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Maikip Co., Ltd. Started full-scale sales of face synthesis AI function “FaceChange” for EC

Maykip Co., Ltd.
Full-scale sales of face synthesis AI function “FaceChange” for EC begins ~The CVR of users is more than 4 times that of non-users.
Approximately 63% of users answered that it was “useful”
Maykip Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shingo Emoto, hereinafter referred to as “Maykip”) has begun full-scale sales of “FaceChange” (patent pending). Users who use FaceChange have a 4.2 times higher purchase rate compared to users who do not use FaceChange, indicating that this service is a feature that is of high interest to users who are considering purchasing products. Proven. Additionally, in a survey of users, approximately 63% of users found FaceChange to be “useful,” confirming the usefulness of this service in apparel e-commerce. FaceChange HP:
[Image 1:] ■“FaceChange” service overview
By replacing the faces of models and staff coordination with the user’s own face, this service clarifies the image when worn and encourages online product purchases. This eliminates the anxiety users have when purchasing clothes online, such as not knowing whether they will suit them or not.
You can easily display a banner on the item details screen by simply inserting the tag provided by our company. This function can also be applied to staff coordination within an EC site. By utilizing the mechanism of the size recommendation engine “unisize”, which was independently developed by Makeip and is expanding its market, users will be able to extract and select coordinated images of body types that are similar to their own. By combining the FaceChange function with coordination images selected by staff members with similar body types to the user, users can enjoy a more familiar and informative trying-on experience on the e-commerce site.
[Conversion image]
[Image 2:×309.png ]
[Image 3:]
[Image 4:] We are currently developing a FaceChange function for not only still images but also videos. We will continue to expand the FaceChange function so that we can provide comfortable apparel EC services for users.
In addition, with the start of full-scale sales, we have added a new function that allows users to freely select model product images to be composited, which was highly requested by users. With this function, users can now freely select and combine the colors and patterns of the products they want to match.
[Image 5:×408.png ]
After clicking the banner, product images linked with FaceChange will be displayed. By pressing “Reselect”, you can freely select the product image for each item posted on the EC.
*For each product, if there is only one image that includes the model’s face, you cannot change the image of the item being worn. *Wearing images without a face photo will not be displayed.
*If you are collaborating with staff coordination, you will be able to select from images of staff coordination using the selected item. Please note that for companies that are already using the size recommendation engine “unisize”, image data linkage is required to use this feature. Please contact your sales representative for details. Eliminate the user anxiety of not knowing if it will suit you, which is unique to apparel e-commerce, and increase purchase rates Data shows that users who use FaceChange have a 4.2 times higher purchase rate compared to users who do not use it, and this service is of interest to users who are considering purchasing products. It was confirmed that this is a high value.
Furthermore, when used in conjunction with the size recommendation engine “unisize”, CVR (*1) increases by 8 times, indicating that image confirmation and size confirmation before purchase are encouraging users to purchase apparel products.
Conversion rate (CVR) is the percentage of website visitors who complete the website’s final outcome, such as making a purchase or making an inquiry.
Approximately 63% of users said that FaceChange’s service was “helpful” We have been conducting a survey of users since mid-April. As a result, 63% of users answered that this service was “helpful before purchasing.”
[User’s voice]
I could imagine myself wearing it and wanted to try other colors. (Female in her 30s)
It was a natural composite image that didn’t look out of place, so it was good to be able to see how it would look when worn. (Female in her 60s)
The image is easy to get excited about, but I felt it would be even better if the body shape could be changed to suit me. (Female in her 40s)
*Survey period is 4/11 to 4/15, 559 responses, survey for first-time users of FaceChange
We have received the opinion that it would be better if the image could be created based on the user’s body shape, and we will continue to use the feedback from apparel e-commerce personnel and users, including collaboration with the size recommendation service “unisize.” We will consider developing additional functions and improving the synthesis quality.
■The future that FaceChange aims for
This service was born out of the desire to provide a user-centered online purchasing experience, precisely because we live in an era where users buy clothes based on what suits them.
In recent years, the development of IT technology has been remarkable, and we are now living in a world where many things that were previously impossible can be achieved.
Apparel e-commerce continues to expand, and in this era where buying clothes online has become a daily routine for many people, we must continue to provide users with a higher quality purchasing experience that always incorporates the latest technology. I think that is important.
In the future, we will continue to consider updates that will include improving compositing accuracy using the latest technology and making this service compatible with videos. Through this service, we will support making apparel EC a more fun and exciting place for more people.
-Makip Co., Ltd. Company Profile-■Company name: Makip Co.,
Ltd.■Representative: Shingo Emoto, Representative Director■Location: 1F NITTO Building, 126 Yarai-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo■URL:■unisize:■Phone number: 03-6265-3465■Inquiries:
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