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Home » “Bamboo shoot plentiful Chinjao loin” using plenty of seasonal ingredients, bamboo shoots, is newly released by Nash

“Bamboo shoot plentiful Chinjao loin” using plenty of seasonal ingredients, bamboo shoots, is newly released by Nash

Nash Co., Ltd.
“Bamboo shoot plentiful Chinjao loin” made with plenty of seasonal ingredients, bamboo shoots, is now available from Nash
Make it a habit to eat delicious, fun and healthy meals without getting bored. New menus appear every week
We are pleased to announce that “nosh”, an easy and healthy frozen lunch box that does not require purchasing, cooking, or cleaning up, will be releasing “Chinjao Roast with plenty of bamboo shoots” on May 14th (Tuesday).
Based on the philosophy of “Making society as a whole healthy,” we provide a service that delivers frozen meals to customers with less than 30g of carbohydrates and less than 2.5g of salt, developed by a registered dietitian and a dedicated chef. . Since there is no need to shop, cook, or clean up, it is possible to work remotely and reduce daily housework. Three new menu items will be introduced every week so that users can enjoy their meals without getting bored.
Chinjao loin with plenty of bamboo shoots
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Product features
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A dish made with plenty of bamboo shoots has been completed! The use of three different colors of paprika gives it a vibrant and colorful finish. The special sauce is so rich and well-seasoned that you can’t help but eat it with chopsticks. Mix it well with the ingredients and enjoy! The aroma of oyster sauce tightens the whole thing, giving it a rich flavor.
The side dishes are komatsuna shirasu, radish and almond aemono, and eggplant with ginger soy sauce.
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nutritional value
・Calories 274kcal ・Protein 18.4g ・Carbohydrates 11.4g ・Fat 16.9g ・Salt 2.5g *Nutritional information per piece. *Nutrient values ​​are subject to change due to our company’s circumstances.
nosh’s chef’s commitment
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Our bento boxes are jointly developed by a dedicated chef and a registered dietitian. We put health first by paying attention to sugar and salt content, and we also pay special attention to appearance and taste. We are working every day to develop new products and renew existing products so that our customers can enjoy their eating habits as much as possible. We have chefs from various genres such as Japanese, Chinese, and French, so we are able to provide a wide variety of meals.
What is frozen home delivery meal “nosh”?
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Our company’s philosophy is to “keep society as a whole healthy.” We handle everything from planning, manufacturing, and sales of our products in-house. Preparing healthy meals in our busy lives can be difficult. Under these circumstances, we aim to make “nosh”, which allows easy nutritional management, a “national food” that is always available at home. All products developed by our in-house chef and registered dietitian meet the nutritional value of less than 30g of carbohydrates and less than 2.5g of salt, and with over 60 products at any given time, we offer 3 new items every week to keep you satisfied. I’m putting it in. We started selling “nosh” in 2018. In February 2024, the cumulative number of meals sold exceeded 80 million. We will continue to solve social problems through “meals” and help you live a richer life.
Company Profile
Company name: Nash Co., Ltd. Location: 16F Nakanoshima Mitsui Building, 3-3-3 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka Representative: Representative Director Tomoya Tanaka Established: June 2016 Business details: Nosh manufacturing and sales company URL:
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