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NISHIUMEDA CANDLE DAYS Executive Committee “NISHIUMEDA CANDLE DAYS” details announced!

“NISHIUMEDA CANDLE DAYS” details announced!
The annual candle night in the Nishi-Umeda area of ​​Osaka will be reborn! ……
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The NISHIUMEDA CANDLE DAYS executive committee (consisting of Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Yoshimoto Building Co., Ltd., Sankei Building Co., Ltd., and Mainichi Shimbun Co., Ltd.) will hold an event on Wednesday, June 5th in the Nishi-Umeda area of ​​Kita Ward, Osaka City. We will be holding a candle night event “NISHIUMEDA CANDLE DAYS” aimed at regional revitalization. There are plenty of attractive contents that will fill the city of Nishi-Umeda with the lights of everyone’s thoughts. Special events will be held throughout the Nishi-Umeda area on this day only, so please come and visit us. ■Event overview / Name: NISHIUMEDA CANDLE DAYS / Date and time: June 5, 2024 (Wednesday) 18:00-22:00 *In case of rain, postponed to the 6th (Thursday) / Location: Nishi-Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka Area (Hilton Plaza East/West, Herbis PLAZA/PLAZA ENT, Breeze Breeze, Mainichi Shimbun, Nishi-Umeda Park, etc.) Organizer: NISHIUMEDA CANDLE DAYS Executive Committee (Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Yoshimoto Building Co., Ltd.) Sankei Building, Mainichi Shimbun Co., Ltd.) Co-sponsored by: Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Co., Ltd.
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・Sponsor: Kameyama Candle House ・Support: Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sports Nippon Shimbun, MBS, FM Osaka ・Candle art production cooperation (planned): Japan Educational Foundation HAL Osaka, Osaka General Design College, Osaka Designer College, Osaka Shoin Women’s University, Doshisha University Student Support Center Registered Organization SAP/Admission: Free ■Contents ・CANDLE JUNE Installation, Light of Thoughts An installation by CANDLE JUNE will be held at Nishi-Umeda Park. We will be holding a “Light of Thoughts” where you can write a message for Noto on a plastic candle cup and participate in the installation. Why not light up your thoughts together? *There is a fee to participate in “Light of Thoughts” (500 yen), and the proceeds will be used to donate to the disaster area. Time: 6/5 (Wed) 18:00-22:00 Location: Nishi Umeda Park
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・Nishiume Andon (Nishiume Andon) An original handmade paperback-shaped andon that originated in Nishi-Umeda and is a modern homage to the ancient Japanese light “andon.” We will have children draw various thoughts on paper bags and display them. Time: 6/5 (Wednesday) 18:00-22:00 Location: Herbis PLAZA B1F Herbis Plaza
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・Candle Corridor (Artist/Student Collaboration) A candle collaboration will be held with nearby vocational students and artists from Kansai. Throughout the area, you can enjoy works that can only be seen on that day. Time: 6/5 (Wednesday) 18:00-22:00 Location: Various locations in the area (Please check the official Instagram for details on participating artists and exhibition locations)
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・During dinner time during the Hilton Plaza Candle Dining period, the seats at participating stores will be lit up with candles. On the day of the event, a campaign will be held in front of Breeze Breeze to give away participatory content “Message Candle.” Date and time: 6/1 (Sat) – 6/5 (Wed) *Dinner time at each participating store (excluding closed days on 6/3) Location: Hilton Plaza Participating store details: Hilton Plaza official website (https://
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・Candle take-out food Under the light of candles, take-out food prepared by the hotel’s chef will be sold for this day only. Date and time: 6/5 (Wednesday) 17:00-21:00 Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka 1F Lobby Lounge side entrance (please refrain from eating and drinking at the venue) Candle Days Mini Concert Presented by Japan Century Symphony Orchestra We will be holding a free concert. Enjoy beautiful harmony. (Flute: Mayuko Nagae, Violin: Hibiki Nakaya, Viola: Takashi Iida, Cello: Danraku Watanabe) Date and time: June 5th (Wednesday) 1.19:30-2.20:30- *Approximately 30 minutes each Location: Hilton Plaza East 1F Atrium
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・Organ Concert A free organ concert will be held at the organ square of Herbis PLAZA. Please enjoy the live music only on this day. (Performance: Yu Kamei) Date and time: 6/5 (Wednesday) 1.19:00~ 2.20:00~ *Each time approximately 30 minutes Location: Herbis PLAZA 1F Organ Square
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・Photography experience that will look great on SNS Let’s take great pictures of candles We will be holding a photography course and trial session where you can take pictures of candles with a Sony mirrorless single-lens camera. We’ll show you how to take photos that you’ll want to brag about on SNS. *Equipment used is available for rent (limited quantity). If you would like to take your images home, please bring an SD card. -Photography course- Date and time: 6/5 (Wednesday) 19:00-19:30 Location: Herbis PLAZA ENT 4F Sony Store How to
participate: Advance reservation
a2OF9000006HZEiMAO&p=Osaka) -Photography experience-Date and time: 6/5 (Wednesday) 18:00-21:00 Location: Herbis PLAZA ENT B1F ground entrance square How to participate: Reception on the day
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・Message candle A participatory content where you write a message on colorful candle glasses and light the candle. Would you like to light up your feelings with a light? Date and time: 6/5 (Wednesday) 18:00-22:00 Location: Breeze Breeze Participation fee: 2 types: 300 yen and 500 yen. *First 500 pieces. Proceeds from sales will be used to donate to disaster-stricken areas.
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・Brise Breeze Candle Shop & Workshop We will be displaying and selling match point’s botanical candles inspired by the “summer garden.” We will also hold workshops. -Candle shop-Date and time: 6/5 (Wednesday) – 6/11 (Tue) 11:00-19:00 *6/5 (Wednesday) only 11:00-21:00 Location: Breeze Breeze 1F Media Court – Work Shop – Date and time: 6/5 (Wednesday) 1.13:30 ~ 2.17:30 ~ *Each time is about 90 minutes Location: Breeze Breeze 1F Media Court Fee: 4,400 yen How to participate: Advance reservation required (http://www
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・Pressed flower gel candle making workshop A cool gel candle making workshop perfect for summer, led by an instructor from the Japan Candle Association. You can easily make cute gel candles in 15 to 20 minutes at a time, so please join us. Date and time: 6/5 (Wednesday) 16:00-21:00 Location: Nishi-Umeda Park Fee: 1,200 yen Participation method: Reception on the day *+300 yen for aroma candles
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・CANDLE PARK MARKET We will be selling handmade candles from LOVE FOR NIPPON, a general incorporated association that continues to support disaster-stricken areas, and CANDLE JUNE’s charity shop. Date and time: 6/5 (Wednesday) 17:00-22:00 Location: Nishi Umeda Park
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・Lights off The lights in the building go out for two hours. The event will be held throughout Nishi-Umeda with the cooperation of many facilities in the venue area. During this time, please turn off the lights and enjoy the darkness of the night and the light of candles. Date and time: 6/5 (Wednesday) 20:00-22:00 Location: Various buildings and facilities near the venue area *Event information will be updated on the official website and official SNS below. ▽Official HP:▽Official We will continue to promote regional revitalization of the Nishi-Umeda area while embodying the idea of ​​”town development in which the city is the leading role.” Please look forward to future developments.
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