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Home » NEC Topics #Unstoppable Everyday Metaverse Gallery “#Unstoppable Everyday Metaverse” by NEC and popular cr eators will be released for a limited time

NEC Topics #Unstoppable Everyday Metaverse Gallery “#Unstoppable Everyday Metaverse” by NEC and popular cr eators will be released for a limited time

#Unstoppable Everyday Metaverse Gallery “#Unstoppable Everyday Metaverse” by NEC and popular creators will be released for a limited time
As part of the branding campaign #Never Stopping Everyday for young people, NEC will be releasing “#Never Stopping Everyday Metaverse”, which displays illustrations released so far, for a limited time. In addition, limited illustrations by popular creators are distributed as NFTs from links in the Metaverse.
This event will be held for a limited time from May 14, 2024 (Tuesday) to May 31, 2024 (Friday).
[Image 1:×871.png ]
#Unstoppable Everyday Metaverse”
■Overview of “#Unstoppable Everyday Metaverse” “#Unstoppable Everyday Metaverse” is an exhibition event where a number of illustrations that have been sent out as #Unstoppable Everyday Metaverse will be displayed all at once in the metaverse space, and you can enjoy it like a gallery. While enjoying each content while touring the Metaverse, you can also obtain limited edition illustrations created for this event as NFTs. Furthermore, the space and posted
illustrations change depending on the number of people entering the Metaverse, providing the fun that only Metaverse can offer.
1. Experience watching #Unstoppable Daily Content on the Metaverse 2. Participate with friends and create communication opportunities between fans on SNS 3. Limited illustrations drawn by four creators who collaborated with #Unstoppable Daily Life 4. Easy Metaverse experience from a web browser – Event schedule – Event date and time: 5/14 (Tue) 10:00 – 5/31 (Fri) 17:00 Event URL: /proxy-room/8500e67e-17a2-42e3-823d-d53ba9f078f5
To participate in the event, follow the steps below. 1. Please enter “#Unstoppable Everyday Metaverse” from the event URL above and view the gallery. 2. You will be redirected to the survey form from the limited illustration acquisition link provided in the Metaverse. 3. After answering the survey, the URL to obtain the limited illustration will be displayed.
For the latest information on this event, please check the official SNS account. Official X (old Twitter): #Unstoppable daily life (@tomanichi_nec/ Official Instagram: #Unstoppable daily life
“#Unstoppable Everyday Metaverse” is built with Urth Inc.’s V-air. ■About the creators who created the limited illustrations For this event, four creators created a new #unstoppable daily life as limited illustrations.
[Image 2:×2048.jpg] OtoX:
[Image 3:×1773.jpg] Tsukasa Shimada X:
[Image 4:×400.jpg] Tororo Tororo X:
[Image 5: &s3=78149-586-d206912B976975E4E8fd955E8fd955 391E-2000X2000.jpg] Yoshida Natsumi
■NEC’s #unstoppable daily efforts “Don’t stop society. Don’t stop life.” This message that NEC advocates is based on NEC’s purpose and business purpose: “Everyone can fully demonstrate their humanity.” In order to realize a sustainable society, we use the power of technology to enrich the environment and society that form the foundation of our lives, as well as the lives of the people who live there, and continue to connect them to an irreplaceable future. I am. NEC has been expanding communication by developing channels such as X, Instagram, and note as branding aimed at young people under the theme of “#unstoppable daily life.”
This event takes on the challenge of a new form of communication by utilizing the Metaverse and providing an experiential value that changes from the conventional “watch and enjoy” to “wander and enjoy.”
*This is part of our efforts to cultivate “lively,” “good taste,” and “playful” images that were extracted as a result of our brand research as images that lead to our intention to recommend them. (According to Nikkei Research)
■Contact information for this matter NEC Corporate Brand Strategy Department #Unstoppable Daily Affairs E-mail:
More details about this release: