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A special feature on popular menus! Nadia magazine vol.12 released

A special feature on popular menus! Nadia magazine vol.12 released
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Press release: May 14, 2024
A special feature on popular menus! Nadia magazine vol.12 released * One Publishing Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo/President: Kensuke Matsui) will publish “Nadia magazine” on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. vol.12” (list price: 990 yen (tax included)) has been released. * * Nadia magazine is Nadia’s official recipe book that features popular recipes from the recipe site Nadia. The 12th edition “Nadia
vol.12” features a special feature on Nadia’s currently very popular theme, “Menu.” In addition to the 5 best Hall of Fame menus, we also introduce new recipes from popular chefs, such as time-saving menus, 2-course menus, and economical menus. Delivered in a 60-page special feature. *
[Definitive edition: Special feature on popular menus! In addition to the BEST 5 Hall of Fame menus, there are also original combination menus created by the editorial department.]
A special feature on the currently very popular “menus” on the recipe site Nadia.
The 5 best Hall of Fame menus that everyone keeps making are RINATY’s “2-course menu of chicken nanban and stir-fried garipepa” and Maino’s rice. Introducing “A balanced Japanese-Chinese menu with fish as the main character,” by Mr. Misato Kyo, and “An easy menu with a one-pan main dish and lentil side dish.” All of the recipes are hearty and highly satisfying.
In addition, Nadia’s recipes are made by combining everyone’s favorite hamburger and other “Hall of Fame main dish” recipes with the perfect side dishes and soups from Nadia’s recipes.
Magazine’s original strongest menu will also be announced. The carefully selected combinations create a well-balanced menu with plenty of vegetables.

[Thematic menus proposed by popular Nadia Artist]
Aya’s “3 dishes in 20 minutes! Super time-saving menu”, RINATY’s “Easy! 2-course menu with tricks”, Natsu’s “One coin with chicken breast! Save 4 We also introduce theme-based menus, such as “Special Menu”. There are also plenty of new recipes.
In addition, 8 Nadia who won the “Menu Grand Prix” on the Nadia website We also introduce a variety of menus prepared by artists. Anyway, this is a menu recipe that you will want to copy right away.

[Introducing the curry and cool sweets you want to eat this season] Check out our special feature on curry and cool sweets that you’ll want to eat this season. “Supreme Curry 7” introduces a rich variety of curries such as butter chicken curry, keema curry, soup curry, and green curry. You can eat this kind of curry at home! ? It’s
surprisingly delicious. We also introduce recipes for sherbet, ice cream, and jelly that you can keep in your refrigerator and enjoy anytime.

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*Nadia magazine vol.12*
Author: Nadia magazine editorial department
Regular price: 990 yen (tax included)
Release date: May 14, 2024 (Tuesday)
Format: A4 size
Electronic version: Yes
One Publishing website:

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