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Home » IVivid Co., Ltd. From the beauty equipment brand LINKA, “Snow Flash”, a light facial device specializing in brightening and firmness/elasticity care, will go on sale on Wednesday, May 15th.

IVivid Co., Ltd. From the beauty equipment brand LINKA, “Snow Flash”, a light facial device specializing in brightening and firmness/elasticity care, will go on sale on Wednesday, May 15th.

iVivid Co., Ltd.
From the beauty equipment brand LINKA, “Snow Flash”, a light facial device specializing in brightening and firmness/elasticity care, will go on sale on May 15th (Wednesday).
“Ultra-fast flash” and “Painless” DPL x NIR 2 types of light for clear snow-white skin*1
iVivid Co., Ltd. (President: Hirooki Abe, location: Koganei City, Tokyo), which is celebrating its 10th anniversary since its
establishment, is proud to announce the launch of the optical facial device “LINKA ( Linka) Snow Flash” will be sold sequentially on the official website and various shopping sites from May 15th (Wednesday).
[Image 1:×1586.jpg] “LINKA Snow Flash” is a brightening*2/firmness and elasticity care light facial device that takes care of skin noise such as dullness and uneven color that impairs the appearance of beautiful skin, and at the same time leads to firm and elastic skin*1.
From the wavelength of light called “IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)” used for hair removal and skin beautification treatments, it narrows down to the wavelength range “DPL (Dye Pulsed Light)” which is said to be particularly effective for removing skin noise. Specialized in brightening function.
Furthermore, by simultaneously irradiating NIR (near infrared rays), which is effective in increasing firmness and elasticity*1, it provides brightening care*2 and leads to plump and even-textured skin. Optical facial devices that use “IPL” are on sale from various manufacturers, but among them, household devices that only use “DPL” are not yet common and are extremely groundbreaking. By combining “DPL” with “NIR”, we can meet the needs of advanced skin care. Product features
1. “DPL” x “NIR” dual filter irradiates only the light necessary for beautiful skin. Achieve perfect snow-white skin*1 with two types of light
LINKA Snow Flash is a dual ray that simultaneously irradiates DPL (500~650nm), a wavelength range used for brightening care*2, and NIR (900~1800nm), a near-infrared wavelength range that helps maintain skin firmness. Equipped with a filter. It leads to clear, firm and elastic skin*1 without skin noise such as dullness or uneven color.
[Image 2:×768.png ]
2. “It’s not hot, so it doesn’t hurt.” Equipped with an
ultra-high-speed flash mode that is both gentle on the skin and highly effective.
In order to work on skin noise, it is necessary to apply strong thermal energy, but applying excessive heat can also cause damage to the skin.
Therefore, LINKA Snow Flash uses a method that repeatedly emits weak light at high speed and accumulates heat. The irradiation speed is ultra-high, making it possible to irradiate a large amount in a short period of time. It exerts a high brightening*2 effect while
suppressing the heat burden on the skin without relying on the strength of energy. The fastest mode (FLASH) allows for
ultra-high-speed rapid fire of more than 10 shots per second. It is also attractive that the number of irradiations is large, so it can be applied evenly to the entire skin.
In addition, irradiation energy is set in 3 stages. By switching to a high-energy mode, it also supports pinpoint spot care.
3 levels of irradiation energy mode
FLASH (ultra high-speed flash mode): Bright care for the entire skin*2, firmness and elasticity care
NORMAL: For medium-range part-specific care.
STRONG: For pinpoint intensive care
3. No omissions and time is shortened. The eye-catching irradiation surface is the largest in the industry and captures the skin in a big way.
Another innovative feature of the Linka Snow Flash is its large circular illumination surface. The irradiation surface is 5.4 square centimeters, the largest*3 in the industry. By covering a large area at once, it not only prevents omissions but also reduces the number of irradiations, which reduces cleaning time.
4.High technology features that take pain and glare into consideration The overheating prevention function keeps the surface temperature at 43℃, reducing concerns about heat and pain.
In addition, consideration is given to the glare that comes with light beauty facial devices. As a light leak prevention function, it is equipped with a touch sensor that prevents irradiation unless the device is in close contact with your skin by at least two-thirds. (*Please use the included blackout glasses when irradiating) 5.The LINKA brand aims to provide easy-to-handle facial beauty devices that meet customer needs.
LINKA Snow Flash is a light beauty facial device that removes hair removal functions and specializes in brightening*2/firmness and elasticity care. Nowadays, there are many models of DPL light facial devices whose list price is close to 100,000 yen, but we have achieved a reasonable price by focusing on simple functions and omitting accessories such as attachments.
This product is easy for customers who have been hesitant to purchase a facial beauty device due to the price to pick it up.
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Product Info
Brand name: LINKA
Product name: LINKA Snow Flash DPL/NIR light beauty device
Sales price: 38,500 yen (tax included)
External dimensions: Approximately 193 x 61 x 54 mm (HxDxW)
Body weight: 252g
Accessories: AC adapter x1, blackout goggles x1, instruction manual (with warranty) x1
Dealers in Japan: LINKA official online shop, Rakuten Market, Amazon, Yahoo Shopping
*Release date may change depending on the store.
Introducing LINKA
LINKA is a home beauty equipment brand created by a beauty salon equipment manufacturer. We offer a lineup of high-quality products at low prices so that you can enjoy salon-like care at home. We offer beauty devices that fit into your daily life and soothe your mind and body, featuring simple functions that can be used in daily life without any burden, and high design that harmonizes with your interior.
Company homepage:
LINKA official online shop:
*1 Even skin texture
*2 By giving firmness to the skin *3 As of February 2024. According to our research (light beauty facial device category)
*Information as of the date of announcement. Please note that the information may differ from the latest information.
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