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Home » GCT Japan announces business partnership with Bisaekspor!

GCT Japan announces business partnership with Bisaekspor!

GCT Japan announces business partnership with Bisaekspor!

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Press release: May 13, 2024
GCT Japan announces business partnership with Bisaekspor!
*We aim to build a trade platform that connects Indonesia and Japan* GCT
Japan and Bisaekspor have announced that they have entered into a business partnership and will develop trading business centered on Japan and Indonesia. This partnership will combine the strengths and resources of both companies, creating synergies and providing new value to the business communities of both countries.

Japan has a wide trade network and provides excellent business infrastructure in the Japanese market. By joining forces, the two companies are expected to streamline product demand and supply and strengthen competitiveness in the market.

Bisaekspor, on the other hand, has Indonesia as its largest trading community with 1.3 million members and suppliers. We also offer a high quality and diverse range of products, with 2000 containers in operation around the world each year.

Through this business alliance, GCT
Japan and Bisaekspor will provide each other’s customers with more choices and ensure product quality and stability of supply. We also plan to focus on building an environmentally sustainable business model and contributing to local communities.

As for future developments, we aim to expand trade in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan and Indonesia, and plan to enter new markets and expand our product categories. We also aim to improve customer satisfaction and achieve sustainable growth through innovative initiatives such as digital technology and logistics optimization. GCT
Through this business partnership, Japan and Bisaekspor pledge to contribute to the global economy by promoting the economic development of both countries and friendly business relations. The two companies aim to achieve further results while deepening their collaboration. For more information and the latest information on the partnership, please visit the official websites and press releases of both companies.

・Company name: GCT JAPAN Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Representative Director Hiroshi Okagawa
・Location: Toranomon 37 Mori Building 11F, 3-5-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
・Business content: Development and operation of services using blockchain metaverse
Providing consulting in Web3 business development
・Corporate site:
・Member Association: Japan Blockchain Association

・About bisaekspor
・Corporate site:
Address: Jl. Gading Serpong Boulevard BVA1, Tangerang, Banten 15810 Email:
TEL: (021) 0819-0177-7977

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