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Satoyume Co., Ltd. The entire railway line hotel “Satologue” will open on Thursday, May 16, 2024!

Satoyume Co., Ltd.
The entire railway line hotel “Satologue” will open on May 16, 2024 (Thursday)! ~The full details of the restaurant and sauna that tell Okutama’s “village story” will be unveiled for the first time~
Satoyume Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Satoyume”), which supports regional revitalization and business creation throughout the country, and East Japan Railway Company (hereinafter referred to as “JR East”), “Renkei Marugoto Co., Ltd.” is a joint venture company that supports regional revitalization and business creation throughout the country. The restaurant and sauna of Satologue, a core facility of the regional revitalization project “Entire Lineside Hotel” that resembles a hotel, will open on May 16, 2024 (Thursday).
[Image 1:×1771.jpg] “Satologue” is located between Hatonosu Station and Furusato Station on the JR Ome Line, and tells the story of the village, including the history, culture, nature, and lives of the people who live there, through spaces, services, and activities. We are opening this store with the hope that our customers will feel like they are in the area and that this area will become like their “hometown.”
This time, ahead of the accommodation building, the restaurant “TOKIRO” will open, offering railwayside gastronomy (*1) using ingredients from Okutama, and the wood-fired sauna “TOKIRO,” which will connect memories of Okutama’s flourishing forestry industry. FUKISUI”. These were designed by Yasushi Horibe, who is also responsible for projects such as Guntu, a mobile hotel floating in the Seto Inland Sea.
(*1) Gastronomy along the railway line: “Local gastronomy” expresses the local climate, history, and culture through cuisine.
A coined word that expresses the climate, history, and culture of the area along the railway line through cuisine.
●“Satologue” architectural designer Yasushi Horibe
[Image 2:×1812.jpg] Mr. Yasushi Horibe

Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1967. Graduated from the Environmental Design Course, College of Art, University of Tsukuba in 1990. Studied under Yoshihiro Mashiko at Mashiko Atelier from 1991-1994. Established Yasushi Horibe Architectural Design Office in 1994. Received the 18th Yoshioka Prize in 2002 for “Ushiku Gallery.” Received the 2016 Architectural Institute of Japan Award (work) for the Chikurinji Ossuary. 2021 2020 Mainichi Design Award Winner. 2007 – Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design Graduate School. 2022 – Professor at the Open University of Japan.

Mr. Horibe designed “Satologue” based on his belief that “the major role of architecture in the future is to create an environment where we can look at things that are already of value and notice them.” I did. An old wooden house has been renovated into a restaurant, a warehouse on the premises has been renovated and revived as a wood sauna, and clean river water is drawn into the cold bath. With a design that allows you to experience Okutama’s nature with all five senses, we offer an experience where you realize that you are surrounded by treasures that already exist.
Restaurant “TOKIRO”
TOKIRO is a renovated old folk house that has been opened as a restaurant that talks about Okutama’s ‘time’.It has large windows on the garden side to minimize the separation between the outdoors and the indoors, and the restaurant opens out before your eyes. While looking out at the rich nature, you can enjoy “railside gastronomy” using ingredients from Okutama and Ome.
[Image 3:×1771.jpg] “TOKIRO” interior
●Reminisce about life in an old folk house and enjoy the borrowed scenery of Okutama
The design takes advantage of traditional Japanese houses, which are designed for people to live on the floor, and allows them to enjoy the borrowed scenery at eye level. From the counter seats along the window, you can see the Okutama mountains and biotope spreading out in front of you, as well as the clear waters of the Tama River flowing below.
[Image 4:×1771.jpg] counter seat
Following the flow of the Tama River, table seats with chairs and semi-private rooms are arranged on either side of the counter seats, and each space captures a different view of Okutama’s natural scenery. The interior uses woods traditionally used in Japan, such as cedar, cypress, sawara, and chestnut, to create a simple and calm space.
[Image 5:×675.png ]
Semi-private room seating Table seating
[Image 6:×1771.jpg] restaurant exterior
●Gastronomy along the line
At TOKIRO, our chefs focus on the nature and region of Okutama and offer “railway gastronomy” that incorporates the stories of the land into their dishes.
The menu items are prepared using French-based cooking methods, and use plenty of local ingredients such as wasabi grown in the rich waters of the upper reaches of the Tama River, fresh river fish, and locally harvested yuzu. In the future, we plan to use fresh vegetables and mushrooms grown by the chef in the fields on the premises. In addition, we infuse new value into ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away because they cannot be sold locally, such as deer heart, yamame trout with damaged fins or after spawning, and small jisuke potatoes. We offer a food experience that will make you feel nostalgic.
The drinks served at the restaurant include sake made by sake breweries and breweries connected to Ome and Okutama, such as Ozawa Sake Brewery and VERTERE, so you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of the region.
*Menu contents may change depending on the season and availability of ingredients.
