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NPO Greens Greens releases “WORK for GOOD”, a job site that changes society through “work”

[NPO Greens] Greens releases “WORK for GOOD”, a job site that changes society through “work”

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Press release: May 14, 2024
Greens releases “WORK for GOOD”, a job site that changes society through “work” * On May 14, 2024, the NPO Greens (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, co-representatives: Nao Suzuki, Shotaro Uehara) will launch the recruitment site “WORK” that changes society through “work”. for
GOOD” has been released. Through the web magazine “,” we will utilize the network of Greens, which has been reporting on efforts to solve social issues for 18 years, to introduce work that leads to the realization of a sustainable society. *


■About “WORK for GOOD”
“WORK for
GOOD is a job posting site where you can utilize your skills to help solve social issues. Through the operation of this site, Greens aims to increase the number of people working to solve social issues and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

We post information and job openings for companies that tackle various social issues such as climate change, mass waste, poverty and inequality, rural depopulation, and social isolation. Users who register as members can receive scouts from companies.

■Characteristics of “WORK for GOOD”
* 1. Introducing only job openings specialized in solving social issues * The site only introduces companies that are engaged in projects that lead to the realization of a sustainable society, after having been screened by Greens.

The categories used to search for companies and job openings have the following themes:

* 2. Companies can scout job seekers they want to hire *
The site also has a scouting function for job seekers who have registered as members. Companies can view information about job seekers who have registered as members, such as “job type,” “skills,” and “interest topics,” and can send scouts to job seekers they are interested in on the site.

* 3. We also provide articles and events to spread the word about working styles that utilize one’s skills to solve social issues* In addition to posting company and job information, we will utilize the reporting and editing skills we have cultivated through the web magazine “” to produce interview articles for listed companies, as well as work on a new series, “Career Theory in Post-Capitalism.” In addition, we will hold joint briefing sessions and talk events while working to spread work styles that help create a sustainable society.

■Background of “WORK for GOOD” release
Since the launch of the web magazine “” in 2006, Greens has introduced efforts to solve social issues both domestically and internationally through more than 7,000 articles. In addition, in 2017, we started the recruitment and career support business “Greens Job”, and have posted job postings for more than 100 companies so far. In addition, we have been operating an online job seeker community.

In recent years, the B Corp (B
The number of companies working on businesses aimed at creating a sustainable society is increasing, with the movement toward the spread of “Corporate Corporation” spreading in Japan as well. At the same time, through Greens activities, we have heard many job seekers say, “I want to do work that is useful to society.”

However, the current situation in Japan is that there are not enough opportunities to match such individuals and companies. Greens Job, a recruitment and career support business, was only able to introduce a limited number of job openings because it specialized in producing interview articles.

Therefore, Greens thought that by introducing more companies and providing a job site with a scouting function, it would be possible to create matches between more companies and job seekers.
for GOOD” has been released.

By creating a flow of human resources involved in social projects through this service, we aim to further accelerate the movement toward realizing a sustainable society.

■Published companies
As of May 14, the following 16 companies are listed. (in no particular order)

Borderless Japan Co., Ltd.
Sankakusha Specified Nonprofit Corporation
Yamachiku Co., Ltd.
Yotohito Co., Ltd.
Regional and Educational Attractiveness Platform, General Incorporated Foundation
omusubi real estate
Yamatowa Co., Ltd.
Shizen Energy Group
Iwami Ginzan Gungendo Group Co., Ltd.
sanu Co., Ltd.
Future Sessions Co., Ltd.
Fermen Station Co., Ltd.

We plan to gradually increase the number of listed companies in the future.

■Event information
“WORK for
To commemorate the release of “GOOD”, a launch event will be held on Monday, May 27, 2024 from 20:00 to 21:30. Atsushi Hayashi (Next Commons Lab / paramita) Yuki Mizobuchi (ovgo / B Market Builder We will hold a talk session with guests from Japan). The moderator will be Shotaro Uehara, co-representative of the NPO Greens.

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■Contact information regarding this matter
For inquiries, please contact us using this form.

■About NPO Greens
NPO Greens is a non-profit organization that aims to create a “happy society full of mutually beneficial connections.”

It is necessary for society in the future to redesign the
relationships between people and between people and nature. To this end, we operate the web magazine “”, the learning and practice space “Greens School”, and the recruitment and career support project “WORK”.
We support “individual transformation and practice” through initiatives such as “for GOOD.”

Official name of the organization: Greens, a specified non-profit organization Established: July 2006 (became an NPO in February 2012)
Representative Director: Nao Suzuki, Shotaro Uehara

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