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Home » Asuene receives international environmental and social certification as a leading company that visualizes CO2 em issions, “B Corp(TM)︎”

Asuene receives international environmental and social certification as a leading company that visualizes CO2 em issions, “B Corp(TM)︎”

Asuene Co., Ltd.
Asuene receives international environmental and social certification as a leading company that visualizes CO2 emissions, “B Corp(TM)︎” -Strengthening global sustainability actions by acquiring
international certification-
Asuene Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Kohei Nishiwada, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is a non-profit organization that transforms the global economy for the benefit of all people, communities, and the earth. TM) has obtained the “B Corporation Certification” (hereinafter referred to as “B Corp Certification”), which is given to companies with high public interest that are considerate of society and the environment. As a “B Corp” certified company providing climate tech SaaS services, we will lead the B Corp movement.
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Background of Asuene’s aim to obtain B Corp certification
Currently, more than 8,000 companies in 162 industries and 95 countries around the world have obtained B Corp certification (as of March 2024). B Corp certification is well known in Europe and the United States, and B Corp certified companies are actively involved in initiatives related to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. We are a climate tech company whose mission is to “create a better world for the next generation.” We provide “ASUENE,” a cloud service that visualizes, reduces, and reports on CO2 emissions with the largest number of companies in Japan*, and “ASUENE ESG,” an ESG evaluation platform that allows companies to visualize ESG management efforts in their supply chains. As a leading climate tech company, we aimed to obtain B Corp certification not only to help companies visualize and reduce their CO2 emissions, but also to accelerate our own sustainable efforts. Asuene will obtain B Corp certification in April 2024, becoming the 41st company in Japan to obtain B Corp certification.
About B Corp
The abbreviation for “B Corporation” is an international certification system for companies with high public interest that are considerate of society and the environment, and is operated by B Lab, a non-profit organization based in Pennsylvania, USA. It is a movement that transforms the global economy through One of the conditions for certification under the certification system is to undergo an evaluation consisting of five areas: governance, employees, community, environment, and customers. A commitment to the interests of all stakeholders, not just shareholders, is required. B Corporation:
About “ASUENE”
[Image 2:×1115.jpg] “ASUENE” is a cloud service for visualizing, reducing, and reporting CO2 emissions that easily supports the complicated calculation of CO2 emissions. We support calculation and visualization of greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions, reduction and carbon offset, and reporting and information disclosure of Scope 1-3* supply chain emissions. -Main features- – Scan invoices, etc. with AI-OCR, reduce customer work hours, easily visualize CO2 – Extensive track record in SX* consulting – Various initiatives (CDP, TCFD/SBT and EMS third-party
certification) reporting support – Product LCA* function enables calculation of CO2 emissions for each product/service – Provides one-stop decarbonization solutions such as CO2 credit offsets and clean electricity procurement – ASUENE service site:
[Image 3:×1115.jpg] “ASUENE ESG” is an ESG evaluation platform that allows you to visualize the ESG (E: Environment, S: Society, G: Governance) management efforts of a company’s supply chain. -Main features- – Highly reliable ESG evaluations for supply chain companies – Reduction of man-hours for ESG evaluations in supply chain procurement – Consulting for disclosure of securities reports – Increase recognition and customer attraction through awards and PR Maximize Asuene ESG service site:
Asuene Company Profile
Company name: ASUENE Co., Ltd. Business: CO2 emissions visualization, reduction, and reporting cloud service “ASUENE” ESG evaluation cloud service “ASUENE ESG” Carbon credit/emissions exchange “Carbon EX” operating capital: 2,526,810,000 Yen (including capital surplus) Representative: Representative Director and CEO Kohei Nishiwada Shareholders: Management, Incubate Fund, Environment and Energy Investment, STRIVE, Pavilion Capital (Singapore Government/Temasek affiliated fund), Salesforce Ventures, SBI Investment, GMO
VenturePartners, Sony Innovation Fund, GLIN Impact Capital, Axiom Asia Private Capital, etc. Founded: October 2019 Address: KDX Toranomon 1-chome Building, 4th floor, WeWork, 1-10-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo URL: / [About recruitment] In order to realize our mission of “creating a better world for the next generation,” we are strengthening recruitment in all directions. Recruitment site: [About the alliance] We are looking for partners who can work with us to develop our services. Collaboration examples: Financial
institutions/regional financial institutions, general/specialized trading companies, consulting, manufacturing, investment funds, etc. Contact:
* No. 1 in domestic adoption: Survey target (CO2 emissions
visualization service, Survey content: Survey on the cumulative number of companies that have introduced CO2 emissions visualization services of each surveyed company, Survey method: Interview survey, Survey target time: As of the end of July 2023, survey conducted by Tokyo Shoko Research Co., Ltd.)
* Scope 1-3: Classifies the scope of CO2 emissions calculation and reporting by businesses as follows:
Scope1: CO2 emissions directly emitted by the company’s business activities Scope 2: Indirect CO2 emissions generated from the use of electricity, heat, and steam supplied by other companies
Scope 3: CO2 emissions from upstream and downstream supply chains related to business activities other than those listed above * SX: Abbreviation for Sustainability Transformation. Efforts by companies to switch to management policies that emphasize
* GHG Protocol: International/global standard for accounting and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions
* LCA: Abbreviation for Life Cycle Assessment. A method to
quantitatively calculate the environmental impact of a product or service throughout its lifecycle, from production to consumption and disposal.
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