[Image 7:×1600.jpg] Gastronomy along the line
“FUKISUI” is a renovated concrete warehouse that has been reborn as a wood-fired sauna that you can hardly experience in the city.It is a sauna that allows you to experience Okutama first-hand and connect with its climate. There is a wood sauna that uses firewood from this area, which has a rich history of forestry, a cold bath that uses water drawn from the river, and an outdoor bath surrounded by greenery. Spend a refreshing moment immersed in Okutama’s climate and connecting with nature in this sauna where you can fully enjoy the wonderful sauna elements found in this area: firewood, water, and air. Consuming local wood in this wood-fired sauna and participating in local forestry operations is one of the reasons why FUKISUI exists.
[Image 8:×1771.jpg] Inside the “FUKISUI” sauna
[Image 9:×678.png ]
Water bath
[Image 10:×679.png ]
Outdoor air bath field Sauna exterior
●After the sauna, enjoy special sauna food in the lounge.
After working up a sweat in the wood-fired sauna and relaxing in the cold water bath and outdoor air bath, we will serve original drinks made with herbs from the garden in the lounge on the first floor of the restaurant. We also offer burgers made with fresh ingredients such as local river fish, which can be added as an option.
The lounge also has a variety of books on the theme of “people’s hometown” selected by “Okutama Bunko,” which is active in Okutama. Please enjoy a relaxing moment while thinking about your connection to the forest, trees, and land.
[Image 11:×679.png ]
1F Lounge Sauna meal: Yamame teriyaki burger
Field walk around the landscape and surrounding natural environment The landscape design on the premises of “Satologue” is handled by Shuichi Yanaga, who specializes in creating gardens that take into account the local vegetation and history. The water supply equipment and fish cages that were functional when the fish farm was in operation have been regenerated, and running water drawn from the river is used. With the cooperation of wasabi farmers in Okutama, we are also creating hand-built wasabi fields, biotopes, and fields. Additionally, together with ecosystem research professionals, we aim to create a unique field so that the Satologue site will become a healthy habitat for Okutama’s flora and fauna.
[Image 12:×1771.jpg ]
[Image 13:×681.png ]
Wasabi field A field where vegetables are grown
●Field walk to experience the natural environment
For customers who have made a reservation for the morning meal, a staff member who lives in the area will show you around the field for 15 minutes from 11:00 a.m. before the meal begins. Experience the nature of Okutama, with plants that grow naturally on the premises, a vegetable garden handmade from compost and grown without pesticides, a wasabi field with clear water, and a biotope that respects the local ecosystem. Offers.
[Image 14:×672.jpg] biotope
Staff who moved to the area and work at “Satologue”
Four young staff members who moved from Tokyo work as storytellers who connect memories of Okutama at “Satologue.”
Chefs Yuta Komagamine and Kazuki Takanami of the restaurant Tokichiro were originally friends from their culinary school days, but they moved to Ome City to participate in this project. Moved to. While learning local cuisine from local people and growing crops in the fields, they are trying to pass on food culture based on the French cooking methods they have gained experience. I am also discovering my role as a chef by making use of ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away in the community and turning them into delicious dishes. Takumi Akiyama and Yukari Suemizu are in charge of service at the restaurant and sauna. Having moved to Okutama, I have long been interested in regional revitalization initiatives, and by leveraging the hospitality I have cultivated at first-class hotels, I will provide guests with a comfortable space full of hospitality and service that will leave a lasting impression on them. .
These four staff members are waiting for you, aiming to create a facility where customers can enjoy not only the taste of the food and communication, but also the stories of the area.
[Image 15:×781.jpg] Satologue staff (from left: Akiyama, Takanami, Komagamine, Suemizu) About the “Opening Reception” held on Monday, May 13th
Prior to the opening of “Satologue”, we held an opening reception on Monday, May 13th, inviting everyone involved.
On the day of the event, we invited local representatives and people involved in the opening of “Satologue” to introduce each facility and have a buffet dinner.
[Image 16:×1600.jpg]
[Image 17:×1600.jpg] ●Comments from guests and company representatives regarding the opening of “Satologue”
・From Toshiaki Osemachi, Mayor of Ome City
We would like to congratulate you on the opening of Satologue, a hotel along the railway line.
Your project aims to revitalize micro-tourism to rediscover the charm of the region, and our city has high expectations for your efforts. Coincidentally, 2024 will also be a milestone year, marking the 130th anniversary of the opening of the Ome Line. We hope that this project will get off the ground safely, that this facility will be connected to the entire Ome Line, and that it will continue to revitalize the region. I wish you continued development from now on.
・From Okutama Town Mayor Nobumasa Morooka
Today, I would like to congratulate you on the opening of the entire railway line hotel, “Satologue”.
I live in the area and have seen this view hundreds of times, but when I look out from here again, it feels like I’m seeing it for the first time, and I’m deeply moved.
By working together with business operators, local residents, and the local government, we hope to continue working to further develop the region. Thank you for your continued support.
