which employees and companies come together as one, allowing them to grow and contribute to each other.”

Engagement is different from “loyalty” and “employee satisfaction,” which have traditionally been focused on, and is enhanced by the two-way relationship between employees and companies. It is said that if an organization can have a high level of engagement, the retention rate of human resources will improve, and a company’s productivity and performance can be expected to improve.

There are various initiatives to increase engagement, but the key is for companies to think about each and every employee, and to introduce systems and communicate with them. Although this initiative is the exact opposite of the social culture that emphasizes efficiency, it is a measure that allows for real communication and conveys the warmth of people. In other words, the key to improving engagement is for both companies and employees to connect emotionally.
* ■“Hand delivery of initial salary” from the representative to new employees since the company’s founding period*
Since our company’s founding, we have continued to provide new employees with their starting salary.

Managers and representatives tend to be distant to new employees. By directly handing each employee their first salary, the representative expresses his gratitude and expectations for becoming a member of the company, and provides an opportunity to instill the company’s philosophy in conveying the company’s values.

In April of this year, 37 new employees joined the company. New employees from all over the country will gather together and our representative, Aoki, will hand over their first salaries.
Last year’s situation
Message from CEO Aoki to new employees
* ■ Selected as the best company for 9 consecutive years in the “Great Places to Work” ranking*
Great Place to Work(R) Institute
Ranked 2nd as the best company in the 2024 “Great Companies to Work For (100-999 employees)” ranking sponsored by Japan. Since 2016, we have been selected as the Best Company for nine consecutive years. Furthermore, we have been ranked 2nd in the mid-sized ranking in the “Young (2023)” category within the same ranking.

In the same ranking survey, there are some items in which our company is particularly high compared to the average of other companies.

“The expectations of management/management are clear” (average +30%) “Management members behave in a way that reflects the company’s values ​​and serves as a role model for those around them” (average +26%) “I can count on this company to help me when I need it” (average +21%) “Overall, I would say this is a company that is rewarding to work for” (average +24%)

They empathize with the business objectives and management philosophy advocated by the CEO, are highly motivated to grow, and have good relationships with employees.
Behind this organizational culture is the deep-rooted value of “valuing each and every employee,” which has been cherished by our company’s president since its founding, and increases employee engagement.
* ◆Details of starting salary*
Date and time: Monday, May 20, 2024 10:00-11:00
Location: Achievement Co., Ltd. Tokyo Head Office
19th floor, Ariake Central Tower, 3-7-18 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063

■About Achievement Co., Ltd.
A human resources education consulting company celebrating its 37th year since its establishment. With the slogan “Changing the world through the power of education,” we offer public lectures for working adults and training for companies, as well as conveying purpose-based life planning and business management. More than 490,000 customers have used the service so far, and it has received high praise for its programs specializing in executive education and organizational skills development. In recent years, using the know-how cultivated through adult education, we have expanded the scope of our activities to include school education and children’s education, supporting many organizations, not just companies. Since 2019, we have been supporting “Dream Realization Education Using Original Student Handbooks” for all students at Hanamaki Higashi High School.
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