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Home » Unicase Latest Google model Google Pixel 8a cases and films are now on sale at smartphone accessory specialty store UNiCASE!

Unicase Latest Google model Google Pixel 8a cases and films are now on sale at smartphone accessory specialty store UNiCASE!

Unicase Co., Ltd.
[Latest Google model] Google Pixel 8a cases and films are now on sale at smartphone accessory specialty store UNiCASE!
Unicase Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/Representative Director: Sumirin Chiyokawa), which handles Japan’s largest smartphone accessories specialty store and e-commerce site business, has announced that it will sell products in 2024 to coincide with the release date of Google’s latest model, the Google Pixel 8a. We will start selling cases and protective films compatible with Google Pixel 8a from May 14th (Tuesday).
[Image 1:×450.jpg] Google’s latest model, Google Pixel 8a, was finally released today, May 14, 2024 (Tuesday).
UNiCASE will begin selling compatible accessories starting today. Popular items such as standard clear cases, hard cases,
shock-resistant cases, stylish notebook-type cases, collaboration cases with popular brands, cases with cool designs, and glass protective films are arriving one after another at the UNiCASE online store.
We look forward to using our extensive lineup, including UNiCASE original products that you won’t find anywhere else.
[Google Pixel 8a case] Cross Body Case Duo
[Image 2:×1000.jpg] Brand: UNiCASE
Sales price: ¥5,990 (tax included)
URL: “Cross Body Case Duo” has the convenience of a smartphone shoulder bag that allows you to go out light, and a design that goes well with any fashion.
If you wear it over your shoulder, you won’t have to worry about dropping your smartphone, and the style that leaves both hands free is perfect for when you go out or are raising children.
[Google Pixel 8a case] Classy Scrunchie Case
[Image 3:×1800.jpg] Brand: UNiCASE
Sales price: ¥4,990 (tax included)
URL: An impressive design with a scrunch band.
This smartphone case is perfect for women who are looking for a stylish and functional case.
Not only does it have a cute design, but it is also a convenient case that comes with a mirror and 2 card storage areas, making it useful when you go out.
[Google Pixel 8a case] ZERO HALLIBURTON Hybrid Shockproof Case – Made for Google
[Image 4:×1000.jpg] Brand: ZERO HALLIBURTON
Sales price: ¥7,150 (tax included)
A smartphone case exclusively for Google Pixel 8a is now available from the highly popular collaboration series “Zero Halliburton x Unicase”.
This is a popular polycarbonate back type smartphone case that combines the simple and beautiful design with the look of ZERO HALLIBURTON’s signature attaché case and its durability, making it useful in business situations.
[Google Pixel 8a case] Glass Shell Case
[Image 5:×1000.jpg] Brand: UNiCASE
Sales price: ¥2,990 (tax included) Google Pixel 8a smartphone case “Glass Shell Case” sparkles like a jewel This is a classy and cute case for adults.
List of Google Pixel 8a cases [Google Pixel 8a Film] Glass film “GLASS PREMIUM FILM” full protection Gorilla Glass
[Image 6:×640.jpg] Brand: LEPLUS NEXT
Sales price: ¥2,684 (tax included)
Ultra-hard 10H surface tempered glass made of flexible and strong Gorilla Glass. Comes with an attachment kit Pro that allows you to attach it neatly without slipping.
List of Google Pixel 8a films ┃Many popular brand cases
Why not try changing up your iPhone case to match the trends? UNiCASE carries cases from popular fashion brands and high-end brands. Urban Sophistication, which is very popular with overseas celebrities, luxury leather brand BONAVENTURA from Milan, and MICHAEL KORS, COACH, and Kate Spade New York, which are popular with women. , BURGA, which is a hot topic on SNS, adidas, which is available for both men and women, ZERO HALLIBURTON, which is perfect for businessmen, MAELYS LOUNA, which is tailored to women’s lifestyles, and IROMEKI, which is particular about practicality and functionality. There is also the ever-popular iFace.
Brand special page
┃New products are now arriving!
At UNiCASE, we offer simple clear cases that take advantage of the design of the iPhone itself, items with popular characters such as Disney, iPhone cases from fashionable brands, cute designs for adults, cool smartphone cases, and notebook-type cases that can be used by all genders and generations. , we have a wide range of recommended items. Please feel free to use it.
┃UNICASE concept
“UNICASE” is a smartphone accessory specialty store that carries a wide variety of unique and carefully selected related items so that many customers can enjoy their mobile lives more than ever.
In order to provide related products that perfectly match the stylish and original sensibilities, personalities, and preferences of mobile terminal users such as iPhones, smartphones, and iPads, UNiCASE offers a wide variety of products. We are preparing the lineup.
We will continue to plan and sell products such as “original items that you have never seen before” and “limited items that you cannot find at other stores” based on the concepts of “interesting, original, cute, trendy, and convenient.” I will do it.
We at UNiCASE will continue to provide a space that satisfies everyone with these further services and product lineups.
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Representative Director and President: Sumirin Chiyokawa
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