・From Hideji Uchida, Executive Officer, Hachioji Branch Manager, East Japan Railway Company
Since naming the line “Tokyo Adventure Line” in 2018, we have been working with the people of the area along the line to revitalize the Ome Line, and in December 2021, we will establish “Lineline Marugoto Co., Ltd.” and celebrate the opening of the first Satologue. I was able to. As in the past, we will work together with people in the area along the railway line to carry out the “Entire Railway Line Hotel Project,” which treats the area along the railway line as a single hotel.We will continue to work together with people in the area along the railway line, so that visitors can feel the appeal of the Tokyo Adventure Line, and at the same time, we will revitalize other local lines. We will continue to work hard to become a model for the future. ・From Shunpei Shimada, Representative Director of Railway Line Marugoto Co., Ltd.
Four years have passed since the idea for a hotel along the entire railway line was born, and the brand Satologue and the tagline “Sato and Tsumugu, Stories.” were born from the accumulation of
interactions and dialogues with residents, businesses, and local governments who care about the region. Was born. We hope that our facilities and services will serve as an opportunity for customers to call the area along the Ome Line their “hometown.” We will continue to work on our business so that we can become a model for this new “Hometown Creation” movement to spread throughout the country. About reservations and facility overview
●About reservations
・Reservation period: May 16, 2024 (Thursday) until the opening of the accommodation building
・How to make a reservation: Please make a reservation from
●Facility overview
“Satologue” Restaurant/Sauna
Location: 1 Tanazawa, Okutama-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo
Transportation: 15 minutes walk from Kori Station on the JR Ome Line / 20 minutes walk from Hatonosu Station on the JR Ome Line
      *Hello Cycle and electric tuk-tuks are available at Hatonosu Station, so you can get to the restaurant while touring the area. Parking: Available *Limited number of spaces available.
Number of seats: Restaurant 22 seats / Sauna Capacity 4 people (restaurant/sauna completely non-smoking) Hours: Restaurant
11:00-15:00 / Sauna 9:00-15:30
Price: Restaurant course 5,500 yen (tax included) + drink not included Sauna weekday use 22,000 yen (tax included) up to 2 people
*Additional 7,700 yen (tax included) for 3 or more people/1 person

                 *Additional 8,800 yen (tax included) / 1 person for 3 or more people
*After the accommodation building opens, the use of the sauna will be limited to guests staying at the hotel, so please take advantage of this opportunity!
Closed days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays (Closed days will change if it is a public holiday)
Contact: 0428-85-8190
[Image 18:×1077.png ]
[Company profile of Marugoto Co., Ltd.]
Satoyume Co., Ltd., which is involved in regional revitalization projects across the country, applied for the “JR East Startup Program 2020” developed by JR East Startup Co., Ltd., and its “Entire Line Hotel” initiative was selected.
After that, together with JR East Startup Co., Ltd., we worked with local governments along the JR Ome Line (Ome City, Okutama Town, Kosuge Village, Tanbayama Village), local residents, and businesses to convert vacant houses scattered along the line into hotel rooms. We worked on developing services for the “Railway Entire Hotel,” a project to revitalize the railway line by renovating it and treating the entire railway line as one hotel, and conducted demonstration experiments from February to April 2021. Since the demonstration experiment received good results and evaluations, we have partnered with Satoyume Co., Ltd. to proactively promote various collaborations in lineside revitalization, including the commercialization of “lineside hotels”. We have established a joint venture with JR East, “Rensen Marugoto Co., Ltd.”
In September 2023, we won two categories at the 7th Japan Tourism Awards, including the highest award, the Minister of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award.
Location: 390 Tanazawa, Okutama-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Shunpei Shimada
Established: December 3, 2021
U R L:
[Satoyume Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Satoyume is an escort-type business production company specializing in regional revitalization, whose corporate identity is “Local Business Incubator – A company that creates business in the region with people as its starting point.” We work with local communities in 40 areas across the country, from planning to business launch and operation. “NIPPONIA Kosuge Genryu no Mura” (Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture) is based on the concept of “a village of 700 people becoming one hotel”, and the “Healing Forest Project” (Shinano, Nagano Prefecture) is a recreation area created through collaboration between local communities and companies. We are working to create a variety of businesses centered on people, such as the town’s own antenna shop and local trading company “Kahokurashi” (Kahoku Town, Yamagata Prefecture).
Address: 801 Villa Apex Ichigaya, 3-4-5 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Shunpei Shimada
Established: April 17, 2012
Business content: Business production specializing in regional revitalization, accompanying consulting
[JR East Company Profile]
JR East will promote the “Railway Area Lifestyle Creation Concept” that “brings out the individuality of the railway lines” in order to realize the “Lifestyle Creation” advocated in the group management vision “Transformation 2027”. Aiming to be a railway line that works hand in hand with local residents, we will shift our business story from “railroad-based” to “people-based” and promote a new growth strategy. By proactively proposing new forms of “travel” and “lifestyle” that customers desire, the Group will work together to create demand and lead to economic revitalization and regional revitalization.
Address: 2-2-2 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director and President Yoichi Ki Established: April 1, 1987
Business: Passenger railway business, travel industry,
distribution/service business, real estate/hotel business, etc. URL:
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