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Home » Nippon Zeon Co., Ltd. Recruitment for “LNES(R) SL-04” will begin on crowdfunding “Makuake” for a limit ed time from Monday, May 13, 2024

Nippon Zeon Co., Ltd. Recruitment for “LNES(R) SL-04” will begin on crowdfunding “Makuake” for a limit ed time from Monday, May 13, 2024

Nippon Zeon Co., Ltd.
“LNES(R) SL-04” will be available for a limited time on crowdfunding “Makuake” from Monday, May 13, 2024.
98% of Japanese people are “vitamin D deficient” and “sleep time” is at the bottom of the OECD. Could this be due to a lifestyle without sun exposure and excessive UV protection? A groundbreaking mobile device and app that suggests the approximate time for “just the right amount of sunbathing.”
Zeon Corporation (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Tetsuya Toyoshima; hereinafter referred to as Zeon) uses a unique algorithm supervised by Dr. Hideaki Nakajima, Earth System Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies to quantify sunlight, sleep debt, and vitamin D. Under the supervision of experts in the research field, “LNES(R) SL-04”, a device that suggests a guideline for “just the right amount of sunbathing”, will be available on the cloud from Monday, May 13, 2024. We will start recruiting on the funding site “Makuake”.
Crow fan recruitment URL:
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[Image 3:×2000.jpg] ~Summary of this press release~
1. Social background
~Data shows that 98% of people in Japan are deficient in vitamin D due to excessive UV protection*~
(*Reference: ~Sleep time ranked lowest among OECD member countries (according to statistical data released by OECD in 2021)~
Focused on the fact that the solution to two health-related social issues is to soak up the sun (sunbathing)
2. Advantages and disadvantages of exposure to sunlight ~ Vitamin D production, biological rhythm adjustment ~
Exposure to too much sunlight can cause harmful effects such as sunburn, but moderate exposure can help maintain health.
・Expected to be effective in “vitamin D generation”
It is also attracting attention for its positive effects on
bones/muscles, the immune system against infections, and mental care. ・Expected to improve sleep quality through “biological rhythm adjustment” By improving the quality of your sleep, you can expect to recover from physical fatigue, regulate your autonomic nervous system, and recover from brain fatigue.
3. New product release: limited quantity for a limited time
Introducing the device “LNES(R) SL-04” and dedicated app that suggests the “just the right amount of sunbathing” time
It will be sold in limited quantities on the crowdfunding site “Makuake” for a limited time.
This product uses a unique algorithm supervised by the National Institute for Environmental Studies to ensure that your sunbathing time exceeds the recommended upper limit to maintain skin health. In the app, the recommended time for sunbathing, which is planned based on the production time of vitamin D, is displayed as a reference value.
It will be. It is also possible to automatically measure sunlight, which is designed with the assumption that biological rhythms are in order. Each is an indicator
The activities will be logged and a comprehensive score will be proposed as a guideline for daily sunbathing.
4. Experts who participated in the supervision – Supervised by experts in functional medicine such as vitamin D, sleep debt, and algorithms ・Full supervision: Mr. Yozo Saito, author of “Surfers Don’t Have Hay Fever” (Shogakukan)
・Supervised by a sleep expert: Shuichiro Shirakawa, author of “Eliminating the ‘sleep debt’ that shortens your life” (Shodensha) ・Original algorithm supervised by: NHK “Tomorrow Will Change Torisetsu Show” Dr. Hideaki Nakajima, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Product development background| Due to excessive UV protection, Japanese people are noticeably deficient in vitamin D. Lack of sun exposure also accelerates “sleep debt.”
Recently, “vitamin D deficiency” and “sleep debt” among Japanese people have become social issues.
In June 2023, the Jikei University School of Medicine announced that “98% of Japanese people are vitamin D deficient” in modern people, which became a hot topic. Dr. Yozo Saito, a functional medicine specialist who is familiar with vitamin D and supervised this product, points out that the cause of vitamin D deficiency may be due to excessive UV protection. Furthermore, a lack of vitamin D may increase the risk of osteoporosis and osteomalacia, as well as the risk of contracting infectious diseases due to weakened immune function. According to statistical data released by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) in 2021, Japanese people’s sleep time is
It ranks last among the 33 allies. According to Dr. Shuichiro Shirakawa of the Sleep Evaluation Research Institute, the “social jet lag” that occurs during the process of eliminating sleep debt may be caused by not being exposed to sunlight. I am. In addition, according to Professor Hideaki Nakajima of the National Institute for
Environmental Studies, who supervised the unique algorithm for estimating the recommended range of sunbathing time for products, while excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays can be harmful, exposure to UV rays for a certain amount of time can be a means of maintaining health. It is also said to be effective.
Therefore, in the open innovation project “project LNES” produced by Zeon, we focused on the idea that the solution to two health-related social issues is sunbathing (sunbathing), and developed our new core technology, compact design. Using the solar “SOLAR CARD(R)” and digitalization technology in a smartphone app, we have been planning and developing a system that provides total support for our own exposure to the sun.
