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Talk event by Katsunori Fujii Light of hope in reading and talk

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[Talk event by Katsunori Fujii] Light of hope in reading and talk ……
Talk event will be held on May 16th (Thursday). Aligning the perspectives of our hearts in the town of books. Aligning the perspectives of our hearts in the town of books. We will be holding the 9th “Light of Hope in Readings and Talks.”
[Image 1:×2723.jpg] In April of this year, the poetry collection “Don’t let hope be separated from your heart” (Joint Publishing) was published. This book is written by Katsunori Fujii, representative of the NPO Japan Council for Persons with Disabilities and executive director of Kyosaren, who has been involved in the disability field for many years. , a collection of over 50 prayers and requiem poems that I have begun compiling. It directly expresses the preciousness of peace and the importance of holding on to hope even now. At this event, the author, Katsunori Fujii, and guests Naoko Saito (Chairman of Kyosaren), Kayoko Kumada (Research Producer, Media Research Institute, NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute), and the manager of Book House Café, will be joining us to discuss the collection of poems. While reading aloud, we will think about the chaotic present and discuss a hopeful tomorrow from various perspectives.
Performer information
[Image 2:×1125.jpg] Mr. Katsunori Fujii (Fujii Katsunori)
Born in Fukui City in 1949. Representative of the Japan Council for Persons with Disabilities, vice representative of the Japan Disability Forum, and managing director of Kyosaren. He has written many books, including “Working with People with Disabilities” (Iwanami Shoten) and “Let It Be My End” (Godo Publishing).

[Image 3:×300.jpg] Ms. Naoko Saito
Born in 1959. Born in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, graduated from Japan Women’s University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Social Welfare. While attending university, he was involved in a movement to build a workshop in the former Yono City. In April 1982, upon graduating from university, he became a full-time employee at an unlicensed workshop. Currently the chairman of the social welfare corporation Kounuma Welfare Association. Chairman of Kyosaren since May 2019.

[Image 4:×1334.jpg] Kayoko Kumada (Kumada Kayoko)
Born in Tokyo. After working as a reporter and producer at NHK, CNN, and commercial broadcasters, he became a research producer at the NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute’s Media Research Department in 2023. Produced many welfare-related programs including NHKE
Television’s “Heart Net TV”. Concurrently serves as commentator (in charge of welfare, gender issues, etc.).

Kumiko Takayama
Free announcer. Main appearances include NHK’s “Visually Impaired Navigation Radio,” “High School Course/Language and Culture,” “High School Classical Exploration” (Radio No. 2), and NHK-FM’s “Best of Classics.”
-General moderator-
Mr. Kazuyo Masuda
Chairman of Yadokari no Sato Public Interest Incorporated Association. Managing director of the NPO Japan Council for Persons with
Aligning the eyes of our hearts in the city of books – Part 9 – Light of hope in readings and talks
■Application:■Date and time: May 16, 2024 (Thursday) 18:30-20:30 (doors open at
18:00)■Speaker: Fujii Katsunori, Naoko Saito, Kayoko Kumada ■Poetry reading: Kumiko Takayama ■General moderator: Issei Masuda
■Participation fee: 1,000 yen *Free for elementary school students ■Target: Elementary school students to adults *Elementary school students must be accompanied by a guardian Please join us. ■Capacity: First 50 people (100 people online) ■Location: Book House Cafe 2F Hifumi ■Sign language
interpretation: Sign language circle Chiyoda-ku Ichimukai ■Co-sponsor: Public interest incorporated foundation, common supplies Promotion Organization Joint Publishing Book House Cafe ★There may be missed broadcasts. After the event ends, as soon as preparations are complete, both in-store and online participants will be notified via the email address they applied for (this will take a few days). The viewing period is one month.
What is “Talk event to align minds in the book town”?
“A talk event where people can align their perspectives in the city of books” commonly known as “Kokorome.”
Living with disabilities and situations that are difficult to communicate to people other than those involved. There are people who share their daily lives through books. At Book House Cafe, we will be holding an event where we will listen to the stories of those affected and those involved, and think about disabilities together. We welcome various talk guests and provide an opportunity to think about “what it means to live in society.” Please feel free to join us.
book house cafe
[Image 5:×2600.jpg] The only store specializing in new children’s books in Kanda Jimbocho, Tokyo. Approximately 10,000 picture books and children’s books are lined up in the approximately 60 tsubo store. The two galleries, large and small, hold exhibitions of original paintings and many other events, so you can always find something new to visit. There is also a cafe and bar where you can enjoy light meals. In particular, the “Picture Book Bar” is a rarity even in the world. We aim to be a store where a diverse range of people stop by, regardless of age, gender, occupation, attributes, nationality, or religion.
Since 2020, we have been conducting an activity called
“Kokoronohonda”, which was born from the desire to “enjoy picture books with everyone” and continues to think about “everyone” and what “enjoyment” means.
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