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Senior Job Co., Ltd. Senior job agency/Senior Job Agency has the highest number of interviews in April

Senior Job Co., Ltd.
Senior specialist recruitment agency/Senior Job Agent has the highest number of interviews in April
Responding to the increase in registrations through operational improvements led by the Director of Strategic Human Resources, who was appointed in September last year
Senior Job Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo/Representative Director: Yasue Nakajima), which provides career change support for seniors, has set a record number of first-time interviews for its senior job introduction and staffing service called “Senior Job Agent.” It was announced on May 14 that the number of cases exceeded the previous record high of 643 in February 2023 for the second consecutive month, reaching 758 cases in April 2024.
An increase in the number of interviews scheduled not only means an increase in the number of senior job seekers, but also requires the smooth advance submission of complete application documents, so the customer support team in charge of interview reservations including these Senior Job believes that this is the result of strengthening our system, and we will continue to aim to strengthen our system in line with the increase in the number of senior job seekers.
[Image 1:×675.jpg] The number of interviews scheduled for April 2024 by senior
professional recruitment agency “Senior Job Agent” reached a record high of 758
■About the number of interviews scheduled for April for senior professional recruitment
Senior Job Agent (, a recruitment and staffing service specializing in seniors aged 50 and over, has set up 758 initial interviews for the fiscal year ending April 2024. Reached. This is the highest ever, exceeding the 643 cases in February 2023 and 671 cases in March 2024.
The number of first interviews scheduled for the fiscal year ending April 2024 was 113% compared to the previous month and 219.1% compared to the same month last year.Also, the average number of monthly first interviews scheduled in 2023 was 513.9, compared to 1 The average number of initial interviews scheduled for the month of April was 643.5.
Compared to 2023, the number of interviews set up increased from January to April 2024, with a steady increase of 14.4 points per month compared to the previous month, reaching a record high of 758 in April.
■About the process of registering for senior professional human resources introduction service
When a senior job seeker applies (registers) with a “Senior Job Agent,” which provides recruitment and temporary staffing services for seniors, the Senior Job customer support team will contact them and provide information about the first interview with a career advisor and reservations. , information on submitting documents such as resumes and work history will be provided.
After that, at your scheduled time, a career advisor will conduct an initial interview for 15 to 30 minutes to discuss your background, skills, desired employment conditions, etc., and support for changing jobs and re-employment will begin.
When registering for services for senior job seekers, there are many cases where documents are incomplete or people forget to apply or schedule an interview, and one of the issues was a decline in the interview setting rate.
In September 2023, Ouma Sekioka was appointed as the head of the Strategic Human Resources Headquarters, and as part of organizational reform, he aimed to improve the quality of the customer support team’s operations.As a result, even though the number of applications from senior job seekers increased, the interview setting rate decreased. We succeeded in building a system that can be maintained and improved, and the number of interviews set was the highest ever.
■Regarding operational improvements in senior professional recruitment In order to maintain and improve the interview setting rate, our customer support team aims to keep the lead time from senior job applicant registration to the first interview as short as possible. Under the guidance of Sekioka, head of Strategic Human Resources, the customer support team has implemented the following two measures since January 2024.
Registered job seekers will be contacted by phone the same day. leave a message on answering machine
Previously, we had made the first phone call two days after
registration, and up to that point we had only sent emails, but we have revised the rule to now make phone calls on the same day of registration. As a result, the number of senior job seekers who register, take no action, and forget that they have registered has decreased.
In addition, until now, the effectiveness of leaving a message on an answering machine in order to be contacted smoothly has been questioned, but this may not be due to people being wary of calls from phone numbers they do not see. Based on this hypothesis, I tried leaving a message on the answering machine, and as a result, I was able to get in touch with him more easily.
On the other hand, when we tested whether there was a difference in job seekers’ reactions between toll-free numbers and regular fixed-line numbers, no significant difference emerged.
■Senior Jobs Comments from Hioma Sekioka, Director of Strategic Human Resources Headquarters/Director of Senior Employment Promotion Research Institute
[Image 2:×341.jpg] Senior Job Strategic Human Resources Headquarters/Senior Employment Promotion Research Institute Director Oma Sekioka
Since I joined the senior job as a human resources officer, I have not only focused on recruiting, but also on improving the organization and operations. This is because we believe that by creating an
organization and rules that give form to the voices of individual employees for improvement, each employee will become more actively involved in work, leading to improved efficiency and results. The customer support team, which was the first to support
improvements, had a record high number of interviews scheduled in April, as the proactive opinions of members in their 20s bore fruit. At Senior Job, we are a company that helps seniors find employment by helping young members, including engineers, utilize IT and thoroughly improve efficiency. I think it’s also important to take this perspective.
As the head of the Strategic Human Resources Division, I will continue to strive to develop the company so that employees can play an active role, and as the director of the Senior Employment Promotion Research Institute, I would like to analyze and research the behavior and emotions of seniors who are looking to enter the workforce.
■Comment from Senior Job Representative Director Yasue Nakajima
[Image 3:×605.jpg] Senior Job Representative Director Yasue Nakajima
At Senior Job, we seek and evaluate employees for “an attitude of improvement that seeks and learns ways to perform better than the current situation” and “an attitude of thinking through, following through, focusing on possibilities, and being persistent about results.” . If there is even a 1% chance of improving the current situation, we encourage you to take on the challenge, and even if you fail, we do not care.
These improvements and challenges are behind the record number of interviews scheduled this time. As Senior Job continues to grow the scale of its company and business, it is predicted that the
registration of senior job seekers and the registration of recruiting companies will increase by an order of magnitude compared to the past. . The continued decline in Japan’s declining birthrate and aging population will likely further accelerate this trend. I believe that the improvements and results achieved this time were an important step towards that end.
We will continue to do our best to meet the ever-increasing needs for senior job changes and senior recruitment.
■About “Senior Job Agent”, a senior professional recruitment and staffing agency Senior Job Agent is a recruitment and staffing service provided by Senior Job that specializes in seniors over the age of 50.
The service has been provided for nine years since 2016, and as of April 2024, the number of registered job seekers and companies is approximately 90,000 each.
We are strong in supporting career changes and re-employment for senior professionals and technical engineers, mainly those in their 50s and 60s, such as accounting firms, construction management, cooks, doctors, nurses, medical administration, and automobile mechanics. We provide job introduction services throughout Japan.
If you are a senior looking for a job, or if you are a recruiter at a company looking to hire senior human resources, please register and make inquiries from the site.
If you are a senior looking for a job, click here If you are in charge of recruiting at a company, click here:

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