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Home » “Genshin”, limited ★5 “Wanderer” (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara) and “Byakujutsu” (CV: Koji Yusa) will be h olding a prayer event!

“Genshin”, limited ★5 “Wanderer” (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara) and “Byakujutsu” (CV: Koji Yusa) will be h olding a prayer event!

“Genshin”, limited ★5 “Wanderer” (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara) and
“Byakujutsu” (CV: Koji Yusa) will be holding a prayer event!
*View in browser* *COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd.*
Press release: May 14, 2024
“Genshin”, limited ★5 “Wanderer” (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara) and
“Byakujutsu” (CV: Koji Yusa) will be holding a prayer event! *The second act of Seno’s (CV: Miyu Irino) legendary mission is also available! In addition, the popular hide-and-seek event “Where the Wind” will be held has been powered up! *
COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Lee)
Starting today, May 14th (Tuesday), limited ★5 characters “Wanderer (Wind)” and “Hakushuu (Kaze)” will be available in the
multi-platform compatible open world RPG “Genshin” distributed by HoYoverse. We held a prayer event where characters such as “Grass” appeared.
We will also inform you about new missions and event information. *Limited ★5 “Wanderer (Wind)” and “Hakushu (Grass)” appear in event prayers! * From May 14th (Tuesday), we held the event prayer/character
“Zanbihensou” and the event prayer/character 2 “Shinju Kanro.” During the period, the probability of appearance of pickup characters will be greatly increased.

* ■Event prayer/Character “Zanbi Hentai” *
* [Event period] *
May 14, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00 – June 4, 2024 (Tuesday) 15:59

*Pickup character (★5)*
* “Kuse floater/wanderer” *
◇God’s Eye: Wind
◇Weapon: Law instrument
◇A wanderer whose true identity is shrouded in mystery. He is dressed like a Shugendo, but there are no such words or actions.
* ◆Elemental skill “Haga/Fushikaka” *
Concentrate the power of the atmosphere and use that power to shake off the bonds of the earth. Deals wind elemental damage to the surrounding area, jumps into the air and enters the “Child-like Yufu” state.

* ◆Element explosion “Kyogen/Shikigaku Goban” *
Compresses the atmosphere, creates a void that turns all earthly desires into dust, and deals wind elemental area damage multiple times. When the child form of the elemental skill “Haga/Fushikaka” is in child form, the child form is canceled after the elemental explosion is activated.

*Pickup character (★4)*
* “Beauty and the Night Star, Leila” *
◇God’s Eye: Ice
◇Weapon: One-handed sword
◇A student at Lutawahist Academy majoring in theoretical astrology. Sometimes I feel sleepwalking. I have been lacking sleep for a long time and am suffering from sleep disorders.
* “Kigou Seal Secret Farzan” *
◇God’s Eye: Wind
◇Weapon: Bow
◇A scholar who visited from “100 years ago.” He likes to call himself a senior, and is well versed in various ancient characters and classical gimmicks.
* “Uncrowned Dragon King, Hokuto” ​​*
◇God’s Eye: Lightning
◇Weapon: Two-handed sword
◇He is the leader of the “Southern Cross” armed fleet and is quite popular in Rizuki. Rumor has it that she can split mountains and oceans, and even summon lightning by raising her sword. Even the giant beasts of the underworld are no match for her.

* ■Event Prayer/Character 2 “Kinju Shinju” *
* [Event period] *
May 14, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00 – June 4, 2024 (Tuesday) 15:59

*Pickup character (★5)*
* “Zunshogowa/Hakushu” *
◇God’s Eye: Grass
◇Weapon: Law instrument
◇The owner of the drug store “Fuboku”. He carries a white snake named “Chosei” on his body. He is knowledgeable about medicine and is always thinking deeply, but it is difficult for others to read his thoughts.
* ◆Element skill “Tai Sokenki” *
Uses a wandering spirit to run between nearby enemies, dealing grass elemental damage.
After up to 3 attacks, or if there are no enemies nearby, Yuito Chorei returns and restores the HP of all surrounding team members. The amount of recovery is determined by Hakushu’s HP upper limit.

* ◆Elemental explosion “Healing full form theory” *
Enters a pulse declaration state and creates an impenetrable shield that absorbs 250% of grass elemental damage.
Generates a new impenetrable shield every 2.5 seconds while in Pulse Declaration state.

*Pickup character (★4)*
“Beauty and the Night Star, Leila (Ice)”
“Kigu Seishi Farzan (Wind)”
“Uncrowned Dragon King, Hokuto (Thunder)”
*Event prayer/weapon “God Cast Shape” held! *
From May 14th (Tuesday), we held the event prayer/weapon “God Casting Form”. During the period, the appearance rate of limited ★5 weapons such as “Dharma instrument – Memories of Turaitura” and “Dharma instrument – Hekiraku no Gourd” will be greatly increased.

* [Event period] *
May 14, 2024 (Tuesday) 19:00 – June 4, 2024 (Tuesday) 15:59

*Pickup Weapon (★5)*
“Memory of the Dharma instrument, Turaitura”
“Hot instrument: Hekiraku no Gourd”

*Pickup Weapon (★4)*
“One-handed sword/West wind sword”
“Two-handed sword – Ame-sai”
“Fragments of ritual instruments and rituals”
“Bow/range gauge”
“Pole Weapon/Prospector Drill”
* New mission information *
* ■Ceno’s Legendary Mission Part 2 is now open! *
From May 14th (Tuesday), Seno’s legendary mission “Golden Wolf Chapter, Act 2” will be released.
Once you reach the required adventure rank and clear the prerequisite mission, you can use the “Legendary Key” to unlock Seno’s legendary mission “The Golden Wolf Chapter, Act 2.”
*When you reach adventure rank 26, you can unlock the legendary mission function.
*”Legendary Key” can be obtained by receiving daily quest rewards. *If you receive the daily quest reward 8 times, you will receive 1 legendary key.

