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Home » Marui Textile Co., Ltd. “From Noto to the world!” Marui Textile movie “Orinase” will be released in Ju ne 2024!

Marui Textile Co., Ltd. “From Noto to the world!” Marui Textile movie “Orinase” will be released in Ju ne 2024!

Marui Textile Co., Ltd.
“From Noto to the world!” Marui Orimono’s movie “Orinase” will be released in June 2024!
Press conference held on May 14th (Tuesday) at Marui Textile Head Office ……
Since 2021, Marui Orimono has been producing commercials every year for job hunters in an attempt to convey the work content of textile manufacturers in an easy-to-understand manner.
This time, in order to make it even easier to understand, we created a 30-minute movie that incorporates the real work details into a story. With the slogan “From Noto to the world!”, we have recreated the entire story of Marui Orimono, which actually transmits textiles from Noto to the world, based on detailed interviews.
[Image 1: &3=664662-452571E664F3B7684F9B17E6267 6D2A6-1920×1080.png]
The movie will be released on commercial TV stations, movie theaters, and YouTube.
We hope you will look forward to our recruitment approach, which is different from traditional methods.
[Movie overview]
●Title: “Weaving”
●General Producer: Tomoyuki Miyamoto
Leg book: iROHA Co., Ltd.
Director: Takuma Ishikawa
●Publication: June 2024
●Broadcasting: YouTube, movie theaters, commercial broadcasting [Appearance]
Yoshida Yoshida / Kaito Sora / Negi Tamena / Takashima Keisuke Hikotaro Shimada / Tokijiro Iguchi / Hinawa Kanayama / Kodai Shima Marui Textile Co., Ltd. Employee
“My dream is to do a job that spreads out into the world!”
Risa Hashimoto, a native of Tokyo, reluctantly joined Marui Textile after finding her first choice at a major manufacturer during job hunting.
“I’ve always liked industrial things, and my hobby is mini 4WD!” Takashi Nishida, a mini 4WD otaku from Noto Town, joined Marui Textile in search of an “excellent local company.”
This is a growth story woven by two people who started working at Marui Orimono, the largest producer of synthetic textiles in Japan, located in Noto, Hokuriku, a major producer of synthetic textiles. I want to do work related to the world! Mr. Hashimoto, who raised his eyebrows, was assigned.Mr. Hashimoto was assigned! ?
[Image 2:×1276.jpg] [Commitment]
All filming was done at the Marui Textile headquarters, as well as in the Noto region, including holiday scenes.
For the shoot that took place in March, everyone commuted over an hour from Kanazawa to Nakanoto every morning.
I want to make it as close to the real thing as possible for job hunters! With this thought in mind
Starting with detailed interviews, we realistically recreated the inside of the factory, meetings, and even the employee cafeteria. [From Tomoyuki Miyamoto, Representative Director and Managing Director of Marui Textile]
Marui Orimono manufactures products ranging from small tea bags to traditional sports and fashion-related products to those related to the space industry.
We are engaged in various businesses.
Approximately 90 years have passed this year, and we are now facing a time of change.
Once again, we would like to talk about the possibilities that textiles have as a material.
We want people to know the meaning and joy of developing and producing textiles at Marui Orimono.
What can you do in Noto?
We tell stories about what we actually do in an easy-to-understand manner. I made this movie with the hope that it would be easy to watch. The two lead actors who are appearing this time are close in age to the job hunters, and there are many
I think the content will resonate with job hunters.
With the development of DX, AI, etc., automation and labor saving are progressing, and more and more features that only humans can perform are becoming available.
I believe that we are entering an era in which society will demand added value. We want to work with you in times like these! I want to grow! I want you to think that
I hope it reaches people.
Our new approach to recruitment. Please take a look.
[Image 3:×476.jpg] \”Weaving” information/
Movie announcement commercial, recruitment commercial will start broadcasting in three prefectures of Hokuriku from May 14th! Also available on YouTube!
Movie preview commercial
Recruitment CM (15 seconds Ver.)
Recruitment CM (30 seconds Ver.)
●Main story
Tokyo…To be released in June at Euro Live (Shibuya)!
Ishikawa Prefecture…Under adjustment
It will be released on YouTube after the movie screening!
*Broadcasting on commercial stations is also being adjusted. ●Home page
“Weaving” site is open!
【Company Profile】
Company name: Marui Textile Co., Ltd.
Location: 15 Kunogibe, Nakanoto-cho, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture Representative: Yoshio Miyamoto, Representative Director and President Established: April 1956
Business details: Manufacture and sales of various textiles, sales and planning production using web services
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