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Acceria Co., Ltd. Axalia starts providing web security diagnosis and penetration testing services

[Acceria Co., Ltd.] Axalia starts providing web security diagnosis and penetration testing services

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Press release: May 14, 2024
Accelia launches web security diagnosis and penetration testing services *~Investigated by the world’s top level white hacker~*
Accelia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Makino) provides a web content distribution platform for large amounts of data and security services.
Kendo (hereinafter referred to as Accelia) has started providing corporate web security diagnosis and penetration testing services. At Accelia, we have deployed multiple cyber resilience solutions, and we support companies in further improving their resilience.

* [Background] *
Because most cyberattack threats to organizations are related to servers, clients, and networks that contain important information, organizations will continue to be easily targeted by attackers. Additionally, in recent years, many cases have been reported in which not only large companies but also small and medium-sized enterprises are targeted by cyber attacks.
Axelia’s [Web Security Diagnosis] and [Penetration Testing] will allow you to use vulnerability diagnosis and penetration testing with the optimal plan that fits your budget.

* [Points of [Web Security Diagnosis]] *
Click here for the service page:

* Investigate vulnerabilities inherent in web applications * * 1. Extensive diagnosis of the latest vulnerabilities, common vulnerabilities, etc.*
We perform comprehensive diagnosis by combining diagnostic tools and manual diagnosis by diagnostic staff.

* 2. Diagnosed by an experienced security inspector*
  We perform flexible diagnosis according to the characteristics of web applications.

* 3. Send a breaking news if a highly urgent vulnerability is discovered* For high-risk vulnerabilities that require urgent response,
We will send you a bulletin with instructions on how to reproduce and countermeasures within the next business day after discovery.

* 4. Submit a detailed and easy-to-understand report*
Assess the risks of discovered vulnerabilities considering the characteristics of the web application,
Easy-to-understand explanation of vulnerability confirmation procedures, expected impacts, and recommended countermeasures I will explain in detail.

* 5. Plans to choose from*
Plans that comply with guidelines and source code while keeping costs down We even offer a premium plan that includes a thorough diagnosis.

* [Points of [Penetration Test]] *
Click here for the service page:

*Assess the effectiveness and risks of current security measures* * 1. Evaluate the security resistance of systems and
companies/organizations by using cyber attack methods as a virtual enemy*
Security specialists who are well versed in cyber attack methods will deal with your virtual enemy.
Conducting pseudo-attacks to infiltrate specific servers and systems, steal personal information, etc.
  We will verify whether the threat of cyber attacks such as stealing confidential information is realizable.

* 2. It is possible to determine the security measures that are really necessary*
We support the implementation of truly necessary security measures. In the report and debriefing session, vulnerabilities found as a result of the penetration test and operational
We will present the problems and their countermeasures. Also, strengthen security as necessary.
We will propose further improvement measures for this purpose.

* 3. Widely applicable *
Targets of penetration testing range from web systems to internal networks of organizations and IoT devices.
We support a wide range of options such as. Is it possible to attack a protected asset under certain conditions?
It is also possible to verify limited attack scenarios such as . Currently considering penetration testing
If you have any questions about whether this system can be used, please contact us.

* 4. After-sales follow-up service that can be incorporated into countermeasures and strategies*
 Ensure that system and security personnel understand and utilize the test results correctly.
We believe that this is the most important thing, so we have established a system for after-sales follow-up.
I’m here.

* 5. Full support for narrowing down investigation targets*
   Identify security risks with [packet capture type security report] Understanding the current situation will help narrow down the targets for penetration testing.

Packet capture type security report service:

[Web security diagnosis]:
[Penetration test]:

[Click here to download the material]
[Web security diagnosis]:
[Penetration test]:

[Web Security Diagnosis] and [Penetration Test] are services provided by GMO Cyber ​​Security by Ierae, Inc.

◆About GMO Cyber ​​Security by Ierae Co., Ltd.
GMO Cyber ​​Security
by Ierae provides technology and services related to cyber attack countermeasures centered on white hackers who have honed their cybersecurity skills through domestic and international hacking contests and CTFs, with the aim of “bringing the technical
capabilities of the world’s best white hackers closer to you.” A comprehensive cybersecurity company.

◆About Axelia
Company name: Axelia Co., Ltd.
Location: 3rd floor, Kojimachi Building, 3-3-4KDX Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kendo Makino, President and Representative Director Company URL:
Business summary:
Based on over 20 years of experience and knowledge, we provide optimal services to support our customers’ cyber resilience and DX.
●Providing CDN services and related services
We provide services necessary for web distribution, such as CDN services, security measures, and marketing support.
●DX solution business

We build a wide range of system infrastructure to powerfully support our customers’ businesses, from data center housing services to building multi-cloud environments tailored to system needs, to system development using cutting-edge technology to revolutionize business. ●Industrial cyber security business

Security specialists support cybersecurity measures for social infrastructure and industrial infrastructure through test verification using simulated plants, attack/defense demonstrations, investigation and analysis of the latest cyber attack information, etc.
Achievements: – Load balancing distribution for TV Tokyo, Mainichi Broadcasting, and each official website
– Load balancing distribution of Japan Road Traffic Information Center’s “Road Traffic Information Now!!”
– Load balancing distribution for Mouse Computer (MCJ) online sales site – Load balancing distribution of car information mega site “Goo-net”      -Load distribution distribution of JAL Card member site, etc. For inquiries regarding this press release:
 Accelia Co., Ltd.
Service Business Headquarters Sales Department
 TEL: 03-5211-7750
FAX: 03-5211-7751
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