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Sniffout CEO Tsumoto took the stage at an online seminar co-hosted by Lancers Co., Ltd. and GUGA

Sniffout CEO Tsumoto took the stage at an online seminar co-hosted by Lancers Co., Ltd. and GUGA

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Press release: May 14, 2024
Sniffout CEO Tsumoto took the stage at an online seminar co-hosted by Lancers Co., Ltd. and GUGA
*Held on May 16th (Thursday) [Using Generative AI in a New Era] The value of freelancers who utilize Generative AI and the type of human resources that companies should seek*
Snifout Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kai Tsumoto)
I would like to inform you that I will be speaking at the online seminar “[New Era of Freelance] Co-create with Generative AI to make a difference! How to use Generative AI starting today” which will be held on May 16, 2024 (Thursday). This webinar was jointly sponsored by the Generative AI Utilization Promotion Association (GUGA) and Lancers Co., Ltd., and will delve into the techniques and knowledge that will help freelancers stay one step ahead in the market by utilizing the latest generative AI. To do.
Attention to generative AI is increasing day by day, starting with ChatGPT. In this webinar, we will deliver a wide range of information that freelancers and companies employing freelancers should know right now, from market trends in generative AI to specific usage techniques and new job types and ways of working.

The content is open to anyone regardless of their occupation, including writers, designers, and engineers. Understand cutting-edge AI trends, learn specific AI usage methods you can start using right away, and strengthen your competitiveness in the market.

■Seminar overview
Date and time: May 16, 2024 (Thursday) 20:00-21:30
Holding method: Online (ZOOM)
Participation fee: Free
・Kenyu Ozawa (GUGA councilor, Cinematorico founder/COO, AINOW editor-in-chief) ・Shingo Irie (Lancers LLM Lab Manager)
・Umi Tsumoto (Representative Director and CEO of Sniff Out Co., Ltd.) Apply:

■Time table
* “Market sentiment and future of generative AI according to AI experts” * Moderator: Ryo Komura (GUGA Deputy Secretary General)
Speakers: Kensuke Ozawa, Shingo Irie

・Generative AI trends, company implementation status, market size, etc. ・How will it be used and installed in society in the future? ・What kind of human resources will be needed in the future?

* “How can we co-create with AI to become human resources who can provide higher value and realize a fulfilling work style?” * Moderator: Atsushi Wada (freelance)
Speakers: Shingo Irie, Kai Tsumoto
・How to improve work efficiency, learning efficiency, and productivity using generative AI
・Introduction of specific usage examples and AI services
*Webinar content is subject to change without notice. Please note Apply
■Speaker profile
Kensuke Ozawa
GUGA councilor
Cinematorico Founder/COO. Our vision is to “create a society where humans and AI coexist.” AI specialized media operated by DIP Editor-in-chief of AINOW. AI venture
Advisor to Cynthialy, who develops Carnot’s business strategy and generative AI education business. Author of over 1000 articles in the AI ​​field. AI utilization community “SHIFT”
Moderator of “Dip AI Force”, a project to promote the use of generative AI. He is the author of “Textbook for Introduction of Generative AI” (One Publishing).
Shingo Irie
Born in 1982. Born in the Goto Islands, Nagasaki Prefecture. He has developed over 30 products so far, including the online mentoring service “MENTA.” He has also opened a YouTube channel where he talks about his thoughts on service development. In 2020, we transferred the shares of MENTA and joined Lancers Group, and even after joining, we continue to lead the service. July 2023 Generation AI specialized team “Lancers”
With the appointment of the person in charge of LLM Lab, the person in charge of MENTA was replaced. “Lancers LLM
As the person in charge of “Autoron Lab”, he is responsible for the development of “Autoron”, which utilizes generative AI.
Umi Tsumoto
GUGA councilor
Sniff Out Co., Ltd. Representative Director
CEO. Graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School in 2021. While still in school, I worked as a freelance engineer supporting business development and data analysis for multiple startups. After graduating, he joined a venture company as a new graduate. He led the launch and growth of new businesses and became the business manager within one year. In November 2022, he founded Sniffout Co., Ltd., and as a group of engineers specializing in generative AI, he has led more than 30 companies to successfully introduce and develop generative AI.
■Company overview
Snifout Co., Ltd.’s Purpose is * “Building the world with science” * We are a startup made up of a group of scientists and engineers with knowledge of academic research such as AI and human interfaces. We will create global innovation through science and technology, including generative AI.

Company name: Sniffout Co., Ltd.
Address: 6-15-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
     Central Park Tower La Tour Shinjuku Room 701
Established: November 2022
Representative: Kai Tsumoto
Business content: Generative AI development introduction
support/Generative AI human resource development project
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