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Home » KIYO Learning Co., Ltd. Added new function to “AirCourse AI Knowledge”, a generation AI service for corpor ations, that allows you to generate answers using files

KIYO Learning Co., Ltd. Added new function to “AirCourse AI Knowledge”, a generation AI service for corpor ations, that allows you to generate answers using files

KIYO Learning Co., Ltd.
A new function has been added to AirCourse AI Knowledge, a generation AI service for corporations, that allows you to generate answers using files.
~ Comes with a prompt template that allows you to use the “file attachment function” right away ~
KIYO Learning Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takayoshi Ayabe, hereinafter referred to as KIYO Learning) has added a “File Attachment Function” to “AirCourse AI Knowledge”, a generation AI service for corporations, that allows users to generate answers using attached files. ‘ was released today.
We have been receiving requests from many customers for the file attachment function. With this function, anyone can easily use AI generated based on file data without having to enter long and complex prompts (instructions and commands). It supports multiple data formats such as PDF, Word, and PowerPoint, so it can be used for a variety of tasks. For example, you can expect to improve the efficiency of your work by checking the risks of documents that will be made public outside the company, and by summarizing materials with many technical terms and pages to understand the overall picture. Furthermore, we have added more than 25 types of prompt templates that are ideal for the file attachment function, so even those who are not familiar with generation AI can use it immediately.
In addition, at the same time as the release of the file attachment function, U.S. OpenAI announced new GPT models “GPT-4 Turbo
(gpt-4-0125-preview)” and “GPT-3.5 Turbo (gpt-3.5-turbo-0125).” Compatible with As a result, it is now possible to obtain output results based on information up to December 2023. “AirCourse AI Knowledge” generates information from four types of GPT models (GPT-4-32k, GPT-4-8k, GPT-4 Turbo (preview version), GPT-3.5 Turbo) *1 each time you use generated AI. Since you can select the optimal model according to the task, you can use generation AI with good cost performance.
Features of “File Attachment Function”
■Internal and external data can be safely imported
Generally, when using generative AI, it is necessary to be careful about “information leakage due to input data being used for AI learning.” “AirCourse AI Knowledge” uses the GPT model provided by Microsoft’s “Azure OpenAI Service *2”, so file data is not used for AI learning, so even corporate companies can use it with confidence. Available.
■More than 25 types of prompt templates are available, perfect for the file attachment function.
Even those who are not familiar with generation AI can easily use it by simply attaching a file and selecting a template. You can also share your own prompts, so you can put them to practical use in your own business.
[Image 1:×3073.png ]
Examples of how to use the “file attachment function”
1. Check the risks of documents published outside the company You can check whether there are any potential risks or problems in the documents you publish outside your company.
If there are any risks or problems, you can suggest how to revise the text.
[Image 2:×492.png ]
2. Summarize materials related to legal revisions and create materials to share within the company.
You can summarize materials with many technical terms and pages to efficiently understand the overall overview.
In addition to summarizing materials, it is also possible to create outlines of materials to be shared within the company, for example.
[Image 3:×418.png ]
3. Prepare for presentation questions
Load the proposal materials and output the questions that the client might ask. You can improve the quality of your presentation by preparing for questions in advance.
[Image 4:×370.png ]

What is “AirCourse AI Knowledge”?
“AirCourse AI Knowledge” is a generation AI service for corporations released in December 2023. It is designed so that corporate companies can introduce it with confidence, and even employees who are using it for the first time can easily use it in their daily work. In addition, by linking with the knowledge sharing function, you can share original prompts created by your company and knowledge obtained using generated AI within your company. Productivity can be expected to improve if all employees utilize generated AI in their work and share knowledge. ■Site URL:
[Image 5:×997.png ]
Introducing AirCourse content “GPT Utilization Series”
AirCourse *3, an e-learning service for corporations provided by our company, offers the GPT Utilization Series *4, where you can systematically learn basic knowledge for correctly utilizing generative AI and know-how for practical use. I am. You can select and study the course you need from a total of 25 courses: basics (8 courses) and practicals (17 courses). For example, you can combine a basic course to learn how to handle personal information and confidential information with a practical course to create reports and minutes, allowing you to study efficiently in accordance with your own work issues.
Please use it together with “AirCourse AI Knowledge” as educational content for safely utilizing generated AI.
■Site URL:
[Image 6:×189.png ]
[Image 7:×284.png ]

*1: GPT is a natural language processing model provided by OpenAI, Inc. GPT-4 Turbo (gpt-4-0125-preview) and GPT-3.5 Turbo
(gpt-3.5-turbo-0125) will be released by U.S. OpenAI in 2024. This is a new model announced on January 25th (local time). GPT-4-32k and GPT-4-8k are conventional high-performance models.
*2: Open source artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in “Microsoft Azure” provided by Microsoft.
It’s a service.
*3: A separate contract is required to use the e-learning service “AirCourse.” *4: To take this series, a separate contract for the e-learning service “AirCourse Contents Plus” is required.
Is required.
*All screen images are subject to change.
■What is KIYO Learning Co., Ltd.?
Since October 2008, KIYO Learning has been offering the Commuting Course (currently: We have started “Studding”. KIYO Learning Co., Ltd. was established as a corporation in 2010, and has developed a learning system that enables efficient learning on smartphones, enriched video content, expanded the qualification lineup, and improved quality. Furthermore, in 2017, we are promoting the development of services as a platform that innovates education for working adults and companies, such as by rolling out AirCourse, a cloud service for corporate employee education.
More details about this release: