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Home » UNIQLO Co., Ltd. LifeWear “UNIQLO × SWEDEN ATHLETE COLLECTION” with refined functional beauty will be rel eased on Monday, June 3, 2024

UNIQLO Co., Ltd. LifeWear “UNIQLO × SWEDEN ATHLETE COLLECTION” with refined functional beauty will be rel eased on Monday, June 3, 2024

Uniqlo Co., Ltd.
LifeWear “UNIQLO × SWEDEN ATHLETE COLLECTION” with finely honed functional beauty will be released on Monday, June 3, 2024
[Image 1:×444.jpg] UNIQLO will be releasing a special summer 2024 collection “UNIQLO x SWEDEN ATHLETE COLLECTION” jointly developed with top Swedish athletes “UNIQLO Team Sweden” at 9 UNIQLO stores in Japan from June 3rd (Monday).・Sold at online store. Based on the concept of “The High-Performance Simplicity of LifeWear”, LifeWear combines
outstanding functionality and sophisticated style, and can be used seamlessly from sports scenes to around town.
Outstanding functionality for enhanced comfort
“Dry EX” has a sweat-absorbing and quick-drying function, “Ultra Stretch” makes full use of the characteristics of textiles and stretches freely both vertically and horizontally, and “AIRism” has both a comfortable feel and a sweat-wicking and quick-drying function. We make full use of UNIQLO’s signature high-performance materials, including UV protection, which blocks UV rays and is also used in the official wear of the Swedish national team. Monitor tests were conducted at the UNIQLO Ariake Headquarters’ Clothing Basic Research Laboratory/Lab (artificial climate room), which recreated the temperature and humidity of summer, and mesh materials and ventilation holes were effectively placed in locations where sweating is most likely to occur. , further increasing comfort. All items have a reflective logo to show that they are authentic athlete-specific clothing. *Functions vary depending on the item.
Sophisticated style that blends into the gorgeous cityscape
The calming navy coloring, the silhouette that fits the body, the stand-up collar that makes your neck look beautiful, and the bonded hem of the pants that bond the fabric together without sewing are simple, but every detail is reminiscent of an athlete. A design that reflects your voice brings finely honed functional beauty to everyone’s daily life.
Release date: Monday, June 3, 2024
Sales stores: UNIQLO TOKYO, UNIQLO Harajuku store, UNIQLO Kichijoji store, UNIQLO Okachimachi store, UNIQLO Ginza store, UNIQLO Nagoya store, UNIQLO OSAKA, UNIQLO SHINSAIBASHI, UNIQLO Tenjin store, online store
■UNIQLO × SWEDEN ATHLETE COLLECTION special site ■Product lineup WOMEN 3 items/MEN 5 items (8 items in total)
[Image 2:×341.jpg] WOMEN Dry EX French Sleeve T-shirt 1,990 yen (2 colors available) A high-performance T-shirt with sweat-absorbing, quick-drying, antibacterial and deodorizing properties, now available in French sleeves. The back is meshed to increase breathability.
WOMEN Ultra Stretch Drys Coat 3,990 yen (2 colors available) Stretch material allows for easy movement and comfort. The back has beautiful thick pleats.
The inner leggings have a dry function that makes them easy to dry, and convenient pockets on the left and right sides.
[Image 3:×341.jpg] MEN / WOMEN Dry EX UV cut half zip T-shirt 2,990 yen (2 colors available) A utility T-shirt born from golf wear provided to players.
Made of comfortable mesh material that dries sweat quickly. Comes with a UV cut function that won’t defeat the summer sun.
MEN Ultra Stretch Dry Shorts 2,990 yen (2 colors available)
Light shorts made of stretch material. Mesh material is used in the waist area, which tends to sweat. There is a convenient key pocket inside the pocket. unisex.
[Image 4:×342.jpg] MEN Ultra Stretch Dry Jacket ¥4,990 (2 colors available)
High-performance clothing that is easy to move in and dry. The underarms and back are made of comfortable mesh material that won’t get stuffy. Highly stretchable rubber is used around the neck and sleeves. unisex.
[Image 5:×340.jpg] MEN Dry EX crew neck T-shirt 1,990 yen (2 colors available)
An active T-shirt that keeps you comfortable with sweat-wicking, quick-drying and antibacterial and deodorizing functions. The back, underarms, and chest area, which tend to sweat, are made of mesh material. The color line around the neck is an accent.
MEN Ultra Stretch Dry Pants 3,990 yen (2 colors available)
Comfortable with dry function and mesh material at the waist. The material stretches 360 degrees for easy movement.
Firm texture and stylish silhouette. unisex.
*All items are made from recycled polyester material. *The mixing rate varies depending on the product. Please refer to the price tag attached to the product, the quality label, and the “Product Overview” section on the online site.
■About UNIQLO Team Sweden
The team consists of a total of nine athletes, including eight top athletes, including those who have been scheduled to participate in the tournament, and one legend who has achieved brilliant results in world championships in the past. Our role is to spread the word about the partnership and initiatives between UNIQLO and the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic Committee.
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