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Kamitsubaki Empty old City “Buffer (English Ver.)” will be released!

[Kamitsubaki] Empty old City “Buffer (English Ver.)” will be released!
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Press release: May 14, 2024
Empty old City “Buffer (English Ver.)” will be released!
This time, the music unit “Empty old City” belonging to KAMITSUBAKI STUDI/ANARCHIC RECORD has released a new song “Buffer
(English Ver.)” will be released on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.  Empty old City is Composer / Producer
A two-person music unit consisting of “Neuron” and “kahoca”. This time, kahoca himself transcribed the song into English, following the worldview depicted by Neuron, and sang it. Please pay attention to the lyrics and listen.

* ■What is Empty old City? *
Empty old City
Formed in 2021, it was born as a music project originating from internet culture.
Creator and Composer/Producer
Neuron, and kahoca, an ennui and transparent singer who plays the role of a storyteller, create a unique world that crosses over with story-like stories, fleeting and beautiful fantastic melodies, and dense electro sounds. An artist with feelings.
A fantastic utopia, a world where technology fuses with society and the natural environment after the collapse of civilization, attracting attention both domestically and internationally.
He is a talented artist who creates a dystopian story theatrically, electronically, and gamified, giving you an alternative feeling of seeing a familiar scene from a different angle = a slipstream experience. At the moment, he does not show his face and is mainly active on the Internet while keeping an eye on live activities. In April 2024, a new chapter will start with the release of digital single “Buffer” from KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO

* ■About the new song “Buffer (English Ver.)”*
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Neuron
Singing/Translation: kahoca

MIX Engineer: NNZN
Mastering Engineer:Takeo Kira (TEAMS Studio)

Illustration: Karae Konya

Movie: kkmfd
* ■“Buffer (English Ver.)” Release schedule*
2024.05.15 (Wednesday) 00:00 Distribution starts on various music services
2024.05.15 (Wednesday) 21:00 “Empty old City” MV released on YouTube ch

* ■Profile*
* Neuron *
Composer/Producer of Empty old City.
In addition to their activities as a unit, they also provide music to external artists.
“White Bouquet” and “From Apocalypse” provided to Kafu,
It was first performed in January 2024 at the one-man live “Kaika”.

X: / neuron_yz
Instagram: / neuron_yz
TikTok: / neuron_yz

Active as the vocalist of Empty old City.
The world view of Empty old City from the previous work “Chronicle A (English Ver.)”
Perform an English translation that follows the same rules.

X: /kahoca_23
Instagram: /kahoca_23

*Empty old City*
A creative label that produces the cutting edge of internet culture together with the next generation of creators, and is developing a new era artist management business. We have created an operating system consisting of management staff who discover and develop artists, and marketing staff who have operating know-how on YouTube and SNS. By collaborating with various creators and artists such as virtual singers, singer-songwriters, composers, videographers, story writers, illustrators, and designers, and by co-creating works with everyone who receives them, we are creating new creative projects. We are taking on the challenge of creating live performances and updating the music experience itself.

Official website:
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