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SSK Co., Ltd. INAC Kobe wears Braille shirts made in collaboration with Hummel!

[SSK Co., Ltd.] INAC Kobe wears Braille shirts made in collaboration with Hummel!

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Press release: May 14, 2024
INAC Kobe wears Braille shirts made in collaboration with Hummel! *Charity shirt to support local visually impaired people*
Danish sports brand Hummel has announced a braille shirt that will connect with INAC Kobe Leonessa to support visually impaired people in their hometown. The players wore them during warm-ups during the HOME game held on May 2nd.

Kobe Children’s Support Day
2023-24 WE League held at Noevir Stadium Kobe on May 2nd
The 18th match against Chifure AS Elfen Saitama was held by INAC Kobe Leonessa as Kobe Children’s Support Day. Approximately 2,000 students from 20 schools in Kobe City, ranging from kindergartens and nursery schools to junior high schools and support schools, attended and cheered loudly. In addition to enjoying watching a soccer game, the Hyogo Police Department set up a booth outside the stadium, and the participants had the opportunity to experience riding in a police car or motorcycle, interact with a police dog, and participate in an environmental quiz before the game.
Haruka Miyagawa, who is well-known on Radio Kansai’s
“Campione!Leonessa!!”, came to watch the game on this day as well, and introduced the amazing support on the program. “I get goosebumps when I listen to the audio again now. Everyone was saying ‘Leonessa’ and clapping their hands. It was the best cheer of the season. I think the children’s voices were a source of strength for the players as well.” It was introduced on the program.
Although it was during Golden Week, it was held on a weekday. 2,722 people cheered, and Hikaru Kitagawa, who scored his second goal of the day, said, “There must have been around 5,000 people cheering.” I was energized by the continuous support throughout the game. ”, expressing its amazingness.

Braille shirts that give you a sense of unity
The Braille shirt is a charity shirt carried out in collaboration with a club supported by Hummel. Gamba Osaka of the J League, JEF United Ichihara Chiba, Zweigen Kanazawa, and Nagoya Diamond Dolphins of the B League also played, making him the fifth club in INAC Kobe.
The design is an INAC Kobe original that combines the love for women’s soccer with clapping to support the club, whether visible or not. The club mascot character, Raika-chan, was hidden between the palm and the heart, and when I picked up the shirt, Ika-chan happily pointed at me and said, “Raika is here!”
Manami Takase, who learned Braille when she was in elementary school and still remembers it a little, said, “It was a hit with the team, with some players having fun looking for the hidden patterns on the shirts and tracing the Braille.Collaboration with Hummel I was happy to score a goal with Kitagawa (also a Hummel contract player) in the match against Saitama, which I wore as part of the project, and it gave me strength.”
At the post-game ceremony, all players wore Braille shirts. Kitagawa said, “Personally, I like the design, and I’ve heard a lot of comments from the players that it’s cute.Up until last year, I personally participated in Hummel projects like this, but this year, I’ve been participating in Hummel projects as a club. I felt a sense of unity by being able to participate. I was really happy to be able to wear this Braille shirt with everyone at the stadium. I think this is what we call Equipo (meaning team or family in Spanish). He said that the project embodies the club’s aspirations.
We are planning a charity auction for the Braille shirts worn this time, and a portion of the proceeds from general sales will be used to support visually impaired people in our hometown area.

* ■About INAC Kobe Leonessa*
In April 2001, INAC (INternational
Established as a club. The women’s soccer team “Leonessa” was born in November of the same year. Since 2011, they have won three consecutive Nadeshiko League titles, and in 2013, in addition to winning the season triple, they also won the International Women’s Soccer Club Championship. In 2020, the team will celebrate its 20th anniversary, and the emblem will be renewed. 2021-22 season, WE League first champion. In 2024, they will win the Empress’s Cup for the first time in seven tournaments.

* ■About Hummel*
The Danish sports brand Hummel was born in 1923 and developed the world’s first spikes with studs. At the time, soccer players were playing soccer in leather shoes, and by adding studs to the flat soles of their shoes, they dramatically improved their grip, making it possible to play in ways that were previously impossible. The brand name and logo are based on an anecdote about how a bumble bee (hummel in German), which is theoretically unable to fly due to its weight, was able to fly through repeated efforts. After 100 years of history, we are currently “Change
The World Through Sport.”
With the mission of (changing the world through sports), we develop a unique brand story. I continue to take on new challenges.
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