* [Opening conditions] *
Adventure rank 40 or higher
Clear the Demon Mission Chapter 3, Act 5 “The Heartbeat of the Void, the Fierce Fire”
Clear Seno Legendary Mission: Golden Wolf Chapter, Act 1 “The Sand Goes Silent” * New event information *
* ■★You can receive 4 characters “Goro” and new musical instruments! Theme event “Arataki Seimei no Rock Iridescence Big Tour” is underway! *
Currently, the theme event “Arataki Seimei no Rock Iridescence Big Tour” is being held.
During the event period, each stage of content will be released: “Great Ensemble of Ultimate Thoughts”, “Great Collection of 1000,000 Rare Items”, and “Great Exchange of Phonological and Rhythmic Movements”, and if you clear each content, you will receive ★4 In addition to being able to invite the dog Goro (rock), you can also earn rewards such as the Nightwind Horn, rough stones, Crown of Wisdom, character talent materials, and molas.

* [Event period] *
May 6, 2024 (Monday) 11:00 to May 27, 2024 (Monday) 04:59

* [Participation conditions] *
Adventure rank 30 or higher
Clear the genie mission “Remote Island Escape Plan”
* If you play the event after clearing Kazuto Arataki’s legendary mission “Aman no Ushi Chapter, Act 1” and General Raiden’s legendary mission “Tenkajin Chapter, Act 2″, you will have a better play experience and play the event. Enjoy.

* ■Event “Where the Wind Goes: The Team of Clever Plans” is currently being held! *
Starting May 14th (Tuesday), we are holding an event called “Where the Wind Goes: Secret Strategy”.
During the event period, if you participate in “Where the Wind Goes”, you can receive rewards such as raw stones, great hero experience, and weapon breakthrough materials.

* [Event period] *
Tuesday, May 14, 2024 11:00 to Monday, May 27, 2024 04:59

* [Participation conditions] *
Adventure rank 20 or higher

* ■Event “Heterogeneous Saurian Tour Record” is being held! * The event “Heterogeneous Saurian Tour Record” will be held from May 22nd (Wednesday).
After the start of the event, new missions will be released every two days and you can take on the corresponding challenges. By clearing challenges, you can earn rewards such as gemstones, great hero experience, and character talent materials.
*Up to 2 players can challenge together in multiplayer, and the challenge results will be counted in both players’ records.

* [Event period] *
Wednesday, May 22, 2024 11:00 to Monday, June 3, 2024 04:59

* [Participation conditions] *
Adventure rank 30 or higher
Clear the Demon Mission Prologue/Act 3 “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

* ■Event “Torrent of Familiarity” held! *
The event “Torrent of Familiarity” will be held from May 27th (Monday). During the event period, you can receive double the reward by using “Natural Resin” when clearing the secret area of ​​natural cultivation materials and receiving the reward. You can receive double rewards up to 3 times daily.

* [Event period] *
Monday, May 27, 2024 05:00 to Monday, June 3, 2024 04:59

* [Participation conditions] *
Open the corresponding natural cultivation material unexplored area * Game Overview *
◆About “Genshin”
Genshin is a free-to-play open-world RPG in which the player’s point of view is a mysterious “traveler” who goes on a journey to find his separated brother and sister and adventures across the beautiful continent of Teyvat.
Players travel through countries with different cultures and vast regions, meet numerous characters, and use battles that utilize elemental reactions to uncover the secrets of Teiwat. From Ver.4.0, the fifth country, Fontaine, out of seven countries, has been released.
In addition, “Genshin” is compatible with PlayStation (R) 4/5, PC, and smartphone, and through cross-platform data save function and multiplayer, you can go on an adventure journey across platforms, whether alone or with friends. You can enjoy it.

* ◆Game Overview*
Title: Genshin
Genre: Open world RPG
Compatible OS: PlayStation(R)5/PlayStation(R)4/PC/iOS/Android Planned compatible OS: Nintendo Switch(TM)
Price: Basic free (some in-game purchases available)

* ◆ Click here for the latest information on “Genshin” *
* [Genshin Official Website] *
* [Genshin Official X (old Twitter)] *
* [Genshin Official YouTube Channel] *
* [Genshin Official TikTok] *
* ◆About HoYoverse*
HoYoverse is a brand founded with the goal of providing immersive virtual world experiences to players around the world.
In addition to game content such as “Genshin”, “Kaitai 3rd”, “Undecided Case Files”, and “Kaitai: Star Rail”, live wallpaper app “N0va”
Desktop” and community service “HoYoLAB”, and produces various products such as anime, manga, music, novels, and goods, with a focus on original IP.
“Tech Otakus Save the
World”, we engage in technological development, pursue cutting-edge technology, and have accumulated top-class technology in fields such as toon rendering, artificial intelligence, and cloud gaming. HoYoverse is actively globalizing with offices in Singapore, Montreal, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Seoul.

*HoYoverse official website: *

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*Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.
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