Overview of new product device “LNES(R) SL-04” and dedicated app “LNES” | Total support for just the right amount of sunbathing Zeon uses the “SOLAR CARD(R)” to quantify sunlight and calculates it using a proprietary algorithm to suggest the perfect amount of time to soak in the sun, and a variety of support functions to help you navigate the best way to sunbathe. We have developed a mobile device “LNES(R) SL-04″* and a dedicated application “LNES”.
*This device suggests a guideline time to support good sunbathing through the linked app, but does not guarantee the effectiveness of sunbathing.
Features of this product (depending on device and app linkage) □Measure the ideal amount of sunbathing time on the spot
□Setting the level of sunbathing experience that suits you
□Log guideline evaluation using three indicators and comprehensive score □ Weather information (weather news) linkage: Notification/alert function □Special regular distribution of sunbathing related information
[Image 4:×1568.jpg] Device “LNES(R) SL-04”
Compact and light. Charm-like design made of leather.
You can carry it around like an accessory by attaching it to your bag. □Product name: LNES(R) SL-04
□Kurafan URL:
□Brand URL:
□Color: 5 colors (black, blue, pink, yellow, beige)
□Size: 145 x 85 x 15mm (approx. 80g)
□Price: 14,850 yen (tax included) scheduled
[Image 5:×2000.jpg] Smartphone app “LNES”
Simple and intuitive to use
Realizes color and screen design.
Mainly used for home/sunbathing measurement/
Three activity logs, forecasts, and articles
■App name: LNES
■Compatible models: iOS
*Android will be supported gradually
[project LNES: produced by Nippon Zeon, LNES(R)SL-04 Distributor: Choso Kobo, Manufacturer: Nippon Zeon]
Home (Score of the day)
[Image 6:×2532.png ]
Activity log (3 indicators: you can see the sunbathing guideline evaluation for one week)
[Image 7:×1624.png ]
[Image 8:×1624.png ]
[Image 9:×1624.png ]
Surprising effects of sunbathing – 1. Production of vitamin D, 2. Maintaining biological rhythm and contributing to improved sleep quality –
*This describes the effects of general sunbathing and is not guaranteed by this device.
1. Risks due to vitamin D deficiency/deficiency
Dr. Yozo Saito, director of the Japan Institute of Functional Medicine, who oversaw the product development, expressed the following opinions regarding the effects of vitamin D deficiency/deficiency. [Impact on bones] Increased risk of fracture. Diseases such as decreased bone density and osteomalacia
It plays an essential role in bone formation, mainly by regulating calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Vitamin D deficiency inhibits calcium absorption, leading to a lack of the materials necessary for bone formation, which can lead to decreased bone density and diseases such as osteomalacia. It is known that the risk of bone fractures is particularly high in older people and people with inadequate intake of vitamin D.
[Effect on muscles] May cause muscle weakness and pain, reducing physical activity ability
It is an important nutrient that also affects muscle function, and is involved in muscle contraction and relaxation, as well as nerve transmission. Vitamin D deficiency can cause muscle weakness and soreness, reducing your ability to be physically active. In addition, adequate accumulation of vitamin D is important, as muscle loss is associated with an increased risk of falls.
[Impact on allergic diseases] May enhance allergic reactions and worsen symptoms of allergic diseases
It also plays an important role in regulating the immune system. In particular, vitamin D deficiency can enhance allergic reactions and worsen symptoms of allergic diseases such as hay fever. Vitamin D is said to have the effect of suppressing allergic reactions by activating T cells and suppressing inflammatory reactions.
[Impact on infectious diseases] Risk of contracting infectious diseases such as influenza
It is known to modulate immune responses and strengthen immune function against infections. Adequate intake of vitamin D is said to be effective in reducing the risk of developing an infectious disease, especially when it comes to infectious diseases such as influenza. Vitamin D is thought to have the function of activating immune cells and suppressing the growth of pathogens.
[Influence on cancer] Also involved in the risk of cancer cell development It is necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system and may also be involved in the risk of developing cancer. Vitamin D deficiency is thought to promote cell proliferation and promote tumor development and progression. On the other hand, appropriate intake of vitamin D is said to have the effect of regulating cell
differentiation and apoptosis, and suppressing the proliferation of cancer cells.
[Effects on the skin] May cause increased skin dryness and
inflammation. Increased risk of diseases such as atopic dermatitis It also has an important effect on skin health. In particular, vitamin D deficiency can cause dry skin and increased inflammation, which is thought to increase the risk of diseases such as atopic dermatitis. Vitamin D is also involved in maintaining the skin’s barrier function and forming the stratum corneum, and plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin.
2. Adjusting the biological rhythm contributes to “improving the quality of sleep.” Expected effects of “improving sleep quality” Sleep expert Dr. Shuichiro Hakukawa, a medical doctor representing the Sleep Evaluation and Research Institute, who supervised this product’s “maintenance of biorhythm”, said that the following effects can be expected by aligning the biorhythm and improving the quality of sleep: Is called.
[Influence on autonomic nervous system] Contributes to stabilizing the autonomic nervous system and improving the feeling of refreshment the next day.
Adjustment of the biological rhythm promotes a decrease in core body temperature during the sleep onset period and promotes sympathetic nervous rest during sleep. Resting the sympathetic nervous system leads to stabilization of the autonomic nervous system the next day, leading to an improved feeling of refreshment.
[Influence on reducing physical fatigue] Promotes repair of damaged cells such as skin and cells
When the biological rhythm is adjusted and deep sleep is induced, the secretion of growth hormone increases. Growth hormone promotes protein synthesis, which promotes the repair of damaged cells such as skin and cells.
[Influence on brain recovery from fatigue] Promotes the excretion of brain waste. Leads to reducing brain fatigue and is also effective in preventing dementia
When your biological rhythm is in order and you are able to get stable sleep for a certain period of time, it promotes the elimination of waste from the brain. It is said that the elimination of brain waste leads to a reduction in brain fatigue and is also effective in preventing dementia.
[Influence on obesity] Also has an appetite suppressing effect. Promotes fat metabolism and prevents obesity
When your biological rhythm is in order and you get enough quality sleep, your appetite will be suppressed. It is also said to have a high possibility of preventing obesity because it promotes fat metabolism.
[Comment from the supervised expert]
[Image 10:×114.png ]
General Supervising Physician/Director of the Japan Institute of Functional Medicine Dr. Yozo Saito, American Certified Functional Medicine Physician
It has been about 15 years since I realized that there is a problem with “tolerance induction” caused by vitamin D deficiency in the severity of hay fever. Its importance is demonstrated by the fact that it is the only vitamin that can be produced in the body through sunbathing. Vitamin D, which can be said to be the basis of
maintaining health based on sunlight exposure, has a variety of effects that may surprise you.
・Books: “Surfers don’t have hay fever” (Shogakukan), “The idea of ​​“functional medicine” that fundamentally cures chronic diseases” (Kobunsha Shinsho), “Keep away diseases! Sunbathing once a day Vitamins that Japanese people don’t know about The Power of D” (Kodansha + α Shinsho), etc. ” (Kodansha + α Shinsho) etc.
・TV appearances: NHK “Gatten!” / Nippon Television “The! World Shocking News” “School Kakumei!” / Fuji Television “Nonstop!” “Hanamaru Daikichi & Chidori no Teppan Itadakimasu!” / TBS Television “Asa-chan!” “The famous doctor’s THE thicket!” “Health capsule! Genki time” “Mr. Hayashi’s first lesson!” “Sakurai Ariyoshi THE evening party” “Vivit” / TV Asahi “Osamu Hayashi’s current situation” Right! Lecture” “Shinichi Mitori Morning Show”
[Image 11:×97.png ]
Supervised by: Representative of the Sleep Evaluation Research Institute Chairman of the Japan Sleep Improvement Association Medical Doctor Shuichiro Hakukawa
Since light bulbs were commercialized about 150 years ago, and we have become able to use abundant light at night, our lives have become more chaotic. Morning sunlight adjusts your body’s rhythm (biological rhythm) and makes you more alert. Exposure to sufficient sunlight during the day increases melatonin secretion at night. Enhancement of melatonin secretion stabilizes sleep and promotes growth hormone secretion. Biological rhythms and sleep are important life phenomena for maintaining health and anti-inflammatory properties. Sunshine is free. Take advantage of the sunlight.
・Books: “How to improve your sleep power Nagaoka Shoten” “Eliminating the sleep debt that shortens your life” Shodensha, etc.
・TV appearances: “NHK Special” / “Asaichi” etc.
[Image 12:×103.png ]
Supervised by Professor Hideaki Nakajima, Earth System Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Our research shows that there is a gap between sunbathing conditions that are favorable for maintaining health and erythema UV rays that pose a risk of sunburn, and we have made it possible to estimate how effective sunbathing can be based on one’s own judgment. . Too much is like not enough… We hope that sunbathing that focuses on this balance will become a principle for maintaining health.
・TV appearances: NHK “Tomorrow Changes Torisetsu Show” / “Asaichi” / “Perspective Issues” / “Jiro Koron”
Company Profile
About Zeon Corporation
Zeon Corporation is a chemical manufacturer founded in 1950. Utilizing C4 and C5 fractions produced from naphtha, we have a wide product lineup that includes elastomer-related products such as synthetic rubber and petroleum resin, as well as high-performance materials such as transparent resins, optical films, and lithium-ion secondary battery materials. I am. Zeon will continue to provide the world with high-quality products created using reliable technology developed independently, and will continue to contribute to the global environment and the prosperity of humanity. ( About the open innovation project “project LNES”
After the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the idea behind this project was to apply Zeon’s new material “carbon nanotubes” in order to create solar power that anyone could easily use. We realized the design solar “SOLAR CARD(R)” without using rare metals for electrodes, which was essential in the research field of plastic solar, and launched the open innovation “project LNES” at the end of 2016, and have been promoting social implementation. I did. This proposal aims to solve major social issues such as health problems by using “SOLAR CARD(R)”, which allows anyone to enjoy the benefits of the sun, and is a company that is a pioneer in creating the next sustainable and well-being era. It’s also a mission. More details about this release: