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Home » Fuji Speedway Hotel “Fuji Speedway Hotel” New attractive summer menu including popular shaved ice and new domestic T-bone steak

Fuji Speedway Hotel “Fuji Speedway Hotel” New attractive summer menu including popular shaved ice and new domestic T-bone steak

Fuji Speedway Hotel
“Fuji Speedway Hotel” New attractive summer menu including popular shaved ice and new domestic T-bone steak
As part of the Hyatt brand “Unbound Collection by Hyatt,” Fuji Speedway Hotel (Oyama Town, Shizuoka Prefecture, General Manager “Genta Yoshikawa” will introduce the charm of summer food in Shizuoka, including the shaved ice that became very popular last summer, a new afternoon tea menu that can be enjoyed while looking at Mt. Fuji, and a new signature menu, T-bone steak. We will introduce a number of new menu items that you can enjoy to the fullest.
[Image 1:×2602.jpg] 3 types of exquisite shaved ice that can only be found at a luxury hotel
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] The TROFEO Lounge, which boasts a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji, will offer three types of shaved ice made with carefully selected ingredients from July 13th (Saturday) to September 16th (Monday). The “Shizuoka Prefecture Matcha and Mt. Fuji Anko Shaved Ice” is inspired by Mt. Fuji, which takes on a majestic appearance in the summer when the foothills turn lush green.It is colored with a rich matcha sauce made with matcha from Marushichi Seicha, and is creamy. It is topped with plenty of condensed milk cream. The bean paste is made with carefully selected azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, and the flavorful “Mt. Fuji bean paste” made from natural water from Mt. Fuji, and comes with chewy shiratama dumplings. You can enjoy the classic taste sublimated with refined ingredients from Shizuoka Prefecture.
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] “Melon Melon Melon” is a shaved ice made with crown melon and earl melon from Shizuoka Prefecture, which are harvested only one melon from each melon tree, and the noble aroma and ripe sweet juice will fill your mouth. Homemade melon syrup and fluffy coconut cream give it an even deeper flavor, and the towering chocolate work creates a luxurious feel.

[Image 4:×1080.jpg] “Izu Citrus & Tropical Fruits” has a refreshing scent of citrus fruits and sweetness of tropical fruits that fills your mouth.It has a resort-like flavor with chunky mango, passion fruit, pineapple, and banana mixed with tropical sauce and cream. This is shaved ice that you can enjoy. This shaved ice is decorated with New Summer Orange sec from Izu, and the orange vitamin color shines in the sunlight, making it photogenic.

Afternoon tea with a fresh combination of peach and herbs
Also at TROFEO Lounge, PEACH, which uses herbs carefully grown by the chef himself to express a new flavor of peach.
&HERB Afternoon Tea will be offered from July 1st (Monday) to September 12th (Thursday).
[Image 5:×2601.jpg] 4 types of peach sweets made with home-grown herbs for a refreshing taste
[Image 6:×1080.jpg] Peach tarte tatin is different from regular apple tarte tatin, and is made using advanced technology to prevent the soft and delicate fruit from falling apart. When you take a bite, it feels like it melts in your mouth, and even when combined with the vanilla cream, it has the refreshing flavor of thyme so that it doesn’t feel heavy. In addition, there is the peach Vacherin, whose mint jelly brings out the delicate sweetness of the white peach mousse, the peach and fig pound cake, which has a unique texture made by candiing hard rosemary, and the scent of lemongrass. We also have a peach compote jelly that is perfect for refreshing.
4 types of innovative savouries that open up new horizons for peaches
[Image 7:×1080.jpg] We offer four types of savory dishes, each made with a rich selection of peaches and ingredients from Shizuoka Prefecture. Among them are a chicken cutlet sandwich made with chutney made with boiled peaches and spices and Fuji Gotendori sandwiched between bagels, a zucchini roll with the concentrated flavor of peaches and shrimp and an exotic taste of dukkah spice, and grilled corn from Shizuoka Prefecture. These include an unusual quiche with chorizo ​​topped with peach salsa, and a cold peach soup with the bright acidity of pink balsamic. In addition, original coffee and Ronnefelt tea that can be ordered as many times as you like include the spicy “Motor Sports Blend” with a ginger base and scent of lemongrass and cinnamon, and the moderately bitter black tea with aromas of rose and mango and a refreshing green tea. Two types of original blends, the “Mt. Fuji Blend,” which has a relaxing aftertaste, are particularly popular.
[Table 5:] A hearty domestic beef T-bone steak that will blow away your summer fatigue.
[Image 8:×2516.jpg] TROFEO Italian, overlooking the sacred Mt. Fuji, offers authentic Italian cuisine in a lively atmosphere of an open kitchen. Starting this summer, we will be introducing a high-performance grill machine and will be introducing a grill menu befitting the trattoria style of sharing large plates with family and friends. The especially recommended “Domestic Beef T-bone Steak Florentine Style” uses rare domestic beef T-bones. Without any extra effort, simply add coarse salt and a generous squeeze of lemon, and enjoy the flavor of the high-quality, tender fillet and sirloin. The summer-only dinner course offers five dishes, each with three types of pasta to choose from and a main dish. This summer vegetable salad, whose bright green color reminds you of the summer forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji, bursts in your mouth with the fresh taste of Shizuoka blueberries and melon fruits, mint and lime ginger dressing. Yaizu’s seared bottle tuna can be enjoyed in three different textures by adjusting the cooking process, and the gazpacho-like finish of yellow paprika and tomato gives it a beautiful color, making it a work of art perfect for hot summer days. The triangular roast domestic beef shoulder is cooked at a low temperature for about three hours and is served with sweet seasonal corn and young corn from Shizuoka Prefecture, and the chef’s original herb oil, balsamic vinegar, and red onion marmalade. It is an exquisite product that energizes your body. These three dishes can also be enjoyed as a course meal during lunch time.
[Image 9:×146.jpg]
[Table 6:] A luxurious dinner course where you can enjoy the taste of summer at the fireside.
[Image 10:×2700.jpg] Robatayaki restaurant “Robata OYAMA” offers summery local dishes. We offer three types of dinner courses that you can enjoy with the ingredients. I will prepare it. The seared bonito bincho charcoal grilled bonito served with all courses has its skin seared directly in front of you with bincho charcoal, creating a fragrant aroma that will whet your appetite. Furthermore, the chef’s original spices, such as garlic pepper, coriander, and pink pepper, bring out the flavor of the bonito that cannot be tasted with soy sauce or wasabi. The charcoal-grilled Ezo abalone that can be enjoyed in the OMIKA and OYAMA courses is served with the seaweed “akamoku”, which is attracting attention as a healthy ingredient, and green onions dressed with bonito flakes as a sauce, giving it a refreshing summery taste. The main dish will be charcoal-grilled specially selected Japanese beef and seasonal vegetables, and the final dish will be 3 pieces of seasonal fish nigiri sushi, including medium fatty tuna made by an experienced sushi chef.

[Image 11:×201.jpg]
[Table 7:] Japanese mojitos to enjoy summer: “Mojito for tea” and “Mojito for eating” BAR 4563 offers personalized cocktails and racing simulations in a hideaway-like atmosphere.
It is popular for being able to enjoy eating and drinking while playing on the tarmac. Two types of cocktails to keep you refreshed during the hot and humid summer.
We will be offering Japanese style mojitos for a limited time only. The “Tea Mojito” made with matcha from Shizuoka and Wasanbon is hot in the summer sun.
This is the perfect soothing drink to soothe your body. The frozen style “Yuzu Gelato Mojito” uses Yuzu.
It is served with a spoon and can be enjoyed like a sorbet.
[Image 12:×198.jpg]
[Table 8:] Executive Chef Jun Ishii was selected as a “Creator of the Fujinokuni Food Capital”
[Image 13:×2700.jpg] Executive chef Jun Ishii was honored by Shizuoka Prefecture in February 2024 as one of the “Fuji no Kuni Food Capital Workers” who contributes to conveying the wonderfulness of Shizuoka Prefecture’s food culture. After gaining experience at a number of foreign hotels, Mr. Ishii found the origins of Shizuoka food at a restaurant near Shizuoka Station. Rediscovering the attractive ingredients grown in Shizuoka’s undulating terrain, he has traveled to visit local producers, and has deepened his bonds with them through his passion. So far, we have collaborated with long-established stores such as Maruko Chojiya’s yam soup, which boasts a 400-year-old tradition, and Shirayaki from Sakuraya, a famous eel restaurant in Mishima City. In addition, we have created Italian dishes that are particular about ingredients produced in Shizuoka Prefecture, such as olive oil from Claire Farm, Amela tomatoes from Oyama Town, and mozzarella from Shichitomi Cheese Factory. Mr. Ishii said, “Shizuoka’s ingredients have their own stories and love put into them.In order to spread the appeal of these ingredients to as many people as possible, we value local specialties and fuse tradition and innovation.” “We will continue to work with local farmers and producers to spread the appeal of Shizuoka’s food from Oyama Town and Gotemba to the world.” . About “Fuji Speedway Hotel”
[Image 14:×2921.jpg] Fuji Speedway Hotel, part of Hyatt’s Unbound Collection by Hyatt brand, is based on the concept of “a fusion of motorsports and hospitality.” It is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, adjacent to the international circuit Fuji Speedway, and features a racing car museum. In this unique environment where stillness and movement coexist, we work together with our customers to create unique stories created through experiences such as motor sports, climbing Mt. Fuji, and wellness experiences.
Hotel overview
Name: Fuji Speedway Hotel (English name: Fuji Speedway Hotel) Address: 645 Omikami, Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka 410-1308 Number of rooms: 120 rooms (115 rooms in the accommodation building, 5 rooms in the villa)
Ancillary facilities: 4 food and beverage facilities, hot spring bath, spa, indoor pool, gym, ballroom, meeting room, etc.
Parking lot: 262 spaces
Opening date: October 7, 2022
Site: Fuji Speedway Hotel
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