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UNIQLO Co., Ltd. The High-Performance Simplicity of LifeWear, evolved based on the voices of athletes, provides official wear for the Swedish national team for the summer games

Uniqlo Co., Ltd.
The High-Performance Simplicity of LifeWear, evolved based on the voices of athletes, provides official wear for the Swedish national team for the summer games
UNIQLO’s first use of chemically recycled materials developed from recycled clothing
UNIQLO will provide the official clothing worn by the Swedish national team at the global sports competition scheduled to be held in France in 2024. Based on the concept of “The High-Performance Simplicity of LifeWear” at this competition, we developed LifeWear with a simple, beautiful, and sophisticated design that blends in with the glamorous streets of Paris. Based on athlete feedback, we have improved the materials and fitting to provide even more comfortable clothing than in past competitions. We also took on the challenge of using new recycled materials, and for the first time at Uniqlo, we chemically recycled some of the Uniqlo products (high polyester blend materials) collected at our stores and used them in 16 items of official wear*. *The areas where recycled materials are used and the mixing ratio vary depending on each item.
[Image 1:×525.jpg] UNIQLO Team Sweden wearing official wear
The new LifeWear, which pursues “quality,” “innovation,” and “sustainability,” which are the core of UNIQLO’s partnership with the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic Committee, which is now in its fifth year, will powerfully inspire athletes on the big stage of
competition. Of course, it was developed to help the athletes feel comfortable in all situations other than competition. The simple and minimalist design is combined with a navy-based coloring that incorporates tonal colors of blue and yellow with the motif of the Swedish flag, giving it a calm urban feel that blends in even when you step out from the competition venue into the streets of Paris. It gives a great impression.
■Official wear of the Swedish national team
The LifeWear collection is suitable for all occasions during the Games, including ceremonies, traveling by plane, training, responding to interviews, and spending time in the Olympic Village.
[Image 2:×359.jpg] Tournament competition wear (13 competitions) *:
Golf, badminton, table tennis, tennis, canoeing, rowing, sailing, archery, shooting, skateboarding, breakdancing, swimming, beach volleyball
The following are para-competition wear (6 sports) *: badminton, table tennis, wheelchair tennis, canoeing, rowing, swimming *As of May 14th
[Image 3:×368.jpg]
Special site: ■Quality
Utilizing UNIQLO’s signature high-performance materials
[Image 4:×252.jpg] “Dry EX” sweat-absorbing and quick-drying function that allows you to stay comfortable during exercise or casual summer scenes, and “Ultra Stretch” that makes full use of the characteristics of the fabric to freely stretch both vertically and horizontally, providing a comfortable texture and sweat protection. We make full use* of UNIQLO’s signature high-performance materials, such as AIRism, which has the ability to dry quickly, and UV Protection, which blocks UV rays just by wearing it. *Functions vary depending on the item. The “Dry EX T-shirt” for training has antibacterial and deodorizing functions in addition to the sweat-absorbing and quick-drying functions of Dry EX. By changing the knitting fabric (mapping) to create a mesh knitting, we have achieved a smoother feel against the skin, and by using different mesh densities, we have achieved high breathability.
Innovative development through collaboration with external
organizations and partner companies
Monitor tests were conducted at the UNIQLO Ariake Headquarters’ Clothing Basic Research Laboratory/Lab (artificial climate room), which recreates the temperature and humidity of a Parisian summer. We investigated how sticky the product feels. Mesh material and ventilation holes are added along areas that are prone to
perspiration, further increasing the comfort of the garment. In addition, the voices of athletes are reflected in every detail of the design, such as a silhouette that fits the body appropriately without restricting movement, a stand-up collar that makes the neck look beautiful, and pants hems that are bonded to bond the fabric together without sewing. We create high-quality clothing that is recognized by athletes. The sneakers have undergone repeated monitoring tests in collaboration with specialized research institutes, and have been made to be comfortable to wear with excellent breathability, cushioning, and stability.
[Image 5:×289.jpg] The “Presentation 3D Knit Jacket” for the opening and closing ceremonies uses WHOLEGARMENT(R) technology, which makes it possible to knit a single thread three-dimensionally and seamlessly, to create a beautiful silhouette and ease of movement. The underarms, chest, and upper back areas, which tend to sweat, are knitted with a more breathable knit that allows sweat and heat to escape, keeping you comfortable. The zipper pull has a universal design that makes it easy to pull up and down with your fingers.
* WHOLEGARMENT (R) is a registered trademark of Shima Seiki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
[Image 6:×338.jpg] ■Sustainability
Approximately 50% recycled materials used
We actively incorporate recycled materials such as recycled nylon material made from yarn discarded during the factory manufacturing process and recycled polyester material. The proportion of recycled materials in the total materials used in this year’s official wear has increased from approximately 33% at the Tokyo Games to approximately 50%, and the Fast Retailing Group’s goal of We are leading efforts to achieve the goal of “switching % of the total carbon footprint to recycled materials and other materials with low greenhouse gas emissions.” Additionally, approximately 98% of newly developed items are made from recycled materials.
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 50% using raw materials as main materials
By narrowing down the items offered in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we were able to reduce the quantity provided by approximately 20% compared to the Tokyo Games. In addition, by using approximately 50% recycled materials, greenhouse gas emissions related to the main raw materials of the clothing were reduced by
approximately 50%* compared to the clothing provided at the Tokyo Games. A passion for sustainability on both Uniqlo’s and Sweden’s part is the driving force behind these improvements.
*Calculated using information registered in industry databases. For the first time at Uniqlo, 16 items are made from chemically recycled materials made from clothing collected at stores.
Some UNIQLO products (high polyester blend material) collected at UNIQLO stores were chemically recycled and used in 16 official wear items, including sweatshirts and T-shirts. This is UNIQLO’s first initiative to use products submitted by customers as raw materials and chemically recycle them into new products. This time, we made 5,400 pieces of clothing in this way. *The areas where recycled materials are used and the mixing ratio vary depending on each item.
[Image 7:×578.jpg] Tested for durability
UNIQLO has established its own evaluation indicators and conducts quality control in order to pursue the perfection of its products from a comprehensive perspective. Some of the provided clothing, such as inner T-shirts, long tights, and training pants, were washed 30 to 60 times by an external testing organization in accordance with the international standard ISO 6330*. It was evaluated that there was almost no change in appearance and there was no fraying of the stitching.
*Washing conditions vary depending on the item.
Reduce plastic bags used during shipping
The Fast Retailing Group is working to reduce the amount of plastic bags used to package manufactured products before they are delivered to customers. In response to complaints from athletes at past tournaments that there may be too much packaging, we plan to reduce the amount of plastic bags used when shipping official wear to Sweden by approximately 40%* compared to normal shipping. We worked with production and warehouse personnel, logistics companies, and others to find a delivery method that would reduce the amount of plastic bags used while maintaining quality.
*In-house research.
■Comment from Tadashi Yanai, Chairman and President of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. “I am always impressed by the success of Swedish athletes wearing UNIQLO clothing.I am very happy to be able to support the Swedish athletes through LifeWear at the 2024 Games.UNIQLO is proud of its beautiful, simple design and modern We have learned a lot from the Swedish culture, which respects the traditional lifestyle, and from the Swedish athletes, and are developing innovative collections. Together with the athletes, we will contribute to the realization of a better society through sports and clothing. .”
■Comment from Asa Edlund Jonsson, Secretary General of the Swedish Olympic Committee
[Image 8:×159.jpg] “We are grateful to UNIQLO for creating clothing of an even higher level from Tokyo and Beijing.We carefully listened to the opinions of associations and athletes, and set many standards such as design, quality, fit, functionality, and sustainability. Everyone involved really likes it.”
■Comment from Bo Skold, Secretary General of the Swedish Paralympic Committee
[Image 9:×157.jpg] “We are very happy to be able to unveil the official clothing for the Paris Games, which we have spent a long time developing together with the athletes. We look forward to seeing the athletes wearing Uniqlo clothing perform at their best at the Games.” We hope to use the LifeWear spirit of improving people’s lives and society through the Games and the power of sports to help people lead more active and healthy lifestyles.”
■About “UNIQLO Team Sweden”
UNIQLO Team Sweden, formed for the 2024 Summer Games, is made up of a total of nine members, including eight top athletes, including those who have been scheduled to participate in the tournament, and one legend who has achieved brilliant results at world championships in the past. Our role is to spread the word about the partnership and initiatives between UNIQLO and the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic Committee. We also plan to participate in the UNIQLO Dream Project, a sports event for young people and children that UNIQLO holds in Sweden.
[Image 10:×401.jpg] “UNIQLO Team Sweden” profile
[Image 11:×799.jpg]
[Image 12:×447.jpg] Player’s comments
SOC Truls Moregord/Table Tennis
[Image 13:×211.jpg] “I love the comfort and sophisticated design of Uniqlo clothing. I can’t wait to wear them to the competition. I want to do my best and aim for the podium.”
SOC Lovisa Karlsson/Sailing
[Image 14:×204.jpg] “UNIQLO’s clothing brings out the best in our players, so it’s very reassuring. I want to do my best for Sweden and show my best performance.”
SPC Emile Anderson/Table Tennis
[Image 15:×205.jpg] “It has been a lot of fun collaborating with UNIQLO on clothing development and other areas. I am honored to be able to participate in the tournament as a member of UNIQLO Team Sweden. I look forward to the tournament.”
History of providing official wear for the Swedish national team In January 2019, UNIQLO became the main partner and official closing partner of the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic Team. The agreement will continue until the Olympic and Paralympic Games scheduled to be held in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy in 2026. In addition, in collaboration with both committees, we are promoting the “UNIQLO Dream Project” in Sweden, which provides a place for young people and children to learn about sports, learn about active and healthy lifestyles, and experience them together with top athletes. As of April 2024, approximately 50,045 children have participated. Together with both committees, we will promote activities that bring the power of clothing and sports to people around the world.
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