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Marvelous The eve of the 4th anniversary of “Ikki Tousen Extra Burst” service starts!

The eve of the 4th anniversary of “Ikki Tousen Extra Burst” service starts! “Sonsaku Hakufu” (CV: Masumi Asano) appears in a limited edition costume! You can get gorgeous items every day in the “Ikki Tousen EB 4th Anniversary Item Gacha”! !
Marvelous Co., Ltd. (President Suminobu Sato/Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will launch service on May 25, 2024 with the game app “Ikki Tousen” for Android/iOS/PC based on the popular series “Ikki Tousen”. Prior to the 4th anniversary, we will hold a “4th Anniversary Eve Festival” event.
4th anniversary coming soon! Luxury events and campaigns are starting one after another!
Starting today, ahead of the 4th anniversary, the “eve event” and various updates have started in sequence.
It will be a very advantageous period, including commemorative gachas that you can enjoy every day. Please enjoy it♪
[Image 1:×1080.png ]
[Click here for the introduction PV] Get gorgeous items with the eve commemorative login bonus!
[Image 2:×900.png ]
“Ikki Tousen EB 4th Anniversary Item Gacha Ticket” is being held as a daily login bonus!
With that ticket, you can draw the “Ikki Tousen EB 4th Anniversary Item Gacha” which will release luxurious items!
A new limited edition costume “Sonsaku Hakufu” (CV: Masumi Asano) is now available!
[Image 3:×408.png ]
In the “Dreaming Idol General Election Gacha Vol. 1” starting today, a new “[Sparkly Smile♪] Sonsaku Hakufu” (CV: Masumi Asano) will appear. In this gacha, the emission rate of “[Sparkly Smile♪] Sonsaku Hakufu” is higher than other fighters of the same rarity!
▼“Dreaming Idol General Election Gacha Vol.1” period
2024/5/13 (Monday) After maintenance to 2024/5/25 (Sat) 14:00 ▼[Sparkly Smile♪] Sonsaku Hakufu
[Image 4:×1440.png ]
Participate in the event and get the “Event Limited SR Character”! If you participate in the event, you will have a chance to get “[Overflowing Smile] Lu Bu Fengxian”!
Furthermore, the event-specific coin “Contest Coin” can be exchanged for items such as [Event Limited Equipment]! !
[Image 5:×1440.png ]
*Event content and period are subject to change without notice. Please check the announcement for details.
[Official website notice] Popularity voting event underway! Let’s make your favorite fighter number one!
[Image 6:×720.png ]
“Fighter Popularity Vote Tickets” will drop from limited quests and event-limited raid bosses!
Fighters with 3rd place or higher votes will appear as special fighters at a later date!
Original 4-panel comic “Idol Strategy” released!
The latest episode of the annual “4-panel comic” will be sent mainly to “Sun Ce”, “Kou Ming”, and “Lu Bu” who will appear at the event.
[Image 7:×2700.png ]
[Click here for the previous 4 frames]
What is “Ikkitousen Extra Burst”?
“Ikki Tousen Extra Burst” is a game app that allows you to experience the world of the popular series “Ikki Tousen” on your smartphone. “Ikki Tousen” is a beautiful girl fighting manga with the theme of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” written by Yuji Shiozaki that is celebrating its 20th anniversary.
It has been developed in various media such as anime, manga, and games, and “Shin Ikki Tousen” is currently being serialized in “Young King Hours”.
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-Product specifications-
Title: Ikkitousen Extra Burst
Platform: Smartphone (iOS/Android), PC (Windows)
Distribution period: Currently being distributed
Compatible OS: iOS 12.0 or above, 2GB or more memory / Android 6.0 or above, 2GB or more memory / Windows 10, 11 (64-bit)
Rights notation: (C)2021 Yuji Shiozaki/Shonen Gahosha/Shin Ikki Tousen Partners (C)2020 Marvelous Inc.
Official website:
Official Twitter:
[GooglePlay] [DMM GAMES]
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