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Home » VusionGroup Transforming the grocery business with AI, IoT, cloud & data: VusionGroup publishes implementation example of Westside Market NYC, New York, USA

VusionGroup Transforming the grocery business with AI, IoT, cloud & data: VusionGroup publishes implementation example of Westside Market NYC, New York, USA

Transforming the grocery business with AI, IoT, cloud & data: VusionGroup publishes implementation case study of Westside Market NYC, New York, USA
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VusionGroup (Headquarters: France, Group Chairman and CEO: Thierry Gadou), a global leader in digital solutions for brick-and-mortar retail stores, has published a case study of Westside Market NYC, a grocery retailer in New York, USA.
Westside Market NYC is a retailer with eight stores in New York City, USA. We are a family-run business centered on our commitment to delivering the best products to our valued customers. We offer great managers, a wide range of products, consistently fresh products, and premium quality from our shelves to our catering services.
Automate pricing and operations with VusionGroup’s in-store IoT Westside Market NYC used paper price tags, but chose VusionGroup to automate price adjustments.
“Previously, there was a problem where the product price displayed on the shelf price tag would be a different price when you went to the cash register.Now, the electronic shelf tag is automatically updated in conjunction with the database. “Those problems are completely gone,” said Jason Kang, Westside Market NYC project manager. Additionally, they wanted to improve the work experience for in-store employees and avoid repetitive tasks. This frees up store associates to focus on providing the best customer experience and meeting customer needs.
“The results are easy to see and our customers love our accurate pricing,” said Westside Market NYC Store Manager Michael Bonanza. Innovative solutions to solve key brick-and-mortar retail challenges With the SESimagotag IoT device developed by VusionGroup, Westside Market NYC transformed its stores into digital assets by introducing digital price tags that facilitate price adjustments at the store and chain level through the VusionCloud IoT cloud platform. Deliver detailed product information and activation campaigns through electronic shelf labels, leverage digital agility to run your business, and improve your customers’ shopping experience.
Additionally, Captana uses computer vision and AI to visualize every shelf and product in your store. Real-time shelf monitoring provides data and analytics that not only help stores run efficiently, but also improve top-line revenue and gross margins. In addition, Captana uses AI to ensure fresh produce stays fresh on shelves, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.
Pierre-Marie Laloux, Vice President, North America, VusionGroup Captana, said: “Cameras monitor products and help store employees detect out-of-stock items on shelves early. They help match the planograms created in the merchandising plan with the actual situation in the store. By increasing inventory on the shelves, we reduce out-of-stocks, improve the in-store experience, and improve product freshness, meaning you can actually find what you want when you walk into the store. It is.” Additionally, Engage, part of the retail marketing solution developed by VusionGroup, allows Westside Market NYC to deliver digital campaigns on rails installed in the bakery, cheese and fruit aisles, delivering impactful messages to the shelves. It is now possible. “The Engage rails that we recently introduced are really cool. You can display QR codes, you can display GIFs, you can display animations. Our customers have really liked it and it makes it so much easier to find products. ” said Jason Kang, Westside Market NYC Project Manager. VusionGroup’s solutions leverage the full potential of IoT, cloud, data, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help modernize Westside Market NYC as a service.
“We would recommend this to all retailers, not only because of the benefits it brings to our customers, but also because it saves time for our employees,” concluded Jason Kang, Westside Market NYC Project Manager.
Main achievements
Reduce pricing errors
Reduce time spent updating paper price tags
Optimize employee time and improve customer service quality
Improving the customer experience in-store
Increased inventory on shelves
Introduction case details
SESimagotag solution details
VusionCloud solution details
Captana solution details
Solution details
About VusionGroup
VusionGroup (formerly SES-imagotag) is a global leader in
digitalization solutions for brick-and-mortar stores, serving more than 350 of the world’s largest retail groups in Europe, Asia and North America. The Group develops technologies that positively impact society by enabling sustainable and human-centered commerce. We leverage IoT and data technology to help retailers reimagine their physical stores into efficient, intelligent, connected, and
data-driven assets. Unlock higher economic performance, foster seamless collaboration across the value chain, improve the shopping experience, create better jobs, foster healthy communities, and significantly reduce waste and carbon emissions. Masu.
VusionGroup offers six solution families that leverage the full potential of IoT, cloud, data and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and contribute to the modernization of commerce: SESimagotag (ESL and digital shelving systems), VusionCloud, Captana ( Memory (data analytics), Engage (retail media and in-store
advertising), and PDi digital (logistics and industrial solutions). VusionGroup supports the United Nations Global Compact and received a Platinum Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis in 2023.
VusionGroup is listed in Compartment A of Euronext(TM) Paris and is a member of the SBF120 Index.
Ticker: SESL – ISIN code: FR0010282822 – Reuters: SESL.PA – Bloomberg: